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Biden Impeachment Inquiry Launches With Focus on 3C’s: Corruption, Credibility and Coverup

First hearing bolstered by massive dump of documents from criminal probe of Hunter Biden.

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By John Solomon and Steven Richards, Just the News


House Republicans on Thursday officially launch their impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden, hoping to convince Americans that the 46th U.S. president presided over a family influence peddling scheme that collected at least $24 million from foreign interests, ran a campaign that deceived voters in the 2020 election and oversaw a Justice Department that covered up crimes by his son and possibly others.

Months in the making, Thursday’s hearing will showcase a familiar TV pundit on impeachments, George Washington legal professor Jonathan Turley, as well as former DOJ tax lawyer Eileen O’Conner and a forensic accountant who can walk viewers through the legal labyrinth of limited liability corporations and suspicious activity reports unearthed in Hunter Biden’s business empire by congressional investigators.

In short, they will try to boil down a complicated array of evidence into a simple narrative about 3 C’s: Corruption; Credibility; and Coverup.

“To date, the House Oversight Committee has uncovered how the Bidens and their associates created over 20 shell companies and raked in over $24 million dollars,” House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer is expected to tell the audience in his opening remarks. “We’ve also identified nine members of the Biden family who have participated in or benefited from these business schemes.

“What were the Bidens selling to make all this money?” Comer is set to ask. The answer may be “Joe Biden himself.” 

Democrats will most likely try to counter with well-honed arguments that Hunter Biden’s operation involved petty tax crimes at best, unworthy of the impeachment standard of high crimes and misdemeanors. They may also continue to try and discredit the two longtime IRS Special Agents – one a gay Democrat – who blew the whistle on DOJ obstruction into their investigations of Hunter Biden.

“This is a sham and a charade,” Rep. Dan Goldman, D-N.Y., tweeted ahead of the kickoff hearing. “….. They have the power. They just don’t have the evidence.”

Read the full article here: Biden impeachment inquiry launches with focus on 3C’s: Corruption, Credibility and Coverup | Just The News

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