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Congressional & College Crazies Celebrate Israeli Carnage; America’s Haters And Elected Loons Date Back Many Decades

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By Dave Scott, 10-13-23

Appalling pro-Hamas comments by members of the so-called U.S. Congressional “Squad” to defend the Hamas massacre in Israel are justifiably generating condemnation.

Even the White House’s normally inept Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre joined in slamming the repugnant comments being made by Representatives Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib, D-MI), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Cori Bush (D-MO) following the inhumane and barbarous slaughter of Israelis.

A truck driven by conservative advocacy group Accuracy in Media, drove around Harvard University on Wednesday to raise awareness about the anti-Semites on campus. It displayed the names and photos of the Harvard students who’d signed the infamous pro-Hamas letter blaming Israel for Hamas’ weekend terror slaughter.

What’s the difference between the mindset of the sadistic butchers that murdered more than 1,200 men, women, and children and that of U.S. Congressional representatives Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA); Omar, Bush, Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) and Tlaib, all Israel-hating fanatical antisemites?  This reprehensible collection is a U.S. cheerleading squad for the savage terrorist organization and its Iranian sponsor.

It’s difficult to imagine even a horror movie producer, director or script writer considering such a horrific scenario as the one that took place in Israel last Saturday.

Just two years ago this vile Congressional group of haters got House Democrats to zero out U.S. funding for Israel’s Iron Dome — a defensive system that protects Israelis (including Arab Israelis) from the rockets that Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terror groups fire at Israeli civilian areas. Many of them are now calling for a ceasefire while Israel battles the murderers and attempts to rescue noncombatant and military hostages.

Instead of condemning the ghouls that cheer the terrorists in New York’s Times Square and on American college campuses these braindead collegiate zombies celebrate  them. Their heroes are the Hamas savages who shot pregnant women, beheaded more than 40 babies, raped, and burned families alive in their homes and cars and those that sponsor them. Did anybody notice how professional these anti-Israel supporters’ signs were and wonder how quickly so many could be produced overnight?

One of the most despicable and disgusting cheerleaders is Tlaib, who following the murders condemned Israel saying in a prepared statement:  “I am determined as ever to fight for a just future where everyone can live in peace, without fear and with true freedom, equal rights, and human dignity,” Tlaib said: “The path to that future must include lifting the blockade, ending the occupation, and dismantling the apartheid system that creates the suffocating, dehumanizing conditions that can lead to resistance. ”

This wretched woman, who has a Palestinian flag in front of her office, says the Israeli victims are to blame and Israel is the guilty party.

Talk radio host Kenny Webster highlighted Tlaib’s depravity as he described the grotesque perspective of porn actress, Mia Khalifia, fired by Playboy Magazine for her nauseating support of the mass murderers.

“Mia Khalifa was fired but Rashida Tlaib remains in office,” said Webster. “The standards are higher at Playboy than the United States Congress

Not to be outdone in the lunacy department, Ilhan Omar said that Israel should not fight back against Hamas and called its military efforts a “war crime.”

The undeniable fact that these inhuman Hamas psychopaths commit atrocities equal to or exceeding those of the Holocaust makes no difference to this disgusting Congressional squad of terrorist cheerleaders and their mindless campus acolytes.

A visibly shaken Fox New reporter at the scene of the massacre put it in perspective as he said on air Wednesday, October 11: “Their homes are like the homes of our families in the U.S. Imagine if your kids or grandchildren were sitting on the floor on Saturday morning playing with toys, or outside playing sports and the family was having a picnic, then they are shot, stabbed, beheaded, raped, bound, beaten and dragged away.”

The fact that these savage Hamas psychopathic murderers methodically hunted and killed the elderly, children, pregnant women, and beheaded babies makes no difference to this U.S. Congressional crowd of inhuman fiends and their empty-headed college campus crowd of sycophants.  Two of the most repugnant are Tlaib and Omar, followed closely by the other mindless ghouls that whitewash the violence and refer to the savage attackers as defenders of Gaza, sympathizing with the killers.

Is there a way to expel them from Congress or shut them up or both?

(An abridged version of this commentary also appears in the national BizPac Review at https://www.bizpacreview.com/2023/10/12/congressional-college-crazies-condone-carnage-1403720/)


How Bad Is Biden? Biden’s bumbling Secretary of State Tony Blinken keeps embarrassing himself by attempting to tell Americans that the $6 billion Biden gave Iran in exchange for five hostages is “fungible” and wasn’t used to finance the massacre of Israelis. “It’s fungible” mumbles the moron, thinking all Americans must be as dumb as he is.”

If the money is fungible so is he. Fungible means that money can be substituted for something of equal value or utility. It doesn’t matter what physical dollar bill a person has, every dollar bill is worth $1, every five-dollar bill is worth $5, and so on. So, Blinken is fungible too since for one of him there’s another person equally unhinged confined to a mental institution.

Blinken, America’s successor to England’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, deleted a post on X (formerly Twitter) last Sunday calling for a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel. There was no explanation for the comment or deleting it. It was the equivalent of Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo calling for a cease fire after his country attacked Pearl Harbor.

