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AT LAST! American Voters’ Alliance and DailyClout — with Phill Kline and Me as Authors — Launch a Dream Clean Elections Model Bill! Just in Time for 2024

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Let’s Save this Nation by Passing this Perfect Model Bill in 50 States

Phill Kline of American Voters’ Alliance, and I at DailyClout, teamed up to draft, with AVA’s lawyers, this model bill to clean up our elections. In my considered opinion, it solves most of the major issues with our current corrupted elections process. This bill, written (this was important to me) in clear and simple English that anyone can understand, takes care of ten serious flaws in our process that, in my view, have meant that since about 2005, when voting machines were introduced everywhere in the US, we really have no idea who has won any election that is digitally counted.

Here it is: Election Transparency, Accountability, and Inclusion Act: Model Law – DailyClout and American Voters’ Alliance – DailyClout

This bill:

Ensures paper ballots (The image above, of a young woman voting with a paper ballot, is from 1964. When you go to stock photos now, there are almost no images of people voting with paper ballots. The act is being erased from cultural memory).

If anyone uses machines, the code must be accessible to inspection

It deters “ballot harvesting”

It ensures voters must show US ID as citizens

It ensures that absentee ballots must be affirmatively requested by the elector and witnessed by a witness who signs the form as well, with address

It gets NGOs and nonprofits (often funded by partisan dark money, or “Zuckbucks”) out of the voting process

Voting is a one day process

The vote is not called til every vote is counted

Vote counting is public (as in our past in the US, when vote counting happened on a raised outside dais in front of everyone in the community)

There is a clear transparent remedy for disputed outcomes

In order to pass this bill in 50 states in time for the Presidential election in November 2024, YOU must download it from DailyClout.io (or AVA) and send it to YOUR state rep, and ask him or her to sponsor it. You will be much more effective if you also get 10, 20 or 50 friends and neighbors your area to sign the letter to your state representative as well, along with their addresses. They will matter to your state rep (as will you) if they and you VOTE, and even more so, vote in off-year elections. HOW you voted is private but the FACT that you voted is available to all politicians who represent you. Constituents who vote in every election (only 18 per cent do) are an unstoppable political force. Say you will help re-elect your state rep (lawn signs, pot lucks with their literature) if he or she sponsors the bill and that you will work to defeat the rep if he or she does not. Request a meeting with the Chief of Staff. These people WORK FOR YOU.

These are very easy steps for YOU to take with a bill that can actually save our nation for good, and thus also help save the world. I cannot do this for you.

I will somehow get myself to any statehouse to which I am invited by a state rep, in order to present this bill. My first stop is Wyoming, Feb 14-16; I was honored to be invited by State Sen Tim Salazar. I will be speaking to him and his colleagues there.

After that, I will travel to any statehouse that invites me, on DailyClout’s dime (with your help, as always, of course).

But I must say: if you do NOT take these simple steps, which again no one else can take for you, to save this country, and if you do not get off the couch, and send this to your state rep with some easy-enough-to-secure signatures and addresses — or even by itself — (it is a totally transpartisan bill, who would object) — I don’t want to hear any more complaints from anyone about what is happening to our nation. I am tired of summer soldiers.

This bill, at last, can actually save us.

Please do your part.

You can download the PDF version HERE: https://dailyclout.io/wp-content/uploads/DailyClout-AVA-Model-Law-1.pdf

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Link to video and article: AT LAST! American Voters’ Alliance and DailyClout — with Phill Kline and Me as Authors — Launch a Dream Clean Elections Model Bill! Just in Time for 2024 (substack.com)

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida

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