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County Awarded Grant for Removal of Four Derelict Vessels

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Press Release

From Nassau County

8/25/22 @ 12:45 p.m. – At yesterday’s meeting, the Board of County Commissioners approved a grant agreement with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission in the amount of $77,500 for removal of four derelict/abandoned vessels in Nassau County’s waterways. 

According to the FWC, derelict vessels can become safety hazards to the public. When a vessel is abandoned, the County notifies the FWC to investigate the vessel(s) to determine if it meets the criteria outlined in Florida Statute, Sections 705.103(3) and 823.11. Upon the FWC’s determination that the vessel is in fact derelict, the FWC provides notice to the last known owner/custodian of the vessel and affords him/her an opportunity for a hearing compliant with fundamental procedural due process. After that process is completed, the FWC will authorize the County to remove and destroy the vessel. 

The County received approval from the FWC to remove four derelict vessels as follows: 

  • White antique cabin cruiser located in the St Marys River, west of Crandall Road
  • White Columbia Sail located near the southeast bank of Tiger Island, across from the Pogy Plant in Fernandina Beach
  • White ASPT Houseboat located on the east side of Piney Island in the marsh approximately 200 yards north of the railroad tracks
  • White S2 Yacht located in the marshes, north of State Road 200, near the Shave Bridge

Upon receiving authorization to remove the four vessels, the Board promptly submitted an application to the FWC for grant funding through the Florida Boating Improvement Program, a division of the State that collects revenue through the local Tax Collector by collection of registration fees. 

Now that the Board has approved the grant agreement, it will be returned to the FWC for final execution. Once the County receives the executed contract, we will move forward with having them removed. 

If you have any questions, please contact Assistant Facilities Director, Jeff Little, at (904) 530-6120 or via email at [email protected] 

-Sabrina Robertson
 Public Information Officer

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