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🎃 C&C NEWS ☙ Monday, October 31, 2022 ☙ PIRATE SYNDROME 🎃

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning and Happy Halloween, C&C! I’m pouring an extra cup this morning, since my late-night underwear hammer-wrestling session ran long. In today’s spooky roundup: the NIH starts testing Paxlovid for long covid; new Swedish study finds lots of subclinical cardiac damage after jabs; new study finds jab spike in shingles blisters; WEF says you should own no car and be happy; journal editor resigns after deaths threats from publishing study critical of jabs; and Joe Biden has a great suggestion for coping with inflation.


🪖 Okay, dammit, I guess we’ll just have to do this ourselves. Referring to Friday’s post, the first step toward building our “hub” platform for documenting covid crimes and evidence will be to draft a ‘specification’ describing how we want the web and mobile app to work. Then we’ll use the specification so that the software designers. If you have strong experience writing software specifications, and want to help, email Suzette at my office: suzette.witt at smartbizlaw.com.

If you’re a software designer and really want to help, you could send in your thoughts, database designs, or even screen mockups based on what I described on Friday, to help build the specification.


🎃 Reuters ran an eerie story Friday headlined, “U.S. Government To Test Pfizer’s Paxlovid for Long Covid.”

One of the most vexing things about “long covid” is how hard it is to even diagnose the darn thing. Reuters called long covid a “complex medical condition” involving “more than 200 symptoms ranging from exhaustion and cognitive impairment to pain, fever and heart palpitations that can last for months and even years following” covid infection.

Two hundred symptoms! That’s a lot. And some of them are pretty hair-raising. One alarming Daily Mail UK article that I covered a few months back reported long covid can shrink your cucumber. So. Long covid, short cucumber.

Even worse, they still don’t know exactly what causes long covid, or how to test for it. They’re baffled. Even though they knew EVERYTHING THERE WAS about the novel coronavirus and whipped up a brand-new vaccine at the speed of science, it’s taking time to figure this long covid thing out. Reuters says “a leading theory” is that “fragments of the virus persist in the tissues,” somehow.

‘Fragments’ could be any part of the virus, who knows. Like the spike protein, to pick a random example. Those fragments somehow ‘persist’, just like they were secured in lipid nanoparticles or something, or maybe they somehow got into the ‘tissues’ — like cells — are are manufacturing the ‘fragments’ — spike protein — using, oh, I don’t know, mRNA or something.

I’m just spitballing here. We simply don’t know.

Reuters says the NIH got ahold of a BILLION DOLLARS to study long covid, and so — OF COURSE — in a double-blinded, completely-unbiased selection process, they studiously and without ANY outside influence whatsoever picked PFIZER as the lucky winner! So they will study Pfizer’s unapproved Paxlovid drug, to see if that one might help with long covid.

You never know!

Look, I know it all looks very sus and shady, but I think it’s great. After all, Paxlovid has been PROVEN to work; it works super well for people infected with covid. I mean, hasn’t it? Okay, technically, there aren’t any independent studies showing efficacy or anything, and it’s true Pfizer has never run the clinical trials needed for Paxlovid’s non-emergency approval, and granted there’re tons of anecdotal reports that folks got covid TWICE after taking it, and of course new studies show it can cause fatal blood clots, but APART FROM THAT it works terrific!

Well. Probably.

Anyway, when — oops! I mean “if,” of course — IF the NIH finds Paxlovid works on long covid, then twice-lucky Pfizer will strike it rich with ANOTHER multi-billion-dollar government sole-source purchase order buying up a drug that nobody’s going to take, except of course people who probably should see a shrink rather than the pharmacist.

🎃 A blockbuster Swedish study presented at a recent European medical conference was titled “Significant incidence of myocarditis after 3rd dose of anti-COVID 19 messenger RNA vaccine” (translated).

The study’s authors summarized its four main points:

* Before this study, there were no prospective data on myocardial lesions after vaccination with an mRNA vaccine. Only the most severe myocarditis hospitalized cases have been reported, mostly affecting men under the age of 18.

* The authors found the actual incidence of post-vaccine myocardial lesions occurred in a whopping 2.8% of all participants, way more than the statistically-insignificant 0.0035% of myocarditis claimed in other retrospective studies.

* The myocardial lesions affected women (3.7%) more than men (0.8%) — the reverse of what has been described in previous studies.

* Therefore, the authors concluded, repeated doses of the vaccine should taken only with great caution, due to possible repeated myocardial lesions, and their effects on possible future cardiovascular complications.

Whereas ‘myocarditis’ merely refers generally to inflammation of the heart muscle, the Swedish researchers looked specifically for permanent cardiac damage in the form of scarring or ‘myocardial lesions’. They detected the lesions by measuring vaccine recipients’ troponin levels before and after each jab (and later compared their results to available statistics on admissions for chest pain).

The results point to what has been long-suspected: that a lot of jab takers have ‘subclinical’ heart damage, which isn’t acute enough to prompt them into the hospital, or to go see their doctor, but nevertheless will lower their life expectancies, maybe dramatically.

And this is just ONE jab side effect out of a long-list of observed problems, like pirate syndrome (blinking one eye). Okay, I made that name up, but I think it’s pretty descriptive.

We’ve seen lots of other problems besides pirate syndrome, too. Like, shingles.

🎃 Researchers are finally starting to get the idea about where all these new epidemics might be coming from. An August study about post-jab shingles was titled “Persistent varicella zoster virus infection following mRNA

COVID-19 vaccination was associated with the presence of encoded spike protein in the lesion.”

