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Chinese Balloon FINALLY Shot Down & More Info

They got around to it as it was leaving ...

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From Daily Caller. 2-4-23

The U.S. took down a Chinese spy balloon Saturday afternoon after the craft had traversed the continental U.S. over several days, the Associated Press reported.

The Pentagon was tracking the suspected Chinese spy balloon Saturday as it moved eastward across the Carolinas and over the Atlantic Ocean, The Wall Street Journal and the AP reported, citing officials and specialists familiar with the craft’s flight path. U.S. military jets were seen flying near the balloon and recovery vessels identified in the waters below, as footage of the operation appeared to depict an explosion before the balloon began falling toward the water, according to the AP.

Read More: https://dailycaller.com/2023/02/04/us-shoots-down-chinese-spy-balloon

Click for VIDEO

Knew about it all along- afraid offending China

What a weak administration

About post-shootdown and US surveillance of balloon activities

More interesting details

MORE- Daily Mail

Can we even believe what our government tells us anymore?

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