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Christianphobes, Biblephobes, & Freedomphobes, Oh My!

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By Sherian Berteau, 4-10-23

In response to the News-Leader’s misleading article on Jack Knocke and the organization Nassau County Citizens Defending Freedom (CCDF), my thoughts go to the famous movie, The Wizard of Oz for many reasons, ( it’s one of my favorite childhood movies, by the way- and I’ve watched it dozens of times with my kids).  

I’m beginning to think our whole country has been picked up by the tornado called a “culture war”, and put us down, not in Oz, but in the Land of Bizarro World, narcissism, and idol worship.  We are being forced to “follow the yellow brick road” of LGBTQ and Transgenderism, believing men can be women, women can be men, men can get pregnant and give birth, same sex marriage equality, sexual preferences treated as a protected class, the lie that “trans women are real women,” and heterosexual white men and women being marginalized and treated as “haters”.  

Somewherrrrre over the rainbowwwww!

By the way, you do realize humans have no say as to what gender or race they are born into, right?  The Creator does not need input from His creations… He is GOD- we are not, no matter how much we try to make ourselves as such.  When we delude ourselves into believing we know better than God, and we can recreate ourselves in our image; well, that is the absolute definition of narcissism and worshipping ourselves as gods.  Talk about the ultimate idolatry!

In reality, what we are in is the unseen spiritual warfare, the battle between good and evil, right and wrong, Biblical values, Christ followers and non-believers- a constant war throughout human history.

Jack Knocke and the group CCDF, are patriotic, Christian conservatives whose mission is to hold government, and anyone who tries to trample on our God-given rights and individual freedoms accountable.  I was concerned years ago when the City chose to fly the Gay pride rainbow flag at City Hall. I do not believe City governments should be involved in controversial culture issues.  And, that’s what this is- nothing more.  Oh, I know the radicals want to portray this as an equality issue, or some civil rights movement, but it’s not.  It’s based solely on sexual identity and preference. Period.

I wonder, would our City be willing to fly a Christian flag? And don’t give me that biased and wrong interpretation of “separation of church and state” argument.  Our country has thrived for hundreds of years based on our founding fathers faith-based principles.  From my perspective, Jack Knocke was simply asking a question as a concerned citizen about the city’s depth of involvement and support of this group, and the protection of children from adult choices and issues.  

While I understand everyone has the right to assemble with a permit, and has freedom of speech, the question being raised should be- is our City government SPONSORING these type of events?  That is the perception of a lot of citizens and  that’s a whole different issue. This puts our government headed down a slippery slope of controversy that goes against the Christian values and principles that our country was founded on.  While everyone seems hyper-concerned about offending the LGBTQ community, they have no problem mocking and offending the Christian community, or stepping on our rights.  Other foreign religions seem to garner more respect and a reluctance to criticize, even though they, like Christianity, do not accept LGBTQ lifestyles, so please extend that courtesy to Christians and stop demonizing us.

Just because Christians, based on biblical beliefs, cannot endorse homosexual lifestyles, does not mean we are all homophobes and transphobic haters, or wish harm or violence be directed at them.  We will all face God’s judgement for our personal choices.  Our belief is that we cannot participate in something we feel is detrimental to a personal relationship with God, goes against God’s creation and laws, and causes possible harm to our own human souls.  

The News-Leader article tried to portray Jack Knocke and the CCDF as some radical, extremist group.  Yes, CCDF supports book bans (that groom children and have age-inappropriate sexual content), promotes Christian and Constitutional freedoms and values (that our country was founded on and are necessary for a successful, free Democratic Republic), and are protecting religious freedoms and freedom of speech.  

If that is a problem for you, I suggest you reevaluate your thinking, because all of these are necessary for America to survive as a free society.  All of a sudden, being patriotic, law-abiding, Christian and white somehow portrays you as being part of a “hate group”.  I completely reject that thinking, and would suggest the pro-violence, so-called open-minded, and inclusive radical Leftists do so as well.

As our country has hardened our hearts and turned away from God, Biblical values, and faith, I see a direct correlation between that and the destruction of America. Not until we accept that and turn back to Godly values will we be able to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Ask yourself, are you at peace? Do you pray and ask God for guidance? Are you happy and understand that life’s trials strengthens your faith? Do you focus on your blessings? If not, seek God- He wants us to not just live, but have abundant life.  Try it, you’ll like it!

Sherian Wilsher-Berteau is a 3rd generation native Floridian, who grew up in Fernandina Beach. Mother of 4, Gigi to 5- former multiple business owner, now retired & enjoying pursuing my passions-writing, cooking, & travel!

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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