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☕️ WISHY WASHY ☙ Wednesday, March 29, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning C&C, it’s Wednesday! Your roundup today includes: O’Keefe is back as OMG drops its first investigate video; Ed Dowd estimates the economic cost of jab injuries and Reuters’ fact-check fails; no news – again – about Trump’s indictment; new data from hermit kingdom Western Australia shows best jab correlation yet; and an uplifting parenting video from your new favorite black-church pastor.


🔥 Yesterday, the O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) released its very first investigative video. The ten minute clip features James O’Keefe striding purposefully through rural neighborhoods and down a dirt roads, maybe to show he doesn’t have access to any transportation since the black cars stayed at Project Veritas. Those scenes were suspensefully spliced together with a few shots of James ringing doorbells and chatting briefly with some very surprised Biden donors.

If it weren’t James O’Keefe, the video would be hard to get through, but he carries the scene, and the subject matter is potential political dynamite.

The gist, or nub, is that OMG worked with a volunteer election integrity group to identify a potentially massive money laundering operation using ActBlue, the democrat alternative to WinRed.

In the video, James said that the elections group had discovered a number of very odd transactions: elderly residential donors who made unbelievable numbers of small donations totaling up to hundreds of thousands of dollars each. One of the folks would have had to donate three times a day for a year to make up the numbers. Another resident, who told James they maybe gave $1,000 a year to ActBlue, shows up on the FEC database as having given $230,000.

O’Keefe Media Group @OKeefeMedia

BREAKING: O’Keefe Media Group Uncovers Potential MASSIVE Money Laundering into Political Campaigns #FollowTheMoney


2:22 AM ∙ Mar 29, 202334,339Likes14,080Retweets

I looked up some details on ActBlue’s website. It turns out that, when you give money to a particular candidate using ActBlue, your donation shows up on the FEC website with ‘ActBlue’ as the recipient — not the candidate. You can click a little arrow and find more information that shows the person who actually got the money.

Here’s how ActBlue explained how to look up donations on the FEC website, and how to confirm your money went to the intended place:

I wonder if OMG is missing another problem. By burying the actual recipient’s name in the ‘Memo’ line, ActBlue makes it very hard to search the FEC website and find out who gave to a particular candidate, or how much. It’s a lot of money, too, since ActBlue’s own example for 2017-2018 showed $830 MILLION DOLLARS “conduited” through the leftist platform:

I’d assume the total is a LOT more now. That’s a ton of obscured donations. Maybe there’s an easy way to search the FEC’s memo box for candidate names, but I couldn’t find it.

But here’s the unstated question that James didn’t explicitly ask, but strongly implied: if a group has a donor’s publicly-available information, could they use ActBlue to impersonate that person and give money “for” them? With a disposable credit card bought for cash from the gas station, and the donor’s name and address, what’s stopping someone from donating in ANYBODY’s name? All you’d really need is a person’s name and address, especially if you targeted elderly retired folks without an employer who aren’t paying close attention:

Assuming that ActBlue doesn’t save the IP address from where particular donations were made (a safe bet) this kind of fraud would be nearly impossible to trace.

In other words, is ActBlue a giant democrat money-laundering operation?

Imagine a 100,000 square-foot commercial laundromat in Kiev called “Slava Ukraini Laundry Service.” A sweaty, cigar-smoking fat man who looks like the slavic version of an out-of-shape Sumo wrestler in a wrinkled XXXL green t-shirt emerges from the steam, flicks a button concealed in a nearby stand holding a dusty Pride flag, and a two-ton washing machine slides aside revealing a staircase going down to a secret underground floor. Down there thousands of shift workers supervised by armed guards make small online donations in ActBlue, one after another, day after day, week after week, year after year, all in the names of elderly democrat donors in the US.

Crazy! It’s probably just another conspiracy theory. Anyway, we await the next OMG installment with great interest.

