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Controlling Benevolence

"Global Government is Almost Here"

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By Sigrid Weidenweber


In every layer of society, neighborhoods, church-assemblies and the open agora, we are confronted by individuals who exude benevolence and good will that they lavishly spread around. They will kindly inform you that you can gain important insights if you would only listen to their favorite news channel, as they deem your own information source inferior to theirs. They give good advice as to the use of detergents for your laundry, how to fertilize your flowers—without regard to the fact that your flowers, right in front of them, are looking gorgeous, better than theirs; they tell you what to feed your children, and how to improve your  sorting of recyclables. They do all this with apparently the kindest intentions to better your life, as they feel that their knowledge of everything on earth is so much greater than of others, who are in dire need to be raised to a higher standard. We all know their kind and after politely sending them on their way, we silently fume for having allowed them intrusion into our private domain and resent what we discern to be insufferable controlling behavior.

Well, we can remove them from our life without a problem. However, the other kind of benevolent pests, our governmental elites, operating much like benevolent busybodies, rule us, with often assumed powers and enforcement agencies. The latter insure with draconian force that the Benevolent Rules are adhered to, whether we like it or not. As the Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsome, once proudly shouted at the electorate of California, which rejected gay marriage by a vote of 65%, “Whether you like it or not….!” When he broke current law by allowing gay marriages to be performed in San Francisco. Whether one likes it or not is not the debate here. Fact is, that he broke the law and knew that he would not face consequences, for the Democrat party stood solidly behind him.

A benevolent President Obama once stated, as he raised taxes for his social programs, “I think when you spread it around, it is good for everybody.” What a kind thought—but whose wealth was to be spread? Not his own evidently, for he was quite good at acquiring wealth for himself. No, he meant to spread the average taxpayer’s wealth. Every time the government becomes benevolent—the average taxpayer bleeds money. When it comes to those in power, benevolence is not often the motive. A more sinister reason is behind the professed good for the people. The governmental motive is control and exercise of power to insure that the government stays in power, which also insures the continued growth of the government; so that every time a public good is instituted, it can never be reversed.

It started so small—with seatbelts mandated to minimize trauma in accidents. Well, that is beneficial and wise, isn’t it? No, studies showed that the cost of seatbelts and baby seats were in no way related to the small number of injuries prevented. But the force of compliance was priceless. Then—came cigarettes, not only forbidden in public places, but also resulting in law suits filed by people claiming smoke came through the walls of their apartments and they inhaled second-hand smoke. I am all for a non-smoking population, it is truly a debilitating, horrible habit, causing severe illnesses—but when you can forbid a person to smoke in their own home, you can also control other private choices a person makes, in what is supposed to be their sacred castle. As an aside, why did government not legislate, forbidding  the sale of tobacco as it constituted such a grave health risk? The dirty secret is—tobacco can be taxed at obscene levels. That is also the reason for the pot shops in your neighborhood. But, I digress. 

After we, the people, were conditioned to obey many smaller laws and rules encroaching on our freedom to decide for ourselves, we finally got hit with the big one. The TSA. Everyone was so ready to insure public safety in the sky, that we allowed enormous over-reaches to be enshrined not in law but in regulations. The only law, was a law signed by president Bush concerning the search and scanning of luggage. The rest of the searches the public endures are security regulations, which airports must adhere to, proscribed by the TSA, a part of the Department of Homeland Security.

The TSA forced everyone, under the guise of equal treatment, to submit to the most degrading searches when wishing to fly. If reason and sanity had prevailed, the powers that be would have followed the example of El Al, the Israeli Airline that never had a high-jacking or bombs exploding in flight, and profiled for the few Muslim men engaging in Jihad against the West, and left the rest of us alone. What a sane, inexpensive concept. Instead we instituted a cult of control. A cult that allowes agents to grope women to ascertain they are not loaded with bombs, and empowers them to pull, old, infirm passengers out of their wheel-chairs, forcing them through the x-ray machine. My best example of TSA over-reach is the Shoe Bomber craziness, an act that will never be rescinded.

As you remember, Richard Calvin Reed, a convict, converted in prison to Islam, decided to make jihad by taking down a plane by building a bomb in his shoe. Thankfully, he could not light the fuse—misconstruction—and was restrained. Promptly, all non-Muslim passengers together with the profiled ones, now had to take off their shoes for inspection. That happened in 2001. No shoe bomb attempt has ever been made again. And yet, here we are in 2023, and we still have to do the nonsensical footwear removal all over the world. As I mentioned before, any control measure successfully forced on the compliant public, will never be revoked. Meanwhile, private airlines have flown millions of Americans, British, Saudi, German and French passengers billions of miles without removal of a single shoe.

