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A Little Humor is in Order- 2-3-23

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Above: U.S. Tanks In Ukraine Already Destroyed After Being Easily Recognized By Their Rainbow Camouflage

Just Saying: Currently the only secure documents in Washington DC appear to be Jeffrey Epstein’s client list and Barack Obama’s college transcripts.- Dave Scott

It was hard to decide whether to classify the following as news Opinion/humor. We opted for the latter, even though it appears to be true:

This one’s true too, at least true that Biden said that, even though what he said was false, but it was so funny that we put it here, too:

President Joe Biden announced Thursday his top economic adviser, Brian Deese, would be stepping down.

The president did not say when Deese would be leaving the White House. He also didn’t name a replacement.

“Brian has a unique ability to translate complex policy challenges into concrete actions that improve the lives of American people. He has helped steer my economic vision into reality, and managed the transition of our historic economic recovery to steady and stable growth,” Biden said in a statement.

Still more combination news/humor :-):


The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida

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