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Duval County School Board Cancels Contract with LGBTQTIA+ Group

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By James Bruner, 12-1-22, Fernandina Beach

Today the Times Union is reporting that the Duval County School Board has just cancelled a $45,000.00 contract with JASMYN, a children’s homosexual advocacy group based in Jacksonville. The story is linked here. Apparently, the school district had turned to JASMYN, which stands for Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority

Youth Network, to provide sex ed curricula and the curricula included a cartoonish game of dancing penises.

Caveat: Christians are reminded to expose the deeds of darkness but also to refrain from repeating the dirty details. Thus, the reader is spared of the graphics here. Further we follow the adage: hate the sin, love the sinner. Nothing herein should be taken as hating an individual.

Rather the thrust of this article is, who is JASMYN? and do their tentacles reach into Nassau County’s children? For the interested reader, they can explore the reach and pro-homosexual agenda of the group here. In JASMYN’s Guidestar charity rating page the group admits: “Where we work: Clay County, FL; Duval County, FL; Nassau County, FL; Baker County, FL; St. Johns County, FL.”

So, by their own admission they are looking to “help” your children in Nassau County. Can someone call our school board about this? The readers of Citizens Journal need your assistance in finding the truth about this kind of “health curriculum” ensnaring our children. We know the other local news sources will not touch it. Or can someone call CCDF Nassau, please? Jack Knocke’s team of Ambassadors are the kind of moms and dads willing to FOIA fo’ you!

Further, a close review of JASMYN’s tentacles, er, community partners show a relationship with Equality Florida who in turn has a relationship with The North East Florida Educational Consortium (NEFEC). NEFEC has a great web page showing who they give free and paid curricula to; and yes, you guessed it. Our Nassau School District is one of the happy recipients of all kinds of “assistance.” Who wouldn’t like free ice-cream cones? What if there is only a little bit of dog doo in them?

Likewise, we need to see the additives in NEFEC’s generosity. That may take some digging and time (bring on Citizen Journal reporters and CCDF Ambassadors, please).

Just check the relationship link above for NEFEC’s school training by Equality Florida, any other sponsors found interesting? Is that the Department of Health?

In the meantime, how about this for a quick NEFEC reality check: Will NEFEC repudiate JASMYN’s curricula and disassociate with them permanently… today? No? then philosophically the smell of Fido excrement is in the air and warrants the School District’s anal-retentive inspection of everything NEFEC offers our district. Or, better yet, our School District should drop association with a consortium that thinks showing our children dancing penises is acceptable. Let’s cancel what is evil and promote what is good. Proverbs 8:13

Finally, on December 13th Fernandina is having a runoff election. Who knew? I wonder what our Commissioner candidates would say about this issue. Ms. Minshew is one of them. Unbeknownst to anyone who reads her campaign literature, she is the gay Pride President for lil’ ol’ family friendly Fernandina. I bet she is not happy the Duval School District cancelled JASMYN. I am guessing her group “partners” with Jasmyn.

Likewise, Mayor Mike Lednovich is another candidate who can’t be happy about this quality of life cancellation. Afterall, he just unilaterally declared for all Fernandina that Sunday November 20th is/was Transexual Remembrance Day. Did he know the date coincided with World Children’s Day? Appropriately the date also coincides with  Absurdity Day because there are no facts supporting his pet proclamation.

I know where the other two candidates, Ayscue and Antun,( also known as the A-Team) stand on this issue because they answered the CCDF Candidate Questionnaire provided here in Citizens Journal thanks to Publisher George Miller.

Please, Nassau and Fernandina moms and dads, grandparents, and business owners!…It’s time to stand up! We are not just ‘slouching toward Gomorrah’, we are hurtling at break-neck speed. Lest you think, ‘Oh well, it must be God’s plan for the earth to melt into sin infested place,’ do not forget we are called to be a salt and light…to act as a preservative for its is God’s desire that none should perish. But how, you ask, do we be a Salt and Light?

Answer, 4 ways: 1. Join the citizen journalists of Citizens Journal right here in Nassau County. 2. Sign up to be an Ambassador for County Citizens Defending Freedom of Nassau. 3. Hate the sin love up the sinner with prayer, kindness, the Gospel, and civility; And 4. VOTE ON DECEMBER 13TH FOR THE A-TEAM: Ayscue and Antun.

Your children and their children’s children will thank you.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

James Bruner resides in Fernandina with his wife and they are the proud parents of 6 children.

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