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FB Elections Session: When You’re Getting Flak, It Means that You’re Probably Over the Target

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From We the People, 4-24-23

Thanks to everyone who turned out to our special event with Professor David Clements and Joe Oltmann a week ago Saturday. You may have seen the resultant articles published in the Fernandina Observer and the News Leader by non-members / non-invited guests who rudely showed up without RSVPing and then left early. I forwarded their two articles to the Professor, who posted this in response on his Telegram channel last night:    

Every stop I make around the country usually has a local propagandist in attendance.  A local hit piece usually follows.  Enumclaw, Grants Pass, Fernandina Beach, etc. all took their shots this go around.

We had feds in attendance in a Pensacola stadium, and even had a drone flying over me as I spoke. 

What a surreal life.

Same tired talking points every time. 

Be a hard target friends.  Better to give the propagandists something to hurriedly talk about as you light brushfire after brushfire. 

What they want is for you to give up.  They want your silence.

It will never happen.  The latest Rasmussen poll on elections is a testament to We the People’s resilience.

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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