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Governor Ron DeSantis Awards $13.6 Million to Clean Up Algal BloomsGovernor Ron DeSantis Announces Award of More Than $13.6 Million for Innovative Technologies to Clean Up and Mitigate Harmful Algal Blooms (flgov.com)

FOX News: Florida Gov. DeSantis dedicates millions to fighting harmful blue-green algae blooms Governor DeSantis Announces Legislative Action to Nullify Disney’s Defiance AttemptsGovernor Ron DeSantis Announces Legislative Action to Rebuke Disney’s Last-Ditch Attempt to Defy the Legislature and the State of Florida

The Floridian: DeSantis Announces Action Against Disney’s ‘Sham Agreement’ to Keep Power

Florida’s Voice: DeSantis says Disney’s last minute dealings will be ‘revoked’ under upcoming legislation

The Florida Standard: DeSantis Delivers Knock-Out Punch to Disney Over “Arrogance

Florida’s Voice: DeSantis in 2013 urged Republicans to fight against ‘special deals’ for big corporations

Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Heartbeat Protection ActGovernor Ron DeSantis Signs Heartbeat Protection Act

The Florida Standard: DeSantis Signs Six-Week Abortion Ban Into Law Attorney General Moody Calls on Congress to Investigate Biden Administration Subjecting Minors to Human TraffickingFollowing a Shocking Grand Jury Presentment, Attorney General Moody Calls on Congress to Investigate

Florida’s Voice: Moody calls on Congress to investigate Biden administration for alleged minor human trafficking Marco Rubio Alleges Dems’ Fundraising Fraud The Floridian: Rubio Alleges Democratic Fundraising Vehicle is a ‘Facilitator of Fraud’
2023 Legislative Session News
Florida’s Voice: Lawmakers to consider $1.2 billion in tax relief

The Capitolist: Prescription drug reform unanimously clears Senate

The Floridian: Florida Legislature Introduces Bill to Combat Hidden ‘Woke’ Bank Credit Card Fees

Florida’s Voice: Senate approves bill cracking down on social media and cell phones in schoolsThe Florida Standard: Florida Makes Social Media Safety for Children a Top Priority

Florida’s Voice: Card fee legislation aims to relieve business from ‘tax on the tax’

The Florida Standard: Child Rapists Face Death in Soon-to-Be Florida Law

Florida’s Voice: Death penalty for child rapists awaits DeSantis signature after Senate passage

The Florida Standard: Florida Black Caucus Votes Against Funding For Minority Charter School Students

Florida’s Voice: House passes bill to separate bathrooms by sex, or provide unisex facility Republican Party of Florida NewsThe Florida Standard: Florida GOP Forms “Make America Florida” Committee to Shape National Platform

City & State Florida: GOP voter edge in Florida now tops more than 450,000 Other NewsNews Service of Florida: Florida’s ban on sanctuary cities survives legal challenge

Florida’s Voice: Court tosses case challenging law banning ‘sanctuary cities’ in Florida

The Capitolist: Court rejects challenge to intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity surveys on college campuses

Florida’s Voice: Over 10,000 New Yorkers switch licenses to Florida in 2023

Miami Herald: After losing to DeSantis, Andrew Gillum crashed and burned, taking the Florida Democratic Party with him | Opinion

News Service of Florida: In Florida, a court case and the governor’s signature put the final nail in rent control’s coffin

The Florida Standard: DeSantis Calls Bud Light Boycott “Righteous” – Swears Off Drinking Bud Light for Life

Florida’s Voice: State Board of Education bans gender teachings through 12th grade with exceptions

Florida’s Voice: DeSantis-appointed board outlines ambitious changes to Disney World area, from taxes to utility rates REMEMBER: Like @FloridaGOP and retweet and share. The Republican message must be spread around the state, and you are integral to making that happen.

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