💉 Last week, former Blackrock exec Ed Dowd crunched the numbers, using the CDC’s own estimates of skyrocketing excess injuries and deaths, to determine that the post-pandemic, above-normal working-age injuries, disabilities, and deaths have cost the U.S. economy about $150 billion so far.

Edward Dowd @DowdEdward

🚨🚨Estimated 2022 US Vaccine Damage Report: Estimated Human Cost: ✅26.6 million Injuries ✅1.36 million Disabilities ✅300k excess deaths Estimated Economic Cost: Total: $147.8 Billion ✅Injuries: $89.9 billion ✅Disabilities: $52.2 billion ✅Excess Deaths: $5.6 Billion


3:17 PM ∙ Mar 28, 20235,688Likes3,624Retweets

Dowd quite rationally attributed the excess injuries and deaths — and their economic cost — to the jabs, since that’s the simplest, most logical explanation. But Reuter’s crack squad of highly-motived “fact checkers” pounced, ignoring the real point and focusing on Dowd’s claim it was the jabs:

Um. Reuters’ headline is totally misleading. Without a close read, the “fact checkers” seem to deny the excess deaths occurred. You have to dig down into the text to find this stark admission from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS):

“And these excess deaths should most certainly not be attributed to specific events or causes – they just represent an overall higher number of deaths in this age group relative to previous years and could be due to any number of different factors (missed COVID-19 deaths, missed emergency care for conditions like heart disease, increases in drug overdose deaths and motor vehicle traffic fatalities, etc.),” NCHS said.

NCHS said that there were 63,141 more deaths in the age group in 2021 compared to 2019; an increase of 44% from 2019 to 2021.

So Reuters quibbled over two ‘facts’: (1) the SIZE of the increase in excess deaths, and (2) the cause, which Reuters admits is officially ‘unknown.’ But SOMETHING caused the excess mortality and morbidity, and the news aggregator only wants to argue about caused it, completely missing the point.

Reuters is useless garbage; maybe worse than useless.

First of all, Reuters compared the wrong figures. Dowd never claimed 84% excess MORTALITY. If anything, Dowd’s report UNDER-estimated excess mortality, using a conservative figure of 23%:

Meanwhile, the mouth-breathing fact-checkers at Reuters quoted a much higher CDC excess mortality figure of 44%, which is +21% higher than Dowd’s number. Reuters obviously didn’t understand Dowd’s argument. Dowd’s 84% figure included injuries and disabilities as WELL AS mortality, which Reuters compared only to mortality.

Reuters’ argument there’s “no evidence” that the deaths were caused by the experimental shots also falls on its face. We can disagree about what constitutes “evidence.” But we must agree that the cause is related to the pandemic somehow.

Reuters pathetically speculated that COVID somehow caused the excess deaths and injuries, even though the death certificates say otherwise. “There is no way to attribute the increase to vaccination or any single specific cause,” NCHS said. “That said, the large increase in COVID deaths (and total deaths) for the latter part of 2021 does coincide with the Delta and Omicron waves.”

It also coincided with the rollout of jab mandates. So.

The NCHS also implicitly admitted in the first quote that it could have been pandemic mitigation causing the excess mortality, through missed medical care, drug overdoses, and so forth.

The point is, we don’t know for sure. Reuters has ‘no evidence’ that the CDC’s guess that covid killed folks through some unknown, disguised mechanism is any better than Dowd’s guess that it was the experimental gene-therapy vaccines.

Dowd also admitted he UNDER-estimated the economic cost, because there are downstream effects from losing all those people from the workforce:

Once again, we see the “fact checkers” are nothing more than pharma shills wearing cheap Halloween reporter costumes. Reuters completely ignored Dowd’s conservative estimate of the massive cost of covid mitigations, regardless of whether caused by vaccines or lockdowns.

🔥 Once again, the news is there’s no news in the Trump indictment story. The Wall Street Journal ran a not-exciting article yesterday headlined, “Trump Grand Jury Won’t Consider Hush-Money Probe Again This Week.”

