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☕️ WATCH ☙ Saturday, March 25, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, and Happy Saturday! Welcome to the slightly-abbreviated Weekend Edition. I’m typing this from the lobby of the Starling Hotel in Atlanta, where I will shortly be delivering the morning Keynote for Steve Kirsch’s sold-out Covid Litigation Conference. I had the pleasure of meeting Steve in person for the first time last night, and we had a nice chat about Coffee & Covid.

Steve said he took a respectful delegation over to attend Georgia Southern’s competing event a few days ago — with tickets — but was escorted off property by the school’s law enforcement delegation.

Anyway, in your roundup: new multiplier orders; France burns while Macron fiddles with wristwatches costing more than some luxury cars; now Germany’s largest bank, Deutsche Bank, is teetering; Janet Yellen yanks the entire U.S. financial regulatory management to a secret meeting; House passes doomed Parents Bill of Rights modeled after Florida’s; Florida passes permitless carry bill; and a DeSantis press conference on CBDC that ought to shine at least a ray of hope.


🪖 OPERATION MULTIPLIER: I have the great privilege to bring you today’s orders, which are joining a critical multiplier for the legal and political defense of Dr. John Littell of Florida, who was abruptly decertified this week by the American Board of Family Medicine for spreading “covid misinformation.” You might recall Dr. Littell from last week, after he addressed the Sarasota Memorial Hospital’s board about Ivermectin, and was shockingly removed by police for his trouble.

Dr. Simone Gold @drsimonegold

WOW: Dr. John Littell was KICKED OUT of a Sarasota Memorial Hospital Board Meeting after testifying to the effectiveness of Ivermectin to treat Covid-19. This is shocking.


6:44 PM ∙ Feb 22, 202340,314Likes19,687Retweets

This week’s de-certification MIGHT possibly be connected with Dr. Littell’s public advocacy for the Nobel-prize-winning, lifesaving drug last week. The timing is certainly highly suggestive. What do you think?

Here’s why this multiplier is important: If the ABFM succeeds in easily de-certifying Dr. Littell, then it and other medical boards will be emboldened, and this will be just the beginning. It is critically-important to hold the line here, for Dr. Littell as well as all the other independent medical voices of reason who were fundamentally necessary to ending the pandemic.

Here is the link, which my office confirmed with Dr. Littell as legitimate yesterday. Click NOW and give any affordable amount that you won’t miss, but ending in a ‘2’ (like $1.02, $2, $22, $202, etc): https://www.givesendgo.com/Dr_Littell?utm_campaign=Dr_Littell. The ‘2’ is so the organizers will know where our multiplier donations came from.

Also feel free to leave an encouraging message for Dr. Littell who, as you can imagine, is feeling downright persecuted at this point, just for saying in public what should be painfully obvious to even the dullest medical board examiner.

Do it NOW, and then come right back and keep reading.

Before I explain multiplication to new readers, I must add a disclaimer: My law firm represents Dr. Littell and part of the funds raised may offset legal costs. This is the first time in three years since I started C&C that I’ve ever ordered a multiplier for someone with whom I have any relationship, FYI.

Being part of a multiplier is an additional benefit of being in the C&C army. For the easy, affordable cost of any amount, however small, we all get to be part of a greater movement, a statement, a force that punches far beyond what any of us can afford to do on our own. We need everyone to help, every single reader, even if this is your very first C&C. When everybody chips in, then it adds up fast and we actually move the needle, showing our adversaries the strength of our collective resolve, as we have done over and over these last few years.

I promise that you will feel GREAT after you join in, and it literally only takes a few seconds. Here’s the link again, do it NOW if you didn’t before: https://www.givesendgo.com/Dr_Littell?utm_campaign=Dr_Littell.


🔥 Yesterday, Foreign Policy ran a story headlined, “To Save His Pension Reform Bill, Macron Has Lost France.”

Nine days ago on March 16th, French President Emmanuel Macron forced through a wildly unpopular pension reform bill without any final vote by the National Assembly, by invoking a controversial, undemocratic article of the constitution allowing for unilateral executive action.

The “reform” adds two more years to French people’s scheduled retirements, raising the official retirement age from age 62 to 64, and they don’t like it one bit. Throughout the week, swelling numbers of protests have broken out every day, with clashes between demonstrators and the police growing more frequent and more violent. Thursday saw one of the largest turnouts yet, with up to 3.5 million people rallying across France.

