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Behind “The Sound of Freedom”

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By Deb Boelkes, 7-2-23

To We the People – In case you didn’t see it, last night Jan Jekielek, host of American Thought Leaders on Epoch TV, live-streamed a terrific 40-minute interview with Tim Ballard (former Dept. of Homeland Security special agent and Founder of Operation Underground Railroad) and Jim Caviezel, who plays Tim Ballard in the about the soon-to-be-released movie, Sound of Freedom. They talk about the making of the movie and how real it is in regards to the global child sex trade and the spiritual battle for our children. Do watch it (or read the transcript) at:   https://www.theepochtimes.com/jim-caviezel-and-tim-ballard-hard-truths-of-the-global-child-sex-trade-and-the-spiritual-battle-for-our-children_5364424.html?utm_source=prtnrhard&utm_campaign=UngaTheGreat&src_src=prtnrhard&src_cmp=UngaTheGreat

Can’t wait to see the movie this week. Tickets are still available at https://www.angel.com/warroom?zip=32034&date=2023-07-04 (simply enter your zip code to see the listings for a theater near you).

God Bless ALL our children, and God Bless the Operation Underground Railroad team for all they do around the world.

Deb Boelkes

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