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Chief of Biden’s Failed ‘Disinformation’ Board Wants Money to Sue Fox

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By Bob Unruh, World Net Daily


The chief of Joe Biden’s failed “Disinformation Governance Board,” Nina Jankowicz, is mad at Fox News for the network’s reporting on the president’s scheme to influence information that Americans can access.

She says the network injured her by describing the board, and her work, wrongly.

So she wants to sue Fox.

And she wants you to pay for it.

She asks that people contribute to her so she can sue Fox for its statements about her and the board, and the entire government censorship controversy.

WND had reported only weeks ago that members of the U.S. Senate were accusing Biden’s handlers of concealing details about their censorship schemes.

The accusations involve Biden’s planned, and now failed, Disinformation Governance Board, a program that purportedly was discontinued when the strategy came to light.

Read the full article here: Chief of Biden’s failed ‘Disinformation’ board wants money to sue Fox (wnd.com)

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