That, however, is not the worst. The major play for total citizens control was made during the Covid-19 pandemic. It almost seems as if the Covid pandemic was tailormade for the submission of the entire world. Under caring disguise of preventing the public from falling ill, drastic measure were instituted that in retrospect, were detrimental on the whole. The masks proved useless in preventing the spread of the virus, and are now, adding insult to injury, were found to be toxic. Our children, not an age group to suffer great harm, were kept in isolation and now cope with psychological problems and the lack of real teaching. But that was not enough. The mandatory invasion of the physical bodies of the entire populace with untested vaccines, was the most grievous assault of our bodies and our autonomy.  To push untested vaccines on our students, soldiers workers, police and medical workers was criminal over-reach by the government. Especially, when we were promised that the vaccines, the new wonder drugs, would not only keep you from getting the virus, but it would also prevent you from spreading it. It did not prevent the spread, vaccinated people still passed the virus on, no matter how many boosters they received.

In a former life, studying medical technology, bacteriology and virology in Germany, I still remember the lecture by a bacteriologist who lectured on pandemics. He said sixty years ago, “A bacterial pandemic we can contain with isolation, hygiene, washing with antibacterial solutions and other measures, like burning infected clothing and more. However, when a virus invades, it is best to let it run through the populace. The first few will suffer but as it passes from body to body it weakens, for everybody imposes their immune system on the virus and herd immunity is soon achieved.” Well, that was then many of our doctors, technicians and nurses knew this, knew of the untested quality of the new vaccines and spoke out against them. Their voices were denounced, they were threatened, some lost jobs and they were declared unscientific vaccine-deniers. Meantime the government pulled from drugstores medication that they deemed interfering with their push to vaccinate. The worst the Biden government did was deprive doctors and hospitals of monoclonal antibodies, the most effective treatment against covid without a vaccine. I, when struck by Covid-19 got monoclonal antibodies five hours after having tested myself for covid and tested positive. I was feeling shaky, was aching and could not drive. My grandson drove me to the doctor who infused me and him. Two hours after receiving the antibodies, I felt well enough to drive home and after a good night’s sleep I was fully restored. Many of my friends can add to this testimony.

In the end the country somehow recovered from the Covid madness, the Fauci lies and the mandates. However, that might only be the beginning. A new assault on the American sovereignty has begun. The grand global governance is being put in place through the United Nations Agenda 2030 rubric. How will the elites in Davos and the United Nations implement a scheme that would make America subservient to global governance? Well, it all has to do with the Covid-19 pandemic and the vaccination mandates already put upon the populace. Europe’s hapless, hopeless populace is already in the grip of their overlords. Their clueless citizens must already maintain constant full vaccination and boosters recorded in their digital EU covid certificates, which are checked at all points the Eu and the World Health Organization deem it necessary to control.

My knowledge, concerning the more intimate details of the grand global scheme, stems from a report by James Gorrie in the Epoche Times. He writes, under the first subtitle:


“This apparent deconstruction of the United States and the nation-state, in general, is part of a larger and sustained scheme by the U.N. and other trans-national and global institutions, such as the European Union and the World Health Organization (WHO), to shift the national power and policies of all nations on earth, no matter what the domestic resistance might be, up to the supranational or global governance level.”

He then speaks of the Rush to Global Digital IDs. It began already in Europe with such a digital certification that was imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Furthermore, he notes that European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen laid out the plan at the G20 Summit, where she called for a U.N. panel to control artificial intelligence (AI) and digital infrastructure just as the U.N.’s International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recommends, if not dictates, for climate policies.

Next, James Gorrie, in this excellent article speaks of Deception by language, the employment of euphemism, distortion of meaning and employing the classical Orwellian doublespeak, where the words mean the exact opposite of how they sound. Lastly Mr. Gorrie addresses the use of AI to subjugate everyone to follow their rules.

I wish I could detail for you the entire article, however that is not feasible. Also I firmly believe that you should inform yourself by downloading the article headlined GLOBAL GOVERNANCE IS (ALMOST) HERE by James Gorrie in the Opinion Section of the Epoch Times, A13 Sept. 20-26,2023.

Born in Germany in 1941, Sigrid Weidenweber remembers the horrific aftermath of Fascism. At the end of the war, she found herself living under Communism. Both of these totalitarian regimes left indelible marks on her psyche. She developed a healthy distrust of governments usurping too many powers in order to control people supposedly for their own good. MORE

Her Books

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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