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A Truck Load of Election Data Exposures – Selection Code Movie a Key Component

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Press Release

By Jack Knocke


Over the past several weeks information has been pouring out on a number of election related fronts – all seem to be centered around “control” of the people and the message.  It is a staggering story that we see nationally and in our local community.  Below are highlights of some of the national and local  issues and local implications and actions necessary.


  • The local negative campaigning has been off the charts this cycle.  How can it be so important to candidates to seemingly destroy their opponent to get elected, rather than get elected based on their beliefs and positions and meeting the voters.    
  • Locally there has been much shared regarding PAC money coming from Tallahassee, out of state and from Nassau county sources.  That is concerning.
  • We have one Nassau County  school board candidate who was signed up, campaigned and then disqualified at the last minute due to redistricting.  Redistricting was known and measurable so this should never have happened.   This situation caused the seat to go uncontested to the incumbent.  This process is broken.  A good candidate was prevented from running for a seat on the school board.
  • While those who pay attention have had opportunities to meet candidates, most voters have not met candidates and don’t know their positions. That is unfortunate.
  • Vote!  That is our best tool to elect leaders who represent US – the People – freedom, truth, transparency, honesty.  We do not need leaders who seek to protect “the political engine” or “special interests”. 

Election machines

  • The movie 2000 Mules demonstrated clear proof that the election was manipulated and changed by ballot traffickers.  They likely created ballots from “dormant” voters on the voter rolls.
  • You may say that the election fraud is “in other states” or “other counties” or “someone else’s machines”, but do you know?  Our ES&S machines are known as the most hackable of all election machines.  ALL vendor election machines have been proven to have the SAME control processes used and documented proof of manipulated results reported.  You can Google search “ES&S election machine problems”.  Some articles are still up.  There have been proven issues for over 10 years.  I make no accusations of our SOE or the team.  The manipulation can happen without their knowledge.  They/we need to be diligent in analyzing the data.
  • ES&S Machines come pre-configured with cellular networking built in.  Are they here?  Don’t know yet.  Did certification testing test for cellular signals?  I don’t know.
  • The PIT hosted last weekend by Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips shared an astounding amount of election manipulation information being housed and controlled by a foreign country.  They identified vendors, data, and software.  The findings were horrific.  Stay tuned. 
  • The Selection Code movie came out this weekend.  You can actually watch it online before our watch party next week.  They cover the fraud, manipulation, misinformation, media manipulation, law enforcement overreach, how the machines are manipulated and remotely controlled and more.  You will still want to see the movie  next Thursday in person.  We have experts after the movie next week who will give you the back story and insights that you will want to know.   It is deeper than you thought and so many things are linked.

Voter Rolls

  • Nassau County voter rolls includes 74,000 voters.  We have roughly 94,000 residents.  We have roughly 18,500 residents under 18.  That leaves us with roughly 1500 people in the county not registered to vote.  Should that be concerning?
  • Nassau county sent 19,000 mail in ballots out in this primary cycle. 

Law enforcement

  • Law enforcement did not initially prosecute anyone – mules, NGOs or organizers – based on the 2000 Mules movie proof, data provided and their outreach to law enforcement to assist.  The mules team had to bypass federal and state law enforcement (nonresponsive) and go to local Sheriffs to investigate, make the case and prosecute.
  • Law enforcement arrested Tina Peters in Colorado for proving that election machine data was used to manipulate votes (Selection Code Movie)
  • When proof of election machine control by outside forces and manipulated software was presented by the 2000 Mules team to law enforcement, law enforcement sought to arrest those reporting the problem rather than the offenders – sound familiar?  The release of this PIT information has been slowed due to law enforcement actions against patriots.
  • A city commissioner accused me at a CRA Executive Board meeting of criminal activity by violating Sunshine Laws in my role on a city advisory board.  All authorities agree there was breach of the law and NO criminal activity.  Looks like a pattern.


Local Action

  • We should seek transparency in all of government – especially our elections.  Elected officials should be totally supportive of that ask.
  • Governor DeSantis announced last week that all 2020 Election Data must be preserved.  That helps each county!
  • We will be requesting the election data from 2020 and the 2022 elections in order to be sure that our election is accurate
  • We make no accusations against anyone.  We only seek to verify.  Trust but Verify.
  • Ask your local elected officials if they have seen 2000 Mules, if they plan to watch Selection Code or if they are concerned with election integrity.
  • We should have a regular conservative article in OUR local newspaper.  Ask your editor if they will support this. 
  • Get involved with County Citizens Defending Freedom (CCDF).  We are building a team of local people to respectfully and effectively drive transparency, support freedom, identify breaches of freedom, protect our children and families and protect our County to protect our Country.
  • Attend our Selection Code watch party on Thursday , September 1st.  You will hear from experts on how all of this impacts us right here in Nassau County and what we can do about it.

Thanks for all of your interest and support.  Spread the word! 


Common Sense Fernandina Beach

County Citizens Defending Freedom – Nassau County

Jack Knocke

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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