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FLCA’s New Faith, Family, and Freedom Initiative – Looking for a Few Good Leaders

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To We the People – Following up once again from Monday night’s event with Keith Flaugh (pronounced Flaw), co-founder of Florida Citizens Alliance—a nonprofit, grassroots organization focused on advocating for school choice and parental involvement, engaging families, communities, and educators, and promoting quality educational alternatives to public schools. One of the items discussed Monday night was that FLCA is looking for a passionate volunteer “Ambassador” to lead their new Faith, Family, and Freedom Initiative in northeast Florida (theyare also looking for Ambassadors in other parts of Florida, too). PLUS, they are looking for a full-time Program Director to run this initiative statewide. Perhaps you may be interested in one of these roles or you may know someone who might be.

The Goal of FLCA’s Faith, Family, and Freedom Initiativeto inspire Christian churches and families throughout Florida to educate their children in a God-centered worldview and support the creation of public-school alternatives. Alternatives include K – 12 5-day schools, Mini’s, Micros, Pods, One-Room School House concept, learning centers, and home education or hybrids. To support this effort, FLCA has initially vetted and developed affiliate marketing relationships with four content and service providers: My Fathers World (MFW), Classical Conversations (CC), Freedom Project Academy (FPEUSA), and Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE). Additional partners may be added.

The Program Director’s role:  will be responsible for training and leading a team of geographically dispersed Ambassadors. They and the Ambassador team will become expert consultants to connect and coach “Potential Founders” of non-government Learning Centers, often called One-Room Schools, Mini’s, Micro’s, Pods, Hybrids, etc. Additionally, they will provide quality Christian product and service content that FLCA has vetted and identified as an affiliate partner. For more details, go to: https://floridacitizensalliance.org/faith-family-and-freedom-program-director/

The Ambassadors role: is to become an expert consultant in connecting Christian families and pastors to Christian educational products and services. Ambassadors will begin by becoming thoroughly knowledgeable in the 4 Affiliate Marketing relationships listed above. FLCA Ambassadors will be part of a geographically dispersed team of expert consultants to connect and coach “Potential Founders” of non-government Learning Centers, often called One-Room Schools, Mini’s, Micro’s, Pods, Hybrids, etc. For more details, go to: https://floridacitizensalliance.org/faith-family-and-freedom-ambassador/

FYI…in contrast to these two positions, no one on the Board of Directors of Florida Citizens Alliance takes a salary, and all of their travel is on their own dime (Keith graciously paid his own expenses to come up from Naples to speak to us). Therefore, they must do fundraising to cover the cost of their materials, programs, and paid staff. One of the ways FLCA raises $$ is through their annual March Gala in Naples, FL. Their upcoming Gala on March 8 (see attached flyers) will feature former Speaker of the House New Gingrich. Whether you attend or not, anyone can sponsor a table at one of the levels indicated…and (optionally) FLCA can fill the seats at the sponsors request, ideally with 1st responders, Veterans , Students, and Pastors. Any contribution you can make will be greatly appreciated. Their goal is to raise $1 million.

Again, many thanks for any assistance you might provide to Keith and FLCA. If you or someone you know is interested in pursuing one of the above positions, I’ll be happy to put you in contact with Keith directly.  

Together, we CAN make America Great Again,

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