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Bearing Arms – Jun 15 – Cornyn defends Senate deal from attacks on the right

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Here’s a collection of recent Second Amendment articles from Bearing Arms

Cornyn defends Senate deal from attacks on the right x Jun 15, 2022 Sen. John Cornyn was one of the key leaders in the discussions that led to the Senate gun control deal. There was a lot of trepidation about the deal before it was announced. Afterward, well, it could have been worse. Yet “could have been worse” is far from “good.” There’s literally … [Keep Reading] 
 StoryPic Rep. Byron Donalds has a powerful and personal take on why fear can’t dictate gun policy x Jun 15 2022 I’m planning to have the congressman on Cam & Co next week to talk about this, but I don’t want to wait until then to write about the Florida congressman’s response to calls for more gun control after the massacres in Uvalde and Buffalo in recent weeks. Writing at Fox News, … [Keep Reading] 
 StoryPic Professor invokes Tenth Amendment to infringe on Second x Jun 15 2022 Your average gun rights advocate also tends to be a fan of the Constitution. Most of us recognize that you cannot protect one constitutional right unless you’re willing to stand up for other constitutional rights–meaning, rights guaranteed by the Constitution, not right supposedly granted by it. But the Tenth Amendment is … [Keep Reading] 
 StoryPic SCOTUS, the Senate, and more – VIP Gold Live Chat – Replay Available  x Jun 15 2022 Once again I expect that Second Amendment issues are going to top our things to talk about when Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey joins me and our VIP Gold members for our weekly live chat at 1:30 ET, and I’m fired up and ready to dive into the big issues of … [Keep Reading] 
 StoryPic Op-ed: North Carolina has a choice to make on guns x Jun 14 2022 North Carolina is a bit of a strange place when it comes to guns. It’s a southern state with a generally pro-gun, red-state lean to it yet it also has some rather draconian anti-gun measures that date back to Jim Crow. In fact, a bill to end some of the worst … [Keep Reading] 
 StoryPic Anti-gun voices want to push us down slippery slope  x Jun 14 2022 With the Senate reaching a deal for gun control, it feels like the door is open. 10 Republican senators cracked it open just a bit, and now the foot is in the door. Informal logical fallacies are often handy ways to dispute arguments. I’m rather fascinated by them myself, but a … [Keep Reading]

Los Angeles County supervisors propose wave of new gun control restrictions
Jun 15, 2022
California already dozens of gun control laws on the books, but that’s not stopping supervisors in the state’s most populous county from looking to add even more local restrictions on top of the state’s 10-day waiting period, universal background checks, magazine ban, “assault weapons” ban, red flag law, and the … [Keep Reading]
National Review: GOP should be cautious over Senate deal
 Jun 15, 2022
We’ve spilled a lot of digital ink over the Senate deal of late, but that stands to reason. It’s a bipartisan agreement to pass gun control. Did anyone think we’d just brush this kind of thing off? Of course, we’re not the only ones talking about it. That’s hardly surprising either. … [Keep Reading]
The party that gave us $5 a gallon gasoline now wants to raise the price of AR-15s to $20K 
Jun 15, 2022
More than three dozen House Democrats have signed on to a bill that doesn’t ban AR-15s and other modern sporting rifles outright, but simply ensures that only the wealthiest among us could afford to buy one. It’s an odd position for uber-lefties like Pramila Jayapal, the Washington Democrat who heads the … [Keep Reading]
RI legislature approves mag ban, ban on gun sales to under-21s, and more
Jun 15, 2022
In a lot of ways, Rhode Island is one of the most gun-controlled states in the nation. They have gun control all over the blasted place. The last thing they needed was still more gun control. Yet, in the wake of mass shootings in Uvalde and Buffalo, it seems the state … [Keep Reading]

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