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A Journey on the St. Johns River: Where the River Meets the Ocean

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By St John’s Water Management District


From downtown Jacksonville to Mayport, the St. Johns River is an estuarine environment, home to animals that you’d expect to see in the brackish waters where fresh and ocean waters meet: dolphins, sharks, crabs, and even sea turtles are not uncommon. 

The St. Johns River is concluding its journey where, after 310 miles, it meets the ocean. Since its headwaters in Indian River County, the river has intertwined with people who live and depend on it, with our actions tied to the quality of the water and the animals that rely on it. By the time the St. Johns has reached Jacksonville, it’s a river shaped by the millions of people living upstream throughout a drainage basin that covers one-fifth of Florida. 

The work of the St. Johns River Water Management District in this region includes monitoring water quality and quantity, leading projects to benefit the agency’s core missions to protect water resources, as well as providing cost-share funding to local governments for projects focused on improving the health of the river.

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