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Better Together Helps Families

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By Sheena Wood


Better Together is a non-profit organization that helps strengthen families and offers support in times of crisis. They aim to keep families together – and children out of foster care – by providing them with a temporary loving home and helping their parents work to build a better life.

Better Together was established in 2015 in Southwest Florida and has since expanded into 19 counties across Florida. It grew out of a desire to prevent child abuse and neglect before state intervention is needed. They have perfected an innovative model consisting of two highly effective programs dedicated to helping people help themselves. They empower them to find employment and provide a loving, safe and supportive foundation for their children.

Their two innovative programs—Better Families and Better Jobs—have helped more than 4,800 vulnerable children and families in Florida overcome temporary crises and keep children out of foster care with a 98% success rate using the most powerful, yet least leveraged forces in America—civil society, volunteerism, and the local church. Their influence in SW FL has made a 30% impact on the DCF system since they started. That means the number of kids entering the foster care system has gone down by 30%!

You can watch this recent Fox13 news clip about their expanding programs.

Better Together believes the BEST place for families in crisis to turn is the local church. They are looking for church partners and community partners that are wanting to link arms and serve families in the community and in return radically reduce the number of children entering the foster care system!

These partners could help when there is a job loss, homelessness, medical emergency, addiction, mental health issues, and more. 

This help includes short-term hosting of children, weekend respites, family mentoring and job coaching.

Click here to see a video of Florida’s First Lady, Casey DeSantis, recognize and appreciate Better Together for their work with communities in crisis.

A Northeast Florida chapter has been established and they would love to see as many people and organizations get involved. If you would like more information on how you could help, contact their Outreach Director, Sheena Wood, at

Sheena M. Wood

NEFL Outreach Director

(440) 789-2289 | [email protected]

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