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Alligator Creek – Unsafe Levels of E. Coli

Water Quality Alert was issued

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By Matt Decker


On August 12th, 2022, a Water Quality Alert was issued by the St. Marys Riverkeeper to avoid swimming and fishing in Nassau County’s Alligator Creek (Map). Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) testing revealed elevated concentrations of E. Coli. Contact with E. Coli can result in sickness.

Concentrations of E. Coli were found to be at 1,033 CFU/100ml (Colony Forming Units) on August 3rd and 1,233 CFU/100ml on August 9th. These concentrations are in excess of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) safe recommended level of 235 CFU/100ml. The EPA advises against contact with water with concentrations of above 600 CFU/100ml.

The creek will continue to be monitored by Nassau County, the City of Fernandina Beach, and the FDEP.

Matthew Decker is a Co-Founder of Citizens Journal Florida, having set up some of the technical and social media infrastructure. He also developed sourcing for some of its municipal government and business content. He is an Aerospace Engineer by trade. He has worked in NGO’s performing civic activities. He originally hails from Ventura, CA.

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