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Chip Seal Program Improves Public Safety on Roads

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Press Release

By Nassau County, FL|Board of County Commissioners


Nassau County, Florida, November 4, 2022 – The Nassau County Road Department is happy to announce it has completed its scheduled list of chip sealed roads for the 2021 and 2022 fiscal years.

Twenty-two dirt roads totaling 29,145 feet (roughly 5.5 miles) were upgraded to a newly
paved surface utilizing the chip seal process. When the repetitive maintenance of dirt roads
becomes timely and costly and/or driver safety is compromised, chip seal is a great option
because it’s similar to asphalt in durability and appearance, but much less expensive.

The chip seal surface treatment consists of an application of heated asphalt liquid, followed
by a layer of crushed rock with a roller to create a smooth surface. Chip seal roads enhance
public safety by providing good skid resistance, an anti-glare surface during wet weather,
and an increased reflective surface for night driving.

During adoption of the Fiscal Year 22/23 budget, the Board allocated $900,000 for the Chip
Seal Program. This will allow an additional fifteen roads totaling 17,975 feet to be resurface this Fiscal Year. Roads identified for chip seal this Fiscal Year include:

• Oelsner Drive
• Wilder Boulevard
• Arbor Lane
• Seymour Lane
• Nassau River Road
• Freeman Road
• Myrtice Road
• Milton Road
• Dawson Road
• Boyd Road
• D. Fouraker Road
• Middle Road
• Lawhon Road
• Debbie Road
• Howard Road

We want to thank the citizens of Nassau County for their patience during the preparation
process. We would also like to thank our County Commissioners, (District 1) John F. Martin,
(District 2) Aaron C. Bell, (District 3) Jeff Gray, (District 4) Thomas R. Ford, (District 5) Klynt A. Farmer, for their support and allocating funding for this initiative.

If you have any questions, please contact the Nassau County Road Department at (904) 530-6175.

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