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‘First in the Nation’ DeSantis Flotilla Takes Over Jacksonville, Florida

But it was looking more like a Trump flotilla ...

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It is estimated that thousands participated in the event, as 1,300 boats registered for the parade alone. As witnessed by Breitbart News, nearly all of the vessels had several individuals aboard, suggesting that the preliminary estimations of turnout are likely accurate. Supporters also gathered along the sidelines and aboard the USS Orleck, “one of the most decorated US Navy ships since WWII,” which has been docked alongside the St. Johns River in downtown Jacksonville. The U.S. Navy ship was adorned with flags — from the “thin blue line” flag to others showing support for the popular governor. 

Enthusiastic Floridians gathered in Jacksonville, Florida, in a massive show of support for Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) via a boat parade on the St. Johns River, which Duval County Republican chairman Dean Black described as the “first in the nation DeSantis Flotilla.”

Read more on Breitbart:


Original event invitation:


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