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☕️ ZLOCHEVSKY’S DOG ☙ Saturday, July 22, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Welcome to the Weekend Edition, and good morning, C&C! After following the recommended protocol yesterday, I was back to feeling 90% normal by dinnertime. Now I’m just a little sleep-deprived, and grateful for all the well-wished. So I’m back in the saddle, and your roundup this morning includes: Major moves in the Biden Bribery case as Republicans release unredacted FBI witness form;  Jamie Foxx posts his first post-incident proof of life video and proves somebody murdered the paparazzi; Congress plans its first big public UFO disclosure hearing to “get to the bottom” of things; Twitter’s Community Notes feature is working properly; another heartrending child de-transitioning story; and Governor DeSantis announces an official investigation into a woke beer company.


🔥 Yesterday, Fox News ran a story headlined, “Five Most Significant Allegations Against the Bidens in FBI FD-1023 Form.” The sub-headline explained, “Sen. Chuck Grassley made public an unclassified version of the FD-1023 containing the bribery allegations.”

On Thursday, Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), 89, released a nearly completely unredacted version of the FBI’s previously ultra-top-secret FD-1023 witness form, which described how Burisma founder and Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky paid $5,000,000 each to then-Vice President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, as a bribe to get Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired.

Cash captured by Ukrainian law enforcement right around the time Joe Biden was helping Ukrainian oligarchs get out of legal trouble

Look at all the evidence that the FBI has long held in its redaction-inkstained hands:

— Biden spectacularly arranged for Shokin to be immediately fired, without the prosecutor ever being accused of any wrongdoing, and using a U.S. aid package as leverage, which together is evidence of an official government act that appears to support no other legitimate U.S. interest.

— At the time, prosecutor Shokin had just issued an order to seize all of Burisma founder and bribemaster Zlochevsky’s property in Kiev, so there’s a clear motive.

— The FD-1023 confidential source form revealed evidence that the FBI has covered up for years, which describes in very specific and confirmable detail a substantial bribe connected with an official act by Biden.

— There is also plenty of after-the-fact evidence that money flowed to Hunter Biden consistent with the alleged deal, such as when Hunter was put on Burisma’s “board” with a million-dollar salary, for not doing any work.  It appears the “board” was made up of Zlochevsky and Hunter. That’s it.

— According to the FBI’s source, Zlochevsky once remarked that Hunter was dumber than his dog. So crack-addled Hunter clearly wasn’t on the two-man “board” because of his brains.

— Hunter insisted that his dad, Joe, get free mint chip ice cream for life whenever he was in Kiev on a hair-sniffing expedition. (Okay, I made that one up.)

The rest of the list is as serious a catalogue of damning evidence as it ever gets, and we haven’t even seen all of the evidence yet. More is expected to be released in hearings this week.  But in spite of how bad things are looking, corporate media has been completely silent about this story. Not one single word about the unredacted 1023 form graced the websites of the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, the Associated Press, the New York Times, or the Washington Post.

It’s almost like the Biden Administration has complete control over corporate media or something.

Fox News reported that a former DOJ intelligence chief agrees with me, that the evidence is more than strong enough to call for a complete criminal investigation and probably a special counsel appointment. We obviously can’t trust the FBI to do it.

Here’s how the Fox story played out on Hannity:

image 10.png

Compare and contrast the way the FBI buried-and-forgot the Biden Bribery evidence against the way it promptly convened a massive, all-hands-on-deck investigation into the ridiculous allegations against President Trump in Hilary Clinton’s obviously-fabricated Steele dossier, an investigation bursting with agents and completed with official wiretapping, honeypotting, embedding, and scads of FISA searches.

Now rationally explain to me why the two situations were treated so differently. I bet even Zlochevsky’s dog could see there’s no difference at all. Actually, the Biden Bribery case seems to be more like Schroedinger’s Cat than Zlochevsky’s dog, because corporate media seems to think it only exists if someone becomes aware of it.

You can read the four-page FBI form for yourself here, and you probably should: https://twitter.com/charliekirk11/status/1682083276633313280

💉 Speaking of evidence, some good news emerged yesterday that Jamie Foxx is finally recovering. He’s alive! Looking thin and a bit haggard, the actor posted a sometimes strange three-minute selfie update to his Instagram page yesterday, including jokes about pulling his face mask off and (not) being a clone. Here’s the complete version:

It was nice to hear from the accomplished actor, and we are delighted that he may be back to acting again soon. But noticeably absent from his update were any details about the mysterious medical incident that put him out of commission in the first place, even though he described it as going “to hell and back.”

