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☕️ WHAT YOU SAW ☙ Friday, May 12, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Friday! Today, we launch a multiplier operation for Daniel Penny, the New York subway hero accused of murdering a strung-out criminal; and in the roundup: a no-mandates link to use or share; Anderson Cooper gives CNN viewers a non-apology apology; House Committee unveils Biden bank records report; woke new Disney remake is a box-office stinker; Zelensky either delays counteroffensive or starts counteroffensive, depending on who you believe; record numbers of British dying for no reason at all and nobody even cares that much, it’s not like it’s a pandemic or something; bye-bye Monkeypox emergency, which got to end too right after covid; and your Friday amusement.


🪖 OPERATION MULTIPLIER: By now, you must’ve heard about former marine Daniel Penny, 24, who on May 1st saved a carload of New York subway passengers by temporarily restraining out-of-control, black homeless drug addict Jordan Neely, 30 — who had a criminal record of previous subway attacks — and who was threatening people on the car and ironically yelling “I don’t even care if I die!”

But Neely did die, after being briefly restrained in a wrestling choke hold, cause of death unknown, and even though Penny and some other passengers diligently tried to revive him.

In 2019, Neely served six months in jail for violently attacking several elderly people on the subway. As recently as February 9th, Neely pleaded guilty to felony assault for attacking a defenseless 67-year-old woman, but he never served his 15-month sentence — on the honor system. Neely had agreed to attend a residential substance abuse program in lieu of jail, but he was a no-show for treatment, too.

A recent Fox News article reported Neely “had cycled in and out of hospitals and jails for years.” In other words, a career criminal.

Corporate media began, and still is, running puff pieces about how Neely — a convicted criminal and known drug addict — was rather just a “young man in crisis” who enjoyed “performing” — insidiously suggesting that his threats toward the women on the subway car were just some kind of a humorous act. These articles fail to mention Neely’s criminal record or his substance abuse problems, and darkly hint that Daniel Penny was motivated by racism instead of heroism.

Thanks to corporate media’s ignorant and dangerous takes, groups of race activists in New York were riled up and caused widespread mayhem and disorder in New York City this week, protesting … something … and demanding that Daniel Penny be charged with murder.

So yesterday, Soros-funded DA Alvin Bragg — yes, that one — yielded to the mob and charged Daniel Penny with second-degree manslaughter, a Class C felony, which requires the state to prove he “recklessly caused the death of another person.” Penny’s fate now lies with a jury, who has to decide whether Penny acted “recklessly,” unless he pleads to a lesser crime in a deal with prosecutors, which seems unlikely for a variety of reasons.

This case reminds us of Bernie Goetz, who in 1984 shot four black convicted criminals threatening him in the New York subway, and for his trouble was charged with attempted murder along with a raft of other charges. Goetz’s jury ultimately found him not guilty of everything except violating New York’s concealed weapons ban. Goetz wound up serving six months of an eight-month sentence.

The real issue today is how the left celebrates criminality (Neely, Floyd, etc) and punishes courage and selflessness. The left’s message is clear: traditional masculine roles will be brutally suppressed by the apparatus of the state. The Soros prosecutors will argue that Danny Penny should have sat still, minded his own business, and let Neely do whatever he was going to do.

That is a microwave recipe for a failed civilization.

So today’s multiplier for Daniel Penny is really a multiplier for civilization. Send a message. Click this link and donate any easily-affordable amount ending in a ‘2’: https://www.givesendgo.com/daniel_penny. Do it right NOW, don’t wait, it takes less than 60 seconds and you’ll be right back here to finish today’s great post.

I promise you will feel TERRIFIC after you kick in. Remember, it doesn’t matter how small or large your multiplier is. It could be $2 dollars or $12 or $222 dollars. Even the small donations count because numbers matter, and they do add up. We can do something together that none of us could afford to do alone. Let’s rock this multiplier today!

Here’s the link again: https://www.givesendgo.com/daniel_penny

🪖 For future reference, bookmark the link below, it’s a running Google spreadsheet list of all the colleges that never mandated jabs during the pandemic. It might come in handy either for you, or to send to someone you know. And lots of thanks to the No Mandates group for putting it together.

