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Here Again, Clad in Techno-Corporatism—The World Economic Forum

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By Sigrid Weidenweber


It comes back every year like the flu—but worse, like parasites. On Jan. 14, 2024, the World Economic Forum (WEF) once again convened in Davos, Switzerland. Although, its antecedents are rooted in socialist/Marxism, the now flowering “Great Reset” has little in common with the old socialist canard. That bit of fodder, proclaiming to empower the working class by giving them power over the means of production, (meaning taking those means from the middle- and industrial class,) had shown itself, once too often, to be a fallacy. For there never is collective ownership of anything. Once the means to produce goods are in government hands—that’s where they remain, producing wealth for the government class. The Great Reset Ideology does not consider employing these fatuous, corny bits of dole for the simple-minded; no, it is much more cunning and evil. The elites, which includes whole governments, have learned over time that to accomplish their goal of world dominion, the new technological corporations, banking systems, philanthropy, pharmacy, medicine, and others must be conjoined for the grand central world plan.

They are working feverishly on governments to implement their visions of tomorrow.

I found a nice descriptive explanation of their plans by Jeffrey A. Tucker in the Epoch Times. He writes,

“They belief they know what works—corporate cartels, techno domination, central planning in resource use and the whole of life—and want to use the state to impose it. They want to replace oil, ranching, property ownership and free speech with sunbeams, bug-eating, renting, and controlling everything.”

The WEF and adherents do not want to own a world economic system fashioned after old-style socialism/Marxism.  No, they envision a fascistic/imperialistic system, in which system, capitalism, on the corporate levels, is producing the means of lower classes control. Much of the controls to keep individuals in bondage are already in place. Our health care system, with its ever-rising prices and the insurance we are forced to purchase, is one example. The governments endlessly printing of money—without value guaranty, control of interest rates and hundreds of business regulation keeps people in bondage to certain lifestyles.

However, the worst ignominy of international statism arrives in the form of the World Health Organization. We remember well the fallacious pronouncements made by the WHO during the COVID-19 pandemic and their draconian pursuit of health professionals with different medical opinions. They stifled their voices, which process was then followed by the mandated, nay forced penetration and impregnation of our bodies. Although, we now have the negative reports and data arising from many sources concerning the COVID-19 debacle, the WHO, with many links to the Chinese Communist Party, is trying to assert even greater power over the countries of the world and, of course, over the U.S.A.

The Biden administration is trying to involve the United States in a treaty that would decimate U.S. sovereignty, empowering the WHO to impose their dictates concerning global health on every country joined in the treaty. (That means tomorrow’s flu can be declared a pandemic and be treated with

forced injections, closure of businesses and forced isolation.)

At this moment, there is only one dragon-slayer on the scene fighting this monster. It is Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas.) In a letter to our Health and Human Services (HHS) Roy denounced the treaty, which would infringe on our sovereignty. In this letter Roy pointed out provisions in the treaty that are truly alarming.

One doctrine would mandate that members work to “combat false, misleading information or disinformation.” Did we not just observe how medical and lay free speech had been suppressed during COVID-19? And here is the WHO trying to impose more restrictions for the future.

Furthermore, Rep. Roy noted provisions in the treaty that would incentivize members to give away intellectual property and medical patents to developing nations—which would include China.

Mr. Roy gives many more examples involving China and the WHO and how this organization benefits the Communist Empire.

The treaty—in draft version—can be read online. I, call me prejudiced, am already convinced that this is a piece of international legislation that I do not want my country to be privy to, nay, I say let’s withdraw from the WHO entirely and keep the right to stay unvaccinated and in full possession of our intellectual properties.

Born in Germany in 1941, Sigrid Weidenweber remembers the horrific aftermath of Fascism. At the end of the war, she found herself living under Communism. Both of these totalitarian regimes left indelible marks on her psyche. She developed a healthy distrust of governments usurping too many powers in order to control people supposedly for their own good. MORE

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The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida

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