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Eyewitness Early Voting in Nassau County

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By George Miller, 3-12-24

Today was my fourth time voting in Florida. The polls are now open for early voting for the presidential primary only.

When I lived in California, I couldn’t stand the lines and poor conditions at the polling places. Sometimes, we would have to wait for hours. Once, they conveniently ran out of my party ballots and sent me off to another polling place, where I was told I could only vote at my assigned polling place. It took a while to resolve that with the county authorities. Sometimes it took weeks to count and reconcile all ballots, in the California fashion.

By court ruling, they didn’t have to check voter ID. Anyone could walk in and say they were John Smith, then vote unchallenged. Teams of Dem operatives would constantly check posted lists of those who hadn’t voted yet and would then go to hustle registered Democrats to the polling places.

Over the years, I acted as an independent poll observer, also for a political party and for the Election Integrity Project. People would show up with huge boxes/bags of ballots and dump them into bins. Party hacks would sometimes intercept ballots, look at them then stare at voters meaningfully as they scanned them into the voting machine themselves. I reported one and had him removed. When I returned later, he was back doing the same thing. Organizations could sponsor and staff a polling place. Some seemed rather political to me. I saw people filing out ballots for others and learned that it was legal. I did precinct walking for multiple campaigns and sometimes saw up to 6 people registered at single family residences who did not appear to live there. Forget about apartment houses- many registrations didn’t even specify apartment numbers. One of my neighbors bragged that she had voted by mail on behalf of her husband, who had died years ago. My inquiry to the elections division regarding that was never acknowledged. There were many questionable mail-in ballots.

The Election Integrity Project- California studied and observed for years, then filed multiple lawsuits challenging procedures and results. All suits but one were dismissed, unjustly, they claimed. But they got 1.25 million registrations declared invalid in one large county, with some assistance from Judicial Watch. However the county slow walked their deletion right past a presidential election.

Things are Different Here

I saw three familiar faces at County Elections HQ, including a friend and also Janet Adkins, County Supervisor of Elections, who actually greeted us at the door.

Nassau County Elections Supervisor Janet Adkins, at County Elections HQ, 3-12-24

The premises were bright, clean, well organized, labeled, with more than enough competent people around to show the way. No waiting. This was also true last time when we voted on election day. Counts were always announced the evening of election day except for a few of the more recent mail-in ballot arrivals. I have never heard of any disputed numbers since I came here.

An election clerk checked my ID, compared my signature and made me sign it again because it didn’t look enough like the file signature.

Didn’t see any of the CA horrors I described earlier nor have I heard of any such things here.

There were only a handful of candidates for only one office, President of the United States of America. It was the easiest voting decision I have ever made in 56 years of voting. I’ll be back for the primary and the general election. Will you?

If this was done throughout the United States, there might be different people in charge in Washington DC now.

George Miller is Publisher and Co-Founder of Citizens Journal Florida, based in Fernandina Beach. He is a “retired” operations management consultant, software and publishing executive (10 years) and manufacturing management professional.

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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