The scientists took a look at a poor guy who got a terribly painful case of shingles lasting for more than three months — after he got his safe and effective mRNA jab. So the researchers took skin samples from his shingles blisters and tested them. For spike. And guess what?

They found that the poor guy’s shingles blisters were LOADED with spike protein. And not just ANY spike. Specifically the jab spike. Or, as the researchers put it: “Strikingly, the vaccine-encoded spike protein of the COVID-19 virus was expressed in the vesicular keratinocytes and endothelial cells in the dermis.”

In other words, they found jab-encoded spike in his SKIN. Right where it isn’t supposed to be. Remember: they PROMISED that it would stay right in the injection site, where it would gently teach the body to make outdated antibodies, and then completely vanish within a few hours after it had done its job.

Ha. Wrong again. They need to talk to THIS poor sucker.

The researchers concluded, “Further vigilance of the vaccine side effect and investigation for the role of [spike protein] is warranted.”

Now that there’s a test for jab-specific spike, the cat is out of the blood bag. Test it all!

🎃 You might have missed a sinister Fox story a couple months back headlined “World Economic Forum Calls to Reduce Private Vehicles by Eliminating ‘Ownership’.” Not that anyone cares what the creepy WEFfers think at this point, but the story highlights the magnificent absurdity of the times we are living in.

Here’s how their logic works. According to the article, it’s not that they WANT to take our cars away, per se. They want us all to use ELECTRIC cars, to heroically rescue the planet from the unspeakable horror of climate change. But scientists say there’s not enough lithium on the planet to build all the car batteries we’d need to replace everyone’s gas-fueled cars.

To the WEF, that’s a problem. For normal people whose brains function within tolerable sanity limits, it’s no problem at all. We say, let hobbyists and futurists and high-tech car fans buy the electric cars, and leave the rest of us and our gas and diesel vehicles alone.

But since nobody likes its retarded ideas, the WEF wants to MANDATE electric cars. In other words, its widdle feewings are hurt and it wants big-state daddy to MAKE us play its demented games, like … car sharing!

According to Fox, the WEF argued that the average vehicle in England is driven “just 4% of the time.” That is a problem to the WEF, which sees everything — including humans — as inefficiently-utilized resources. What the WEF geniuses fail to calculate is that, the more you drive a car, the faster it wears out. Even kids understand that.

But for the WEF, it’s just buzzword salad and facile business slogans like ‘things I learned in kindergarten!’ Now you see where they were always going with that stupid book. If kindergartners were so smart, they’d be running things. Wait. Maybe that’s the WEF’s problem.

Anyway, while the elites will keep driving their fleets of bulletproof luxury humvees, you’ll have to share a bunch of crappy electric cars with random strangers who have no incentive to keep the vehicles clean or in good working order. These ‘shared cars’ are going to smell funkier than a heavily-used rental car, except probably worse.

And since they’ve abandoned all rational incentives in favor of full-on mandates, they’ll have to paste on law after law, to prop up their stupid car-sharing programs and make them palatable, until we get to the point that it’ll be the death penalty for losing a french fry down the crack between the seat and the center console.

And don’t even get me started on how they can cut off your shared electric car whenever they want. You won’t even know where it is, or who’s driving it, never mind what you might have said wrong on Facebook to make it refuse to come pick you up.

So I say, No Thank You. The WEF can keep the shareable cars. Look, I love people and stuff, but I want my OWN. I don’t WANT to share my car with other people, especially people who might catch monkeypox. In the car. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but there’s a LOT wrong with that.

🎃 The editor of the scientific journal ‘Food and Chemical Toxicology’ has resigned, after receiving death threats for publishing an April 2022 study titled, “Innate immune suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccinations: The role of G-quadruplexes, exosomes, and MicroRNAs.”

The study included a handy chart showing how the wide array of side effects that we’re seeing can all come from the same mRNA injection:

In his resignation letter, the editor explained, “I do not regret having published the Review. Since then it has been a headache for me. My name has been object of the harshest criticism including strong language in Internet. I have received e-mails of activists pro-vaccination requesting the immediate retraction of the paper.”

Who are these crazy people? Who is such a fan of mRNA medicines that they get so enraged at a mildly critical and highly-technical conclusion in a bland scientific article in a random journal? So furious that they figure out who the editor is, find his personal email address, and threaten his and his family’s lives?

Does that seem right to you? That people are SO emotionally invested in mRNA medicine that they can’t stand the thought that anyone, anywhere, disagrees with them? And feel so powerfully emotional about it that they send people death threats? About an iffy, hastily-made medicine for a cold-like virus?

People need to chill out. The mRNA vaccines aren’t like sports teams to be “loyal” to. They’re not celebrities to fall in love with. They’re poorly-designed, for-profit drugs that are injuring a lot of folks, to the point that it’s become nearly undeniable. Mark my words, we’re about ten seconds away from hearing corporate media echoing, “all drugs have side effects.”

Science! Shut up! Or else.

🔥 Biden has a simple and elegant proposal for Americans suffering from runaway inflation: Just buy a cheaper brand, dummy.

RNC Research @RNCResearch

Joe Biden suggests the record increases in food prices aren’t that big of a deal because “you’re going to see [people] buying other raisin bran.”


12:28 AM ∙ Oct 28, 20225,915Likes2,459Retweets

See, that’s why Biden makes the big bucks! For coming up with terrific ideas like that one, ideas you could never have thought of by yourself, not in a million years.

You should be thanking him.

Have a magnificent Monday! I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow for more.

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