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One Native’s Opinion on Gay Pride Events Debate at 5-2-23 Fernandina Beach Commission Meeting

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By Sherian Berteau, 5-2-23

Editor’s note: This item wasn’t on the agenda, but the LGBT movement brought many people and some with other ideas were there as well. Attendee/speaker Sherian Berteau sent us this. Read our other articles on the subject for context. We also welcome differing views.

I am here in support of CCDF & Jack Knocke. I know Jack & he does not deserve to be slandered and demonized like he has been by simply questioning & voicing legitimate concerns about community events. To be clear, this is way past a culture war; it is a war on TRUTH and traditional family values.

Yes, I am the person who recently wrote the letter to the editor ( Christianphobes, Biblephobes, & Freedomphobes, Oh My! ) about the bizarre, upside-down world we live in now concerning extreme ideologies, woke mob mentality, and the increasingly aggressive agenda of the gay community. And, yes, I know I am a white woman, but I am not a white supremacist, or transphobic homophobe. I’d like to know who declared being a Patriotic, God-fearing, Christian with traditional family values as being a right wing extremist bent on destroying our Democracy? MORE LIES!

I also understand not everyone believes in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit or my faith-based values. But, to all you haters out there- please don’t accuse me of “using children as a shield for my religion” when you don’t know me or my family. I am the mother of 4, all successful adults now and grandmother of 5 with another grandchild on the way. I am not confused about who is really in charge- that would be God- the creator of the universe and all humans.

The reality is we cannot just decide to change our genders overnight, or pretend men are women, women are men and men can get pregnant.  These are all lies. Going along with obvious lies is not helpful towards solving differences-nor is it loving or kind. I have many questions about the scope of the LGBTQ+ agenda.  It has become very apparent their goal is not to just be able to live their lives as they choose. Their agenda is not harmless when a potential female Supreme Court justice is afraid to define a woman for fear of being cancelled by the radical left. Pedophiles-child predators- being renamed  MAPS-minor attracted people.- as if that makes this behavior acceptable. Trans men taking away hard earned opportunities from women in sports by ignoring the rules of Title 9 that my generation fought so hard for.  Endangering  girls & women by allowing men to share locker rooms and bathrooms.  This agenda is also pushing sexually explicit books, & encouraging woke teachers to push their gay lifestyles in public schools. tv shows, cartoons, & movies all include portrayals of this alternative lifestyle and are aimed more & more at young children. States passing laws to exclude parents from having a say in their children’s life-altering decisions and surgeries. This is far from equality- this is infringing on the rights of anyone who does not identify with or support LGBTQ+ agendas and It’s gone way too far. I am very offended at the way REAL Women are being marginalized, mocked and what seems like on the way to being virtually erased.

My first  ? is- what happened to “follow the science?” that Democrats and Leftists love to shout about? Biology is a science and Gender dysphoria is a rare and difficult psychological condition that seems to be encouraged by wokesters and the radical left. Statistics show, In most cases, kids outgrow this feeling.  

With the suicide rate increasing among young people and confusion, depression, anxiety and hopelessness as well, one has to wonder why anyone would encourage such a condition? This is a new phenomenon, with statistics showing our youngest generation identify as 1 in 5 or 20% part of the gay community.  This is a huge increase over previous generations, and proves the impact of the increasing push to “go woke.”  

Here’s my agenda-adults and parents should be held  responsible for loving, protecting and caring for the safety and innocence of our children. Period. If a mama bear chases away a pack of hungry wolves from her cubs- does she hate them or is she just protecting her cubs? I am not trying to take away anyone’s civil rights, right to assemble or free speech. Nor am I forcing adults to live or believe as I do.

I’m speaking as a mother about minors & children who are not equipped to deal with these adult issues either mentally or emotionally. Communities celebrating together in a public forum have always had rules and guidelines for what is acceptable decorum for the general public.  Sexually suggestive performances by drag queens shaking their whatever’s and encouraging same sex relationships should not be considered suitable for young kids. We should not be asking why not just go along- we should be asking why some in the gay community are insisting on targeting children and including them in these very adult issues?

What started as a “stay out of our bedrooms” has turned into a “ you must support and embrace all of our gay ideology or be slandered, vilified and attacked, even physically! We can only  co-exist peacefully as adults with different opinions and lifestyles if we are able to have honest, meaningful conversations and treat each other fairly without resorting to name calling or violence.  

In my 70 years, I’ve never seen so many adults that are afraid of being called names- call the Waambulance….slander is used as a weapon to intimidate and silence. It doesn’t define me nor will it keep me from speaking up.  I am willing to risk being maligned to protect our children- too many lines have been crossed already forcing the acceptance of radical ideologies that a large part of Americans don’t agree with.  

Hold your parade and festival, but please keep it G-rated, & child-friendly for all of our citizens especially since it is being held on our city’s main street and next to a children’s playground.  Or find a private venue-That’s all we are suggesting.

Sorry I was so emotional tonight- had to deal with lots of obnoxious people while waiting outside. Scary times for our city, it was crazy out there- a friend had to endure some obnoxious female lecturing her about how wrong we all are. It was hard to stay calm when they are so aggressively in your face.

I was only able to read 1/3 of my speech, but here’s the whole thing.  I was called names as I walked to my car, lots of hostility going on unfortunately and felt it best I leave, but did watch live once I got home. Was glad to see so many there to speak against and defend Jack too.  Read the opinion piece in Citizens Journal- it was on point. Appreciate all you do to defend our freedoms.  

Sherian Wilsher-Berteau is a 3rd generation native Floridian, who grew up in Fernandina Beach. Mother of 4, Gigi to 5- former multiple business owner, now retired & enjoying pursuing my passions-writing, cooking, & travel!

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

Your overworked and underpaid CJF staff will get more out on this meeting later. We do have unfilled positions- [email protected]

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