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Florida House Ushers New Era of Customizable School Choice for Parents and Students

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Press Release

By The Florida House of Representatives


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Jan. 19, 2023) — Speaker Paul Renner (R- Palm Coast) today announced the filing of landmark legislation that will provide access to education savings accounts (ESA) and expand eligibility to children with unique abilities. HB 1, filed by Choice & Innovation Subcommittee Chair Kaylee Tuck (R- Lake Placid), increases access to innovative education resources, allowing parents to customize their child’s education. 

“Florida has been a leader in the school choice movement, with more students participating in choice programs than any other state,” said Speaker Paul Renner. “School choice empowers parents, creates competition, fosters innovation, and raises the level of excellence in all of our schools. HB 1 will give every parent the freedom to customize their children’s education with a learning program that fits their unique needs.”

“School choice helped elevate Florida from being one of the worst education states in America to being ranked third in K-12 achievement,” said Subcommittee Chair Kaylee Tuck. “Empowering parents and students with customizable learning options will not only boost educational outcomes for individual students, but will create competition that raises the bar for schools across the state. I appreciate Speaker Renner for allowing me the opportunity to sponsor this significant  legislation that will provide each Florida student access to a first-rate education.” 

For more information or to read the full text of HB 1, visit www.myfloridahouse.gov

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