[NoMandateEver – Colleges that Never Mandated the COVID vaccine]


🔥 CNN must have gotten a lot of hate mail from its regular viewers yesterday about the Trump town hall. So last night, the declining network made Anderson Cooper take one for the team, justifying to its audience ‘why’ the network inflicted President Trump on them: because, according to CNN, Trump IS going to be the Republican nominee.

That is, Trump will be the Republican nominee if CNN has anything to do with it. Cooper sadly droned, “If last night showed anything, it showed it CAN happen again, it IS happening again.”

Hilarious. You can’t make this stuff up. CNN’s old, white gay guy tells its viewers “what they saw.” What CNN was actually trying to do was sort of explain the trick (helping Trump) without giving the trick away completely, and at that awkward enterprise, Cooper failed abjectly.

In fact, his explanation, such as it was, was largely incoherent. If asked, I couldn’t really summarize his point, even if you offered me a free throw at the Alvin Bragg mid-ocean dunking booth.

Cooper finally and somberly asked his viewers a rhetorical question, without any heat or enthusiasm, sounding more like a distressed neighbor stopping by to delicately break the news that your pet ferret got out while you were at work and was over by the Uber Eats delivery driver: “You have every right … to never watch CNN again. But do you really think staying in your silo and only listening to people you agree with is going to make THAT person go away?”

CNN’s ultimately point was that it did its liberal audience a FAVOR by getting them out of their silos and force-feeding them Donald Trump. They’re welcome!

It can’t possibly get any more bizarre than this, can it?

🔥 Yesterday, Fox News ran an op-ed titled, “The Walls Are Closing in on Biden Family Corruption.” The sub-headline explained, “Biden family bank records revealed by Chairman Comer and the House Committee on Oversight make Watergate look like a minor traffic ticket.”

Well, sort of.

The piece described Wednesday’s press conference, where Comer summarized in granular detail a 36-page report explaining how Biden family members and Biden business associates set up a complicated network of LLCs — most of which were created while Biden was vice-president — to launder over $10 million dollars from foreign nationals and companies in Communist China and Romania.

That’s all very good, excellent detective work, but what the House hasn’t done yet is either (1) directly proved a crime occurred, or (2) linked the money received by everyone else in the Biden family to Biden himself. There’s a lot of good circumstantial evidence here, but no direct evidence yet.

Sometimes circumstantial is all you get. People don’t always confess to crimes. But it would help if they got bank records showing transfers to the Big Guy. I’m starting to think Joe was smart enough to just take cash and have people pay for stuff for him.

The House will have to get more if they want to get anywhere. So far, corporate media has completely ignored their committee, to the point Byron Daniels called them all out:

A few years ago, corporate media ran a months-long “Russia collusion” narrative on less evidence than the House has produced so far.

It may not be enough yet for impeachment, but the evidence the House Committee does have is certainly enough to start subpoenaing Biden family members. Do it. Let’s get them on the record under oath. Presidential family members aren’t out of bounds. The J6 Committee already broke the ice by deposing Trump family members.

📉 Uh-oh! While Disney fights with Governor DeSantis, the entertainment giant’s woke Peter Pan remake (featuring tough girls in the Lost Boys and black Tinkerbell) is getting choked out at the box office:

They’ll never learn. Literally. I don’t think they really care.

🚀 Yesterday, Newsweek ran a story headlined, “Zelensky Delays Ukraine Counter Offensive: ‘We Will Lose A Lot of People’.”

Now he tells us: Earlier this week the government sent Ukraine another $1.2 billion dollars. (Never mind the debt, the country’s credit card has an unlimited borrowing limit.) Now that’s Zelensky’s got the check, the highly-marketed Spring Counter-Offensive might not even happen this springtime:

“We can advance with what we’ve got and I think we can be successful but we will lose a lot of people, I think that is unacceptable,” [former comedian Zelensky] said. “We need to wait, we need a bit more time.”

Just a bit. A smidge. Or maybe a lot, who knows?