He said a couple things it wasn’t, like he’s not blind and he’s not paralyzed. But after that, nothing.

Even more than I would like to know what put Jamie in the hospital, I would like to know where they have stashed all the paparazzi. Three years ago, intrepid tabloid reporters would have microscopically covered every single rumor, fact, and innuendo about Jamie’s health journey. They would have disguised themselves as nurses’ assistants and taken candid photos using fake stethoscopes with embedded cameras. They would have hidden in dumpsters behind the hospital and leapt out, photos blazing, just as Jamie was loaded into his physical therapy van.  They would have rented cloud-colored hot air balloons and hovered over the Foxx estate for days, peeing into milk cartons, eyes glued to long-distance telescoping lenses.

But these days … nothing. Especially nothing about celebrity mystery illnesses.

It’s not surprising the celebrity news hounds haven’t been more missed. And I’m not saying we need to mount a rescue mission to get them back or anything. I’d just like to know who had the juice to make all the paparazzi suddenly and unexpectedly disappear.

You can’t find much about it, but you can find it if you look for it:


Where have all the paparazzi gone? Was it really just “the recession,” the recession that the Biden Administration denies exists? I think somebody marooned all the real paparazzi on Epstein’s deserted island a/k/a “Hell on Earth”, that’s what I think. Or maybe it’s somewhere even worse like Nancy Pelosi’s guest house.

Anyway, it seems somebody doesn’t want them poking around and taking pictures of disabled celebrities. So buh bye.

🔥 Despite dismissing RFK, Jr. as a scratched-at-the-post non-starter who never even had a chance of being a “real candidate” against Joe Biden in the democrat primary, the democrats sure seem pretty worried about the unlikely contender. Earlier this week, when RFK came to Congress to testify about censorship, the democrats hysterically tried to stop him from speaking.

image 2.png

In other words, they censored him. At the censorship hearing. Brilliant! No hearing needed! Case closed.

Specifically, on Thursday Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) moved to shift the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government hearing out of public session into private executive session “because Mr. Kennedy has repeatedly made despicable anti-Semitic and anti-Asian comments as recently as last week.”

So he shouldn’t be allowed to talk!

Schultz was referring to RFK’s private comment at a fundraising dinner last week that some discrete ethnic groups appear to be immune to serious covid injuries, including the Chinese, Ashkenazi jews, and the Amish. Loosely speaking, those groups’ ACE2 receptors are incompatible with spike protein, unlike in European caucasians and African Americans, who are the most susceptible. Kennedy didn’t just make it up, I was able to find a half-dozen studies concluding the same, and other studies showing worse covid outcomes for caucasians and black people.

So the accusations of racism and antisemitism against RFK for noticing the undeniable fact that covid targets Western ethnicities are eerily similar to when the democrats accused President Trump of being a racist and xenophobe for noticing the undeniable fact that covid came from China. Or Chyna, whichever. The Wuhan flu.

After Representative Schultz made her mind-numbingly-long motion complaining at length about Kennedy’s commonsense remark about covid possibly having been designed to target specific ethnic groups, Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) successfully moved to table Schultz’s motion, and then Kennedy testified about censorship — and not about covid being an ethnic bioweapon.

After Kennedy began speaking, he held up a letter signed by 102 Democrats, including Wasserman Schultz, which ironically demanded the Republicans disinvite Kennedy from testifying at the censorship hearing at all.  “This itself is evidence of the problem that this hearing was convened to address. This is an attempt to censor a censorship hearing,” Kennedy correctly and ironically pointed out.

During his remarks, RFK explained, “They had to make up a new term to censor people like me: mal-information… mal-information is information that is true but is inconvenient to the government.”

Here’s Kennedy’s complete nine-minute opening statement:

image 3.png

👽 UFO fans were delighted to find out this week that the House Oversight Committee intends to hold a public hearing on unidentified flying objects — including live witness testimony from whistleblowers — next Wednesday, July 26th. But not everyone is happy about it; NASA and the Pentagon have informed the Committee that, because lawmakers are taking public top-secret information about non-existent aliens, the agencies will no longer cooperate; they’re out.

