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GA US Senate Debate: Walker-1, Warnock-0

Establishment political world surprised by this

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By George Miller, 10-18-22

Our neighboring state Georgia’s US Senate election could decide which party controls that legislative body. If the Democrats retain control, it would continue to support the toxic Biden administration agenda, along with appointments to many key positions and approval treaties. Both Georgia US Senators are now Progressive Democrats, via questionable special elections. Now, ex-football megastar, businessman and philanthropist Herschel Walker is challenging short-time incumbent preacher Raphael Warnock for the office.

Based on the video of the debate we saw, Walker kicked ass. Just check it out and watch for yourself how his common sense traditional value positions and logic annihilate Warnock’s well left of center “Progressive” rhetoric. Of course, well left-of-center Progressives may not agree completely with me on this.

I compliment the debate organizers in allowing responses when warranted and managing the process professionally.

Event video highlights are accompanied by some good commentary by Anthony Brian Logan (pictured below). Click to read and watch video highlights.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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