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 Appreciating the Pachyderms

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Press Release

From White Oak Conservation


August Elephants 
August is Asian Elephant Appreciation Month, and we can’t think of a more fitting month to honor these magnificent pachyderms. The word ‘august’ according to the Merriam-Webster© Dictionary website, means “marked by majestic dignity or grandeur.” Seems appropriate.

Did you know that there are only approximately 50,000 Asian elephants left in the wild? Some of the threats they face include habitat loss, human encroachment, and poaching for their tusks and skin. But there are things we can do to help protect these amazing pachyderms, even right here at home:·      Don’t buy ivory or other wildlife products. Currently, it’s illegal in many states, and ivory bans are being considered in several more.·      Be aware of the products you buy. Look for fair-trade or shade-grown coffees. Purchase products that contain sustainably sourced palm oil (there’s a handy-dandy app for that: Palm Oil Scan App)·      Support organizations that are working to stop illegal poaching and protect wild elephant habitats. After all, the world would be a sadder place without these amazing pachyderms.

The elephants here at White Oak are doing well. They have continued to settle into their new home and explore their habitat daily. If they aren’t hanging out in the woods, they can be found at the lake taking a bath. Check out this video of Luna enjoying a swim and looking very, as they say, ‘august.’ 

2022 Update

Want to learn more about how our elephants are doing? Here’s a link to our 2022 Elephant Update. 

581705 White Oak Road, Yulee, FL 32097  l  904-225-3396  l  www.whiteoakwildlife.org 

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