So far, so good. But then there was a wrinkle: According to Newsweek, Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the Wagner Group in Bakhmut, rudely called Ukraine’s president a liar: “Zelensky is lying. The counteroffensive is underway.” In a fascinating development, Newsweek cited Prigozhin’s Telegram channel:

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to break through the flanks of Bakhmut,” he said, which “they first need to break through” before heading to the Belgorod and Zaporizhzhia directions, he added in a statement on Telegram.

So, Newsweek is reading Telegram. But you aren’t supposed to read Telegram, because you can’t tell the difference between mis– and dis-information like Newsweek’s highly-skilled reporters can. But I digress.

More to the point, Newsweek presented the cherry-picked Prigozhin claim straight, without comment, without even slyly implying the mercenary boss was lying or even exaggerating. Newsweek offered no facts to rebut Prigozhin. His telegram comment got equal weight in the article to Zelensky’s announcement. I conclude it means the reporter was trying to tell us something; to tell us that the reporter agrees with Prigozhin: Zelensky is lying.

It’s a wonderful twist! Masterfully deceitful politics! Here’s how the game works, if true: Ukraine starts their counter-offensive but SAYS it hasn’t started yet. If they win, Zelensky can say, surprise! We outfoxed those stupid Russians by saying we weren’t counteroffensing, they fell for it, and we took them from behind!

But if Ukraine loses, Zelensky can just shrug and ask, lose? Lose what? We never counteroffensed anybody.

If they don’t have to tell the truth, because so-called journalists will never hold them to account, then a world of possibilities open up for lying liars.

💉 The UK Mirror ran a completely un-self-aware article yesterday headlined, “‘Brits are dying in their tens of thousands – and we don’t really have any idea why’.” The sub-headline explained, “Tens of thousands more Brits died than usual from May to December 2022, excluding Covid as a cause of death, raising serious questions as to why so many died.”

From May to December last year, there were +32,441 excess deaths in England and Wales, not counting covid deaths. That’s 32,000 MORE deaths than normal. The media’s usually-reliable experts are having a hard time figuring out what’s going on.

As the Mirror drily noted, “experts aren’t quite sure why that is.”

Professor of Demography David Coleman, Emeritus, Oxford University, informed the Mirror that no one knows for sure what killed so many British last year. He pointed out that, since covid claimed so many elderly and infirm people, there SHOULD HAVE been a post-covid bounce in improved mortality.

But there wasn’t.

“Once those poor [vulnerable to covid] people have been packed off, the remaining population should be healthier, there should be a period afterwards where deaths are lower than usual, but that hasn’t happened,” bewildered Professor Coleman explained.

The Mirror trotted out several possibilities: climate change-fueled hot weather, fatter people, aging populations, dementia, screen time, and so on. But in the end, the paper had to admit they just don’t know what is causing all these excess deaths. They pushed all the needles off their lab tables but found there was nothing left.

Not even a pointy theory.

Isn’t it weird how the experts absolutely knew everything there was to know about covid and the rapidly-approved vaccines with 100% confidence just a couple years ago. But now that tens of thousands of people who shouldn’t be dying are dying: the so-called “experts” are baffled and useless.

💉 Great news! The Hill ran a story yesterday headlined, “Mpox No Longer a Global Health Emergency: WHO.”

You probably didn’t even notice that Monkeypox WAS a global health emergency, did you? W.H.O. Director Tedros Whatshisname reported there have been 140 deaths in 111 countries (about 1.2 deaths per country), but not to worry, infections are trending down now. I bet you’re relieved.

To The Hill’s credit, late in the article it did admit monkeypox affects “vulnerable populations, especially among men who have sex with men.”

So that’s TWO fake pandemics wrapped up so far this year. Progress.

🔥 Finally, for your Friday amusement, enjoy this fake but still funny headline, seen online:

Thank heavens for Substack and Twitter and for all of us sane people.

Have a fabulous Friday! And if you’re one of my beloved procrastinators, do it NOW: https://www.givesendgo.com/daniel_penny. I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow with a jam-packed Weekend Edition.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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