Strikers are disrupting public transportation and road traffic in many places, and blockading several oil refineries and depots, causing fuel shortages at gas stations and airports. Meanwhile, thousands of tons of trash are piling up in the streets of Paris and other cities, thanks to rolling walkouts by garbage collectors.

It’s another story the corporate media has embargoed; good luck finding any mainstream report about the massive protests. You have to hand it to them — French people really know how to protest. They’re not just strolling around the Capitol taking selfies for a few minutes, either. You might even call it an “insurrection,” at least by American standards, which justifies some serious police-baton head cracking.

Anti Lockdown Alliance(GLOBAL) @Demo2020cracy

NOT ON BBC NEWS. #Paris police charge and attack protestors with batons 🤬


3:31 PM ∙ Mar 11, 202311,209Likes6,927Retweets

A two-year bump in retirement age might not sound like much to most Americans, who’re facing the prospect of working as checkout baggers at Publix well into their 90’s — assuming, that is, that we can survive the best and most well-funded medical system in the world. But the French suckers, I mean people, were already asked to reduce their wages in trade for the earlier retirement age.

They forgot to read the fine print.

Buried deep in the fine print, under the second sub-clause in a footnote on page 47, the deal said that earlier retirement age would be honored “unless we need the money,” or “unless we’re helping the Americans win a Proxy War in Eastern Europe.” Then all bets are off.

Yesterday, a long-planned state visit by Britain’s King Charles III, intended as a “celebration” of the two country’s strong relations, which included a swanky all-they-can-eat royal dinner in the splendoriforous Palace of Versailles, was rapidly rescheduled, due to “public relations and security concerns” by the Élysée, with French media rudely calling it a “humiliation” for Macron.

In other words, in the country where French people already once beheaded their royalty for living too large, it wouldn’t be a terrific look for Macron to be noshing roasted piglets with kings in palatial estates while the distinctly un-gruntled common people are wading around through the garbage outside.

Macron seems a bit slow to realize how just upset he’s made everyone. In this next illustrative clip, watch Macron asking the French people to make more sacrifices, then suddenly realizing his neatly-pressed French cuffs are slipping to show off his modestly-priced $86,000 wristwatch. The presidential arms quickly fall below the table, the camera demurely lifts in a respectful way, a neat de-wristwatching occurs, and when the presidential arms reappear in the frame — voilá! Macron’s watchless wrist silently testifies that the ostentatious jewelry has now been sacrificed for the common good. Or something. Possibly not.

Richard @ricwe123

Emmanuel Macron while asking for sacrifices from the French people suddenly realizes he is wearing a €80.000 watch. And voila, just like a magician it disappears under the table…. 😂😂😂


2:58 PM ∙ Mar 24, 202317,290Likes6,704Retweets

📉 Uh-oh! The Wall Street Journal ran an impossible-to-believe story yesterday headlined, “Deutsche Bank Stock Tumbles on Contagion Fears.”

I called the story “impossible to believe” because about ten minutes ago Joe Biden PROMISED us that the financial system is COMPLETELY STABLE and doing great! Maybe he didn’t mean the WHOLE banking system. Deutsche Bank is the largest bank in Germany, and “sits at the heart of the German economy.” There’s no bigger bank lying around to buy DB if things go sideways. Germans better get ready to collectively pay for their biggest bank bailout in history.

Joe and his “anti inflation” cash grab might just have Bidened the entire world’s financial system. I hope all those anti-Trump Europeans are happy now.

Anyway, it looks like Joe’s been on the phone with German leaders, because they are all talking the same way. “Deutsche Bank has thoroughly modernized and reorganized its business model and it is a very profitable bank,” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz told reporters at a European Union summit in Brussels yesterday. “There is no reason whatsoever to be concerned.”

Haha! No reason whatsoever! It’s just a conspiracy theory. In other words, get your money out NOW.

Perhaps more ominously, Deutsche Bank lacks many friends in the American liberal establishment, ever since it was outed as a key lender for President Trump, back in the day. In fact, Biden’s DOJ and SEC are currently investigating Deutsche’s asset-firm for “overstating sustainability claims.” Meaning, they claim it “exaggerated” the amount of its woke ESG investments. In January, Deutsche settled a criminal investigation with the Fed for $130 million in an investigation over bribery claims and alleged commodities fraud.

Thanks Joe Biden.

📉 In related non-news yesterday, Reuters ran a short three-sentence story yesterday headlined, “Yellen Chairs Closed US Financial Stability Oversight Council Meeting.”

