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DeSantis Press Secretary Christina Pushaw Talks Florida, Freedom, and Fighting Back

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By Chris Queen


If you’re following what’s going on in Florida with Gov. Ron DeSantis — and who isn’t? — you’re probably familiar with Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’s press secretary. She’s a bold spokesperson for the governor’s agenda, and it’s fun to watch her fight back against the left’s narratives on Twitter.

I had the pleasure of interviewing her on Monday afternoon, and she and I talked about what’s going on in Florida, why some states seem to gravitate toward freedom, and how conservatives can combat the left. I hope you enjoy reading our conversation as much as I enjoyed speaking with her.

Note: this interview was edited for length and clarity.

Chris Queen: Tell me a little bit about yourself your background, and how you got involved in politics.

Christina Pushaw: Well, I’m from Los Angeles. I grew up there and went to college at USC [University of Southern California] in downtown L.A. So I grew up in a place that’s, I think, the most beautiful state in the United States, but it’s completely been destroyed by one-party, Democrat rule. So I saw that with my own eyes just how the progressive policies can absolutely destroy a state with so much potential, so much wealth, and so many great people, but it’s just been turned into, like, a dystopia basically, because of hard left-wing policies. Growing up and seeing that, I was always kind of interested in politics, but I never really was that engaged in politics until after getting my master’s degree in Washington, D.C.

I actually spent some time working in Eastern Europe. I was a political consultant. I studied international relations. I lived in former Soviet countries like the country of Georgia, and I saw the legacy of Communism as almost similar in a way to growing up in California. Seeing the harm and damage done by this far-left ideology, this dystopia that it became, I think, really solidified my desire to fight against that happening in America as a whole.

How I came to Florida goes back to COVID. Honestly, I lived in between D.C., California, and Eastern Europe during the beginning of the pandemic, and I had not paid a whole lot of attention to Florida until Governor DeSantis emerged as a leader for all governors on standing up to these public health bureaucrats who were trampling on the Constitution and trying to destroy small businesses and the American way of life and civil liberties. And I just thought, “You know, he’s the one standing up to it.”

And it was amazing because Florida being the third biggest state, having such an outsized impact on the country, and getting so much attention, I felt like he got a lot of unfair criticism for the common sense policies that he made. What he was doing really impressed me, so I was following him for a bit. And at the end of 2020, right after the election here and an election I worked on in Eastern Europe at the same time, I came back to the U.S. and thought it was time for me to get involved in politics in my home country. And I decided to do that by writing an article about Governor DeSantis’ pandemic response and getting it published. It ran in Human Events at the beginning of 2021, and it went viral, basically. And so that’s how I got on the radar. And a few months later, I started working in Florida, and the rest is history.


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