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Fernandina (City) Golf Club Hosting Drag Bingo with the Queen of Witches Friday! (Bingo Now Canceled- Drag is Still ON)

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Press Release

By County Citizens Defending Freedom


City Golf Club Seeks to Host Drag Queen Bingo Featuring the “Queen of Witches” – This is NOT consistent with city ordinances. Act Now!

On Monday, May 15th Citizens Defending Freedom Nassau County sent a letter to the Fernandina Beach City Commission and staff alerting them to many City Ordinances that are potentially violated by the city’s proposed Drag Queen Bingo event. This is at the City Golf Club – a recreation property of the City of Fernandina Beach on Friday, May 19th. 
(See letter to city leadership below)

If you want to share your opinion with the city leadership about gaming, Drag, and witchcraft on our public recreational property, please click the link below.
You can send your own letter to city leadership sharing your opinion by clicking here.
Jack KnockeExecutive Director – Nassau CountyCitizens Defending Freedom
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Dear Mayor Bean and Commissioners,
Several Fernandina Beach residents have brought to my attention the fact that our City Golf Club is planning to host a drag queen bingo on the 19th of this month. They were alarmed, upset and extremely concerned that this was on city property in a recreational facility. A review of the Ordinances, it appears that it is not legal to hold drag queen bingo at the City Golf Club.

As you know adult entertainment is a highly regulated enterprise in any community. So is gaming like bingo. It appears from the city ordinances that this activity proposed for May 19th may be in violation of the city ordinances and cannot go forward without violating the law.
 Adult Entertainment
 I must say at the outset that turning our public properties into adult entertainment venues is extremely disheartening for a family friendly community like Fernandina Beach. Is it possible that the adult entertainment component of this drag bingo event is illegal? I refer you to City Ordinance 14-52 first to confirm the activity itself is regulated. I believe drag bingo falls squarely under cabaret/theater or at the very least “an adult entertainment business [ without limitation] however styled…conducts activities for compensation that is designed to or intended to establish a sexual or social communication, engagement or relationship…between its clients and its employees” (See last paragraph of the ordinance cited). 

Next, if it is a regulated activity, there are strict locations in which such activity can take place. See 14-53. Such use is prohibited within 750 feet of a publicly owned recreational facility. To the community’s chagrin, the city has placed it inside our recreational facility, i.e. the Golf Club! It appears also to be a residential district. 

Finally, in this area of regulation, the city requires an adult entertainment license to engage in such activity. See 14-71. I am requesting the event be cancelled for failure to follow these important laws that have been passed for the safety of our community. 

Gambling, Gaming, Bingo. 

 Here, if I am reading your ordinances correctly, and I confess I am not an attorney, I believe a separate city license is needed for bingo pursuant Section 14-28…even for charitable organizations. See 14-29(a)

The location of such gaming is also restricted. See 14-30 (e)(5). There must be a separate ORDINANCE allowing a city property to be used for bingo. I have tried to ascertain whether such ordinance exists including a PRR. My review found no such ordinance. 

Finally, each person involved in the conduct of any bingo game must be a resident of the city, a bonafide member of the organization and shall not be compensated in any way for the operation of the bingo game. See 14-30(c).. Here, the advertisement on Pride’s website offers at least one drag queen – Queen of Witches – who appears to be a resident of Georgia. 

So much more could be cited in the regulatory area, which gives rise to the legality of allowing this activity at the City Golf Course.. Are we to understand that our city supports gaming, alcohol, adult entertainment and witchcraft on our recreational property? This requires a specific response from city leadership. Who on city staff continues to approve activities such as this without any legal oversight?

The relocation of these Fernandina Beach pride events should not impact their ability to conduct events as pride events are scheduled around the county in multiple businesses sites. CDF-Nassau County stands for freedom. We stand for abiding by the rule of law. Please cancel the drag queen bingo event to comply with our city ordinances. 

Sincerely,  Jack KnockeCounty Executive DirectorCitizens Defending Freedom – Nassau 

You can send your own letter to city leadership sharing your opinion by clicking here.
Jack Knocke is the County Executive Director of Citizens Defending Freedom – Nassau. (CDF-Nassau). We equip, engage and empower American citizens to stand for and preserve freedom for themselves and future generations. You can reach Jack at [email protected].  https://ccdfusa.com/fl-nassau/ 

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If you prefer, you can  Donate by MailPlease make donations by check payable to CDF-USA and mail to:CDF-USA-NassauP.O BOX 156MULBERRY, FL 33860Please designate in the memo line  CDF-USA NASSAU County.
Our team is working hard to protect Nassau County. Please spread the word to your friends locally. We need your support and prayers. It is good to know you are here with us!
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