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Press Release

By Nassau County Citizens Defending Freedom


This is from a conversation with a friend this week. 
Question: Will the school board approve the massive tax increase?  
My Response: Did you call or email them? 
Answer: Well no….
My answer: Well then it will pass, because you and no one else called or said anything.

Nassau County School Board is exercising their ability to tax you at the highest possible level. They have the power to adjust the tax downward and still give teachers a big raise with millions left over. They vote on September 11th at 6:30 at the school board meeting.

YOU can change the vote if you TAKE ACTION NOW. Let your opinion be heard. Click the link below to send an email to the school board. You can customize this email any way you like before sending. Please share your opinion.


Your opinion has an even stronger impact if you also call them. Their phone numbers are below.

Nassau County School Board Members
Lissa Braddock   904-507-9522      [email protected]
Gail Cook       904 261-9127  [email protected]
Shannon Hogue   904-556-1568  [email protected]
Cynthia Grooms 904-845-8105     [email protected]
Curtis Gaus     904-887-9071  [email protected]

This tax assessment will be approved by the School Board at their Board Budget Hearing on September 11th at 6:30pm at the District Office. If you are dissatisfied with a 38% tax increase and want to stop the School Board from approving this, send emails and call the School Board members and share your opinions and come to Board Meeting and speak out. If we don’t make ALL our voices heard this will be approved and your will pay a very substantial tax increase.
Why would the Nassau County School District (NCSD) and the Nassau County School Board (NCSB) promote the 1 millage referendum voted on last year, as generating $13.7 million dollars for the school system when it actually generates $29.8 million dollars MORE over last year? The millage rate increase plus property value increases cause the 1 millage increase to raise much more than was represented. The numbers above are the facts. Look at your Notice of Proposed Taxes for confirmation of your proposed tax increase.

The School Board still has the opportunity to vote for a lower base millage rate to generate the $13.7 million they said that they needed for teachers, safety, health, athletics and the arts .
If you want the NCSB to actually vote for a millage rate that generates a $13.7 million increase, there is still time. You can ask them to adjust the millage rate downward. Selling the 1 millage as generating $13.7, and then having it generate $29.8 million is not right.

News reports represented $13.7 million (or less) over and over. Florida Politics Nassau for Great Public Schools News 4 Jax

The Nassau County School District (NCSD) pulled on the heart strings of the public to increase teachers’ and they are continuing that rhetoric even today claiming that state revenues are going down – when they are NOT. Your state school tax revenues are going up also.
They are saying that state funding is going down when dollars are actually going up.
The graphic below is from the school district web site. The graphic implies that the state is cutting revenues. When state revenues are UP year after year. The Nassau school district graphic shows the millage rate dropping – not revenues.

 Property Appraiser Mike Hickox warned in October 2022 that the proposed increase by the school district to the public was a substantial increase in taxes. Now that you can see the year-over-year dollar increase of $29.8 million, you have to question why did they advertise $13.7 million?

Note that the City of Fernandina Beach and the Nassau County Commission BOTH reduced their millage rates this year – and still generated more revenues because of higher property values. The school system does not need such a massive increase. Pay the teachers – but this is over the top.

Nassau – Citizens Defending Freedom is a huge supporter of our Nassau Teachers! Thanks for coming back to teach another year! We need you!

Click here to find resources on volunteering in our public schools, knowing what to look for and, knowing the alternatives

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