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Exploring the Lower Basin of the St. Johns River

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The St. Johns River widens to form Lake George in a region where springs and tributaries contribute to the river’s flow.

Exploring the lower basin of the St. Johns River

In our continuing journey along the St. Johns River, we’re exploring the section of Florida’s longest inland river just downstream from Lake Monroe where the Wekiva River joins the St. Johns River. Here, as each stream and tributary drains, the St. Johns grows increasingly wider. Two hundred miles into its journey, the St. Johns is the accumulated drainage of surface water across 3,200 square miles of wetlands, farmland, forests, and urban and suburban neighborhoods.

Read the fifth installment in the journey along the St. Johns River, now in StreamLines.
Read other chapters in the series here.  

In the News

District’s Governing Board meets Sept. 13
The District’s Governing Board will hold its monthly meeting Tuesday, Sept. 13, beginning at 3 p.m. at Palatka headquarters. The September meeting starts later in the day than the traditional morning meeting due to the first of two public budget hearings scheduled for 5 p.m. the same day.

See agenda
Budget hearing agenda 
Meet our Governing Board members

Deadline nears for District’s Blue School Grant Program funding

Teachers don’t miss your opportunity to apply for project funding through the District’s Blue School Grant Program. The application cycle is open until 5 p.m. on Sept. 15, 2022. Teachers in grades 6–12 at public and charter schools within the District are eligible. Grantees will be notified at the end of October.

The District offers up to $2,000 per teacher/school for project proposals that address key concepts of watershed/ecosystem understanding, water quality, and human use (supply and conservation). Since 2016, the District has funded 75 projects and reached over 9,400 students.

Find the application, overview video and documenton our website.

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Ever wonder why the District conducts prescribed burns?  🔥 Prescribed fire is the use of carefully planned fire purposefully set under stringent conditions to manage the fire’s effects. The benefits of prescribed fire include restoring and maintaining natural communities, reducing chances of destructive wildfires, perpetuating fire-adapted plants and animals, cycling nutrients, managing tree diseases and opening scenic vistas.

📷 Land Resource Specialist Chris Kinslow

Check out our latest videos on our YouTube channel.

Explore more information about the District by reading stories and press releases on our Newsroom page and in StreamLines.

Water conservation Tip

Do you know your designated watering day? It’s based on your address and the time of year. You’ll only need to water if your lawn and landscape show signs of needing water. Learn about districtwide watering restrictions and how they help us all save water. #WaterLess

Visit WaterLessFlorida.com

How much rain has your area seen?
Rainfall average in the past month through Sept. 8 is 7.36 inches within the 18 counties of the District.

Click here to find rainfall data for your area        

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