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CCDF: We’re Working Hard to Preserve the America You Love!

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From CCDF-USA, 12-15-22

 We’re working hard to preserve the America you love!
‘Tis the Season for Freedom! In this week’s newsletter Texas takes the spotlight by focusing on election integrity; holding their elected officials accountable; and keeping public schools in compliance with state statutes.

“IN GOD WE TRUST” POSTERS NOW PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED IN COLLIN COUNTY SCHOOLS Collin County, TX – On April 19, 2021, the Texas Legislature voted to pass Senate Bill 797 which requires all publicly funded schools in Texas to prominently display the national motto “In God We Trust” inside each school building. READ HERE
A TEXAS INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT IGNORES TEXAS ELECTION LAWS: REFUSES TO CONDUCT RECOUNT Montgomery County, TX – If the recent November General Election has taught us anything, it is that no election actually ends on Election Day. READ MORE
CCDF-NUECES PARTNERS WITH THE ELECTION INTEGRITY PROJECT Nueces County, TX – Recently, a post-election debriefing was conducted by the Election Integrity Project (EIP) at the Nueces County Citizens Defending Freedom (CCDF-Nueces) offices. The EIP is a non-partisan group that is working to ensure election law and process integrity. READ MORE

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CARRIE MOORE CCDF-NUECES EDUCATION DIVISION LEADER Carrie Moore joined Nueces County Citizens Defending Freedom (CCDF-Nueces) in January of 2022. Prior to joining CCDF-Nueces, she launched the first Moms for Liberty chapter in Texas. Carrie is a precinct chair, legislative vice president for Nueces County Republican Women, and a Deputy Voter Registrar. She has traveled to the state capital many times with the Election Integrity Project to encourage representatives to improve local and state election integrity. Carrie’s previous employment experiences includes law enforcement, soccer coach, and bar owner. She is married to her best friend, John, and she has four teenage children. 

EPISODE: WATCH NOW Seth Keshel talks over elections results in FL, TX, and GA. What does this mean for the Republican Party? EPISODE: WATCH NOW CCDF-Hillsborough has been fighting inappropriate books inside the school system. There is one book in particular that they are focusing on. CCDF-Hillsborough hired a billboard truck with a QR code to drive around Hillsborough County to help raise awareness to parents.
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