Common Sense Fernandina Beach & County Citizens Defending Freedom (CCDF)

Common Sense Fernandina Beach & County Citizens Defending Freedom (CCDF)


By Jack Knocke

Through Common Sense Fernandina Beach and soon through CCDF, we are shining a bright light on the cities, the county, and the school system in Nassau County.  Local leaders have been making decisions that are not consistent with protecting our freedoms, safeguarding our children, and responsibly managing finances.

Local leaders need guidance, oversight, truth, and accountability.  We plan to deliver that!  To start with, we have 3 teams of a dozen people activating around Election Integrity/Government Oversight, Schools, and Financial Integrity – and we need more volunteers in the wings for the next phase.  We need as many people as possible locally to be involved in some way.  Volunteers can sign up here.  Our approach is biblical, respectful, and determined.  The truth will prevail.

We are aligning with County Citizens Defending Freedom (CCDF) to organize, activate, leverage national resources, and fix our broken systems locally.  The CCDF plan is to save America one county at a time – and we are well on our way locally, but we need your help.

We are fundraising to hire 2-3 full-time positions to manage and activate the team on key issues and specific action plans.  This is an action and results oriented program designed to impact several established government entities.  We need everyone’s help with initial fundraising to get started.  Once we are up and running, our leadership team plans to speak all over Nassau County to build broad ongoing financial support.

Let’s work together to get Nassau County clean, transparent, and protecting our freedoms.

Please call or text me now so that we can setup a time to meet.  I’m happy to explain exactly how we plan to execute.  We are going to battle with God on our side shining a light and taking action so that our county and our country are protected for our children and grandchildren.

Jack Knocke
Prospective AED – Nassau County, Florida
cell: 470-295-4365





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