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FL House Announces Committee Chair Appointments

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Press Release

From Florida House of Representatives, 11-22-22

House Speaker Paul Renner Announces Committee Chairs

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Nov. 22, 2022) – Florida House Speaker Paul Renner today announced the appointment of Committee Chairmen for the 2022-2023 Session.

“The knowledge and experience across this team of Committee Chairmen will help us deliver a bold agenda that will secure Florida’s future and help us leave our state better off than we found it,” said Speaker Paul Renner. “Our new committee structure will help us move key legislation through the process to address unique challenges and opportunities. I believe we have the right leaders at the right time to live up to this unique moment in Florida history.”

Representative Tom Leek, Appropriations Committee Chair

The Appropriations Committee produces the House’s proposed budget and conforming and implementing legislation. The committee provides legislative oversight regarding the expenditure of appropriated funds, reviews the Governor’s budget recommendations and agency legislative budget requests, and analyzes trust funds for creation, termination or modification. Additionally, legislation with a fiscal impact is typically heard by the Appropriations Committee or one of its subcommittees. Some budget issues within the jurisdiction of the full committee include education fixed capital outlay and state employee pay, benefits, and retirement.

Representative Bob Rommel, Commerce Committee Chair

The Commerce Committee considers matters related to Florida’s economy; business and professional regulation; energy, utilities, telecommunications, and cybersecurity policy; the regulation of insurance companies and financial entities; and gaming regulation.

Representative Ralph Massullo, Education & Employment Committee Chair

The Education & Employment Committee considers matters related to Florida’s education system, from early education through postsecondary education, adult education, and job training. Additionally, the committee has jurisdiction over policies and programs providing opportunities for all Floridians to prepare for the 21st century workforce.

Representative Bobby Payne, Infrastructure Strategies Committee Chair

The Infrastructure Strategies Committee considers matters related to infrastructure planning for Florida’s growth, including transportation, water, resilience, and land acquisition. The committee also considers matters related to Florida’s agriculture and citrus industries, conservation of natural resources, fish and wildlife issues, water quality and supply, and transportation services.

Representative Randy Fine, Health & Human Services Committee Chair

The Health & Human Services Committee examines issues related to health care provider regulation, health insurance regulation, and public health. This policy area also includes the extent and manner in which government provides a safety net for low‐income or otherwise vulnerable Floridians.

Representative Tommy Gregory, Judiciary Committee Chair

The Judiciary Committee considers civil and criminal law issues, including public safety and the administration of the court system.

Representative Daniel Perez, Rules Committee Chair

The Rules Committee submits Special Order Calendars for adoption by the House. The committee also recommends procedures for the management of the floor process.

Representative Lawrence McClure, State Affairs Committee Chair

The State Affairs Committee considers matters related to state agency governance, local government oversight and accountability, emergency management, administrative procedure, affordable housing, state and local government retirement programs and benefits, elections, and ethics and standards of conduct for public officers and employees, including House members.

Representative Stan McClain, Ways & Means Committee Chair

The Ways & Means Committee’s purview encompasses issues concerning all state and local taxes and select non‐tax revenue sources, and addresses statutory and constitutional policy regarding tax rates, tax base design, and collection and enforcement parameters. The committee’s work also addresses debt financing policy, tax administration, and enforcement of tax laws

Representative Mike Grant, Select Committee on Hurricane Resiliency & Recovery Chair

The Select Committee on Hurricane Resiliency and Recovery will consider matters related to recovery from recent storms and lessons learned to achieve best practices for future storms.

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