So long, and thanks for all the fish, or something,

Representative Tim Burchett explained, “We’re going to get to the bottom of it, dadgum it. We’re done with the cover-up.” He really said “dadgum it.” The press conference video, below, runs 23:00 minutes, so it’s mostly for UFOlogists.

image 4.png

Whew. I’m glad they’re finally going to get to the bottom of this controversy. I for one am looking forward to having everything resolved and wrapped-up after next Wednesday, one way or the other.

Being serious, I find all the post-pandemic, official interest in UFO’s to be extremely curious, if not fascinating. Personally, I do not believe in UFO’s for religious reasons, but also for the scientific reason that fine tuning suggests it’s nearly impossible for there to be any other life in the Universe. But lots of folks disagree and the issue continues to draw great public interest.

There’s an even bigger story here somewhere that I’ve been picking at, about how mass hysteria appears to have trickled out of the covid pandemic down into other mind viruses like transexual issues, UFOs, climate change, and a stubborn belief that an Alzheimer’s patient is a good pick to run the country. I’m not quite ready to write about it yet, but stand by.

🔥 One of the best things Elon Musk did after buying Twitter was to create the “Community Notes” feature, whereby approved volunteer editors who must first prove they are reasonably fair, can add “notes” to tweets, and then vote the notes up or down. After enough favorable votes, Twitter displays a crowdsourced “fact check,” with the results frequently being either hilarious, or deeply embarrassing to the original author.

For example, this week silly, woke social media gadfly Harry Sisson tried lying about a recent Nebraska criminal case, to make it appear evil conservatives were locking up innocent girls for accessing health care. The community was not kind:

image 5.png

🔥 Fox ran another child de-transitioner’s story yesterday, and like the others, it will tug at your heart’s strings.

image 7.png

Kobe said he had always felt effeminate but didn’t to be gay. So at age 11, the young man informed his shocked parents that he was transgender. Nothing happened for a couple years, but then when he was 13, Kobe said, older trans people he met online secretly taught him (and other kids) how to “play the suicide card” on his parents to get them to agree to his hormone treatments.

Kobe explained:

“I started using, like, ‘the suicide tactics,’ because that’s what they are. That’s what they tell us all to do… I don’t want to use the word groom, but we are like taught. I guess the older transpeople teach us to say that stuff to get the health care and everything. And I mean, there were times when I thought I was genuinely suicidal over gender dysphoria, but I think it was all just stuff that was in my head. I don’t think I would have ever been suicidal about being biologically male if I had never been exposed to that stuff.”

He should’ve gone ahead and used the word, “groom.”

Faced with his threats of self-harm, Kobe’s parents reluctantly agreed he could start taking puberty blockers at 13. By his sixteenth birthday, Kobe was taking estrogen. Later he began preparatory bottom surgery by having his testicles removed, which also stopped his body from producing testosterone.

“I was expecting it to help me with my mental health, but it didn’t do anything. I just wasted so much time and all I did really was become a medical patient for life,” Kobe explained. Now the young man says he must be regularly tested for osteoporosis. He now has chronic spinal pain, his growth is “permanently stunted,” he has lost most sexual sensation, he is infertile, has constant brain fog that causes him to often lose his train of thought in the middle of a sentence, and has permanent difficulty urinating. 

The young man said the “affirming” treatments never actually improved his mental health. Just the opposite; they made him worse: psychotic and depressed to the point of actual suicide. And the trans ideology completely overtook his life to the exclusion of anything else that might have been good or worthwhile. Kobe explained that during “the time I lived as trans, I had no hobbies or interests, I had nothing really. It was just becoming this caricature of a woman and everything that’s based around that.” 

I’d like to modestly propose that any doctor providing children ‘safe and effective’ affirming treatments should be first required to undergo the exact same treatments themselves. I mean, it’s important that the doctors can relate to what the children are going through. Since all these treatments are — allegedly — reversible, the doctors can also have the reverse treatment later, to be consistent with whatever they think their gender is.

Who’s with me?

🔥 Finally, yesterday Governor DeSantis announced that the State of Florida, which is a significant investor in beer giant Anheuser-Busch, will now investigate the woke corporation for mismanagement that breached the company’s duties to shareholders and injured the state’s investment portfolio.

image 8.png

Budweiser’s “going broke” phase may have only just begun.

Oh! In related news, Disney wasn’t exactly having a great week, either. From the Wall Street Journal:

image 11.png

Have a wonderful weekend! C&C will be back on Monday morning with a terrific roundup to kick your week off right.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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