Now that Iran, through its Hamas surrogates, have an unknown number of American hostages do Blinken and Nod (aka Biden) plan on handing over a billion dollars for each one? Their dreadful policies have put Americans around the world in jeopardy and financed the Israeli massacre.

“God willing, the cancer of the usurper Zionist regime will be eradicated at the hands of the Palestinian people and the Resistance forces throughout the region. #AlAqsaStorm,” Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei posted, along with video footage of civilians fleeing from a music festival celebrating the Jewish holiday of Sukkot — 260 attendees were senselessly massacred by Islamic terrorists.

That tweet from the head of the world’s leading state sponsor of terror was flagged by X, formerly known as Twitter: “This Post violated the X Rules. However, X has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Post to remain accessible,” said Elon Musk who owns the firm.

Good for Musk as allowing it exposes not only the evil of Iran’s leadership but the kind of people that the Biden administration is funding and thinks can be trusted.


What, Me Worry? Last Sunday while Hamas was slaughtering almost a thousand Israelis, a frail and addled Joe Biden reminded everyone that he’s not really in charge of anything as he spent the day hosting a barbecue at the White House and admitted he had no idea of what was happening until about 7:30 that morning.

God help us if the U.S. is attacked while this inept nimrod is still in office.


What Real Leadership Sounds Like: Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s emergency government let the world know it’s unified against its enemies issuing a statement this week saying: “Every member of Hamas is a dead man. Hamas will cease to exist.”


Downtown Fernandina Beach statue of  American traitor David Yulee.

A History Of Betrayal: Americans ranging from former Revolutionary General Benedict Arnold and Vice President Aaron Burr to World War II’s Iva Toguri D’Aquino (aka Tokyo Rose) and Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Fernandina’s own David Yulee have a disgraceful and notorious history of siding with our country’s enemies

Congressional members are not immune to America bashing and encouraging its enemies including, Yulee, ironically a Moroccan Jewish immigrant. A few years ago a group of misguided locals decided to honor Yulee with a downtown Fernandina Beach statue despite the guy being tried and imprisoned for treason following the Civil War.

In his 2016 book, “Oh, Florida!”, author Craig Pittman called Yulee “one of the rogues and rascals who ran the state for his own profit. His one single accomplishment, says Pittman, was “building Florida’s first cross-state railroad using federal and state money that lined his own pockets.”

In his 2013 book “Finding Florida – The true History of the Sunshine State”, native Floridian T.D. Allman, a Miami Herald Reporter, obliterates the Yulee myth tracing the slaveholder’s activities such as advocating Florida’s secession while a sitting U.S. Senator, the treasonable act that earned him a prison term in Fort Pulaski, GA following the Civil War.

While serving as a Fernandina City Commissioner muddled California transplant and Black Lives Matter activist Mike Lednovich even called for the removal of the downtown Yulee statue.

Previous degenerate U.S. elected officials include U.S. Senator Ernest Lundee, a member of Minnesota’s Farmer Labor Party, who delivered a speech following Germany’s invasion of Poland beneath the Nazi swastika at a white-tie dinner in New York hosted by the German-American Commerce board in March 1940. With him on the platform were several German officials and Duke Carl Eduard, a special emissary of Hitler’s.

Just a couple of years earlier Congressman Hamilton Fish III , a Republican of New York, headlined a pro-Nazi rally at Madison Square Garden.

As the Germans invaded their neighboring countries an organization called the America First movement was founded. Many of its 800,000 members were antisemites who felt Hitler had a lot of promising ideas.

Many of the most extreme of these lunatics were deported while others were imprisoned, and others booted from office.


College Campus Clowns: During an event this week at the University of Albany in New York Candace Owen was asked by a transgendered person what she thinks about transgender students at the school feeling “unsafe” because of Ms. Owen’s frank rhetoric about biological sex.

“The left is trying to make it seem that people who see reality for what it is are demented and are creating unsafe territory, and that’s not the truth,” Owen responded. “In fact, what I think is unsafe territory is for people to be affirmed in their delusions.”

She concluded saying: “I wouldn’t follow you around and say, ‘Hey, you’re a male!’ Totally fine, go live your life as you want to live your life. But when you say that the way that you live your life now has to impact me, and I have to pretend that I see a woman, when clearly you are a man, I shouldn’t have to play that game.”

This brilliant articulate woman should be in Congress.


Meanwhile In Jacksonville: Jacksonville’s Democrat Mayor Donna Deegan is taking heat for not only participating in a Pride parade, where condoms were thrown to kids and sex toys displayed, but also acted as its grand marshal.

Duval GOP Chairman and state legislator Dean Black did not approve of Deegan’s participation, — proposing that “legislation” might be needed to “prevent this from happening again.”

“We are disturbed and disgusted to see the Mayor’s participation as the Grand Marshal at an alleged ‘family-friendly’ event where sex toys were displayed and condoms were handed out to children,” he said.

Republished with the author’s permission. Read The Dave Scott Blog– subscribe Free

Veteran reporter, publicist, blogger Dave Scott of Fernandina Beach

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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