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Crossover To God’s Majesty

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Meet Me At The CrossoverA Monthly Feature, By Jennifer St. Clair

Faith/ Spiritual

Sometimes being in the right place at the right moment takes on different merits than you’ve ever imagined possible! So it was for all those faithful early risers several days ago who ventured to the beach for sunrise. And to think I nearly talked myself out of it when first light peeped through my shades at predawn, showing no promise of anything extraordinary. No soft pinks or warm peach clouds even faintly streaked the slate gray canvas outside my window. Yet, I have learned when light breaks through the darkness of night, it becomes time sensitive and moves with rapid speed! Thirty seconds can be too late to see the Greatest Show on Earth as the black velvet curtain on the horizon suddenly lifts to reveal the center attraction! Grandfather Sun!

As I rushed to get dressed that morning, I became breathless in anticipation of reaching the crossover on time to witness the wonder of God’s artistry for one more photo moment to share with friends less fortunate enough to be there in person with me. You might think one would tire of all this rushing around every morning and push the snooze button; but, the way I see it? Each day God gifts us contains unexpected surprises and I simply want to find out first hand what He has for me from the start!

Well He certainly showed His unforgettable handiwork as soon as I began walking to the beach. The sky blazed with rays of unbelievable colors, intensifying every second. “Please, God! Slow the show a little so I can capture the beauty before it evaporates from sight!” Whew! And I did! Of course, what you see in the photograph is merely pre-show extravaganza. The main attraction occurred beyond the crossover!

On occasion we reach a point in the life cycle when God puts a ‘crossover’ in our view. Perhaps it seems untimely and makes no sense to us. We push the snooze button and wish to procrastinate making any effort to move toward understanding what it’s all about. However, just as the ‘crossover’ in this photo reveals God’s amazing wonders, so are the plans He has for us when we dare to take the first step forward.
Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jennifer St. Clair is a pianist, award-winning songwriter, composer, artist, author and photographer. She relocated to Jacksonville Beach, Florida from the north Georgia mountains in 2014. Currently she serves as Pianist at Amelia Plantation Chapel. Her solo piano compositions can be found on sheetmusicplus.com. For more information:

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