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Florida House Honors Commitment to Protecting Floridians with the Passage of Public Safety Measures 

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Press Release

By Florida House of Representatives


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (April 19, 2023) — Today, the Florida House of Representatives passed several measures which promote the protection of children and the safety of all Floridians. 

“Government’s primary obligation is ensuring public safety, especially that of our children,” said Speaker Paul Renner (R-Palm Coast). “I am proud of the bills passed today by our Members to make our communities safer and protect our children from being sexualized.”

CS/HB 1521, “Facility Requirements Based on Sex” by Representative Rachel Plakon (R-Longwood), ensures all Floridians’ safety by requiring common decency standards in private spaces.

“The current law is there is no law. If a biological male wants to enter a women’s restroom or even a little girl’s changing facility, he can legally,” said Representative Rachel Plakon. “This bill simply codifies what has been part of our culture and tradition since 1887. For the minority, this bill makes numerous exceptions and accommodations for them. I have found case after case of restroom assaults. The ‘Safety in Private Spaces Act’ ensures the safety of all Floridians by requiring separate facilities and use based on a biological sex or a unisex facility. The bill also allows for common sense exceptions such as custodial services or accompanying a minor child.” 

SB 254 (CS/CS/HB 1421) “Treatments for Sex Reassignment” by Representatives Randy Fine (R-Palm Bay) and Ralph Massullo (R-Inverness), protects children by prohibiting gender clinical interventions for minors, including irreversible, life-altering surgical and hormonal therapies and treatments.

“We will protect our children from castrating drugs and permanent mutilation posing as health care,” said Representative Randy Fine. “The grooming of Florida’s children can lead them to make an irreversible decision before they reach the age of consent. That is wrong, and this law will end that practice.”

“Preventing these medical treatments on children is one of the most important accomplishments this session. We are putting an end to one of the worst medical maladventures of our time,” said Representative Ralph Massullo.

SB 1438 (CS/HB 1423), “Protection of Children” by Representative Randy Fine, protects children by holding anyone who exposes a child to an adult performance accountable.

“This bill protects children by defining adult live entertainment and saying that children under the age 18 or younger cannot attend those performances, whether private or public. We should live in a society where people have the decency to know they should not take children to sexually charged adult performances,” said Representative Randy Fine. “The question is not why we want to stop it. The question is: why do they want to do it?”

For more information on these bills, visit www.myfloridahouse.gov.

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