Crack reporting! The unidentified anonymous sources said nothing was happening and no indictments were issued or even requested. The only reason the Journal had to run this embarrassing non-story is because they hyped it up so much last week.

Carpers will blame President trump for causing this humiliating non-reporting, by initially tweeting two weeks ago that he expected to be arrested. If that’s true, it only evidences Trump’s marketing genius, and how he can still play the media like a banjo ukulele.

They don’t HAVE to take the bait.

💉 Victoria, Australia’s Umbrella News ran a story last week headlined “How the ‘Hermit Kingdom’ Became the World’s Control Group for the Largest Vaccination Trial Ever.”

Usually the media refers to North Korea as the “hermit kingdom,” but here the term is referring to Western Australia. Australia is a giant oblong desert so hostile that almost nothing can survive. The people who live Down Under mostly live clustered near the coasts, where there is access to water. The Eastern Coast includes the most well-known cities like Melbourne and Sydney. Darwin sticks up on the North Coast, and is an important naval center.

There’s virtually nothing civilized at all in the middle of Australia except a tiny town called Alice Springs, which sprouted up at the only spot where water can be found.

But Perth, a big city of two million people, along with a few nearby smaller towns making up about four million total souls, lies isolated on Australia’s Western Coast, protected by a massive, impenetrable desert.

Western Australia might as well be on an island. There are very few ways to get there, so when that province locked down for covid, they had possibly the best access control in the world. And as the article explained, Western Australia locked down early, before covid got there, and even reached 90% vaccine rates before it ever experienced the pandemic.

The story’s news is that the province just released its vaccine surveillance report for 2021 — when there was ZERO covid there — and guess what? The province experienced an ‘exponential increase’ in adverse events, with hospitals struggling to keep up with the carnage.

Here is the official chart of REPORTED adverse events that were turned into Western Australia’s Vaccine Safety Surveillance (WAVSS) system, which is their version of VAERS:

According to Umbrella, despite the near-total absence of covid cases, in the second half of 2021, Western Australia media regularly reported that WA hospitals were overwhelmed, right as adverse events peaked. It was a pandemic of vaccination. The highest month for adverse event reports was October — the very same month workplace mandates issued, vaccine eligibility expanded to anyone 18 and over, and walk-in vaccinations came online.

Only 16 cases of covid were reported in October.

On October 31st, WA Premier Mark McGowan told reporters that hospitals were “under enormous pressure,” but said it was baffling to understand why that was. Just baffling. The WSSV report concluded, “The high number of reports in 2021 following COVID-19 vaccination reflects higher uptake of COVID-19 vaccination and high engagement from the public and health care providers with the monitoring of vaccine safety.”

Adverse events for covid vaccines were reported in Western Australia at almost 24 times the rate of adverse events for all other vaccines — combined.

It’s a good thing they mandated those shots, huh?

I wonder how Reuters fact-checkers would explain this away. Maybe it was an epidemic of asymptomatic covid! A hitherto-unknown crypto-covid strain without any respiratory symptoms that causes heart attacks and strokes! Yeah, that could be it! Not the jabs, no, never.

Here’s a link to the story, since Google seems to have embargoed the search: https://umbrellanews.com.au/featured/2023/03/how-the-hermit-kingdom-became-the-worlds-control-group-for-the-largest-vaccination-trial-ever/

🔥 Black folks might be waking up to the insanity of wokeness. This preacher sure gets it:

Dope Preacher Clips @WPCButGoodGuys

Another fun moment from the same source vid as this thread

Woke Preacher Clips @WokePreacherTV

DOPE PREACHER CLIPS: This guy understands the endgame of Intersectionality etc. “If this child gets spanked or hollowed at too loud, he calls 911. You know why? Because the way they got all this set up, the parent has become the oppressor and a child has become the oppressed.” https://t.co/lfkqODuumh8:22 PM ∙ Mar 8, 20238Likes2Retweets

Have a whimsical Wednesday! I’ll see you back here tomorrow for more.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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