There’s no reason whatsoever to be concerned.

All Reuters — or anybody — knows is that U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen suddenly and unexpectedly called for an emergency meeting yesterday including all the U.S.’s top financial regulators. The “secret” meeting was closed to the public and the media because everything is going great and there is absolutely nothing whatsoever to worry about, like Joe Biden said.

Following the closed meeting, the government announced that the US banking system is “sound and resilient,” which Bloomberg reporters correctly characterized as “deliberately giving a lack of answers to the market:”

Bloomberg TV @BloombergTV

The Financial Stability Oversight Council says that the US banking system remains “sound and resilient,” after an emergency meeting was called by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to tame bank fears trib.al/rS8jZYH


9:06 PM ∙ Mar 24, 2023


Nothing whatsoever to be concerned about.

🔥 Yesterday, NBC News ran a story headlined, “House passes the GOP’s Parents Bill of Rights measure opposed by Biden.” The bill passed 213-208.

The proposed law, which has better chances of flying to Cancun for lunch tomorrow than ever being signed by Joseph Robinette Biden, was modeled after similar legislation that did pass last year in Florida. The House’s modest Parents’ Bill of Rights Act would require public school districts to:

  • publicly post school curricula online, including listing books and materials in school libraries;
  • offer at least two in-person parent-teacher meetings annually,
  • require school boards to listen to parent feedback;
  • disclose their district school budgets including all revenues and expenditures;
  • notify parents of any violent activity at schools or sponsored events;
  • get parents’ consent BEFORE any medical exams at school, including mental health or substance screenings.

CBS referred to that boring list of obvious, common-sense things that schools should ALREADY BE DOING as “congressional Republicans’ foray into [the] culture war battles.” Oh, please. Florida is already way past the timid “rights” offered by HR 5, and will expand those protections even more this year. But HR 5 shows how Florida is influencing the national conversation.

Expressing faux outrage, the Biden Administration fell over itself issuing a statement condemning the Parents’ Bills of Rights Act:

The administration does not support H.R. 5 … instead of making LGBTQI+ students feel included in their school community, it puts them at higher risk… Legislation should not politicize our children’s education.

It hurts gay people! One good thing though is that I noticed the brand new extra letter “I” added to the end of “LGBTQI+” in the silly White House statement. So “I” would like to apologize to all the “I” alphabet people that “I” have disappeared or genocided or whatever by accidentally omitting their letter in previous Substacks. “I” will try to do better.

CBS ended its article bluntly noting, “The Senate, controlled by Democrats, is not expected to take up the legislation.” So that’s that.

🔥 Yesterday, local CBS affiliate WCJB ran an uplifting story headlined, “Bill Passed That Allows Concealed Carry of Firearms Without a Permit.”

A bill that CBS calls “controversial,” and I call “about time,” passed the Florida house yesterday. If enacted into law, it will:

  • allow people to carry their concealed firearms without any licensing steps or background checks,
  • provide money for school hardening,
  • improve threat-assessment services, and
  • allow armed “guardians” in private schools.

What could anyone possibly object to about that?

In the 1980’s, Florida became one of the first states in the country to allowed PERMITTED concealed carry. After that, Florida slid into its hazy purple phase, and a number of other states have since passed us in providing Second Amendment freedoms, albeit with occasional bright spots like Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, which democrats promised would literally kill off Florida’s tourism industry. That didn’t happen. Now Florida is finally catching up to other red states, where permitless carry has not revived the Wild West or whatever silly nonsense the democrats are crying about these days.

Governor DeSantis has pledged to sign any Second Amendment bill that gets to his desk. So.

🔥 Last week, in a press briefing titled “Big Brother’s Digital Dollar,” Governor DeSantis explained that Florida will not cooperate with “the economic central planners” in creating a centralized, government-controlled digital currency. The clip is 33 minutes long, but I know that C&Cers following the “Central Bank Digital Currency” issue will enjoy it:

Ron DeSantis @GovRonDeSantis

No CBDC in Florida https://t.co/p9pwSTmrlN2:10 PM ∙ Mar 20, 202312,856Likes2,508Retweets

DeSantis all but called the financial crisis and incompetent pretext to implement CBDCs. As far as I know, he’s the only governor talking about the vastly-important issue.

Okay, my lovely procrastinators who couldn’t wait to read today’s edition, here’s the multiplier link again, do it RIGHT NOW if you didn’t do it before: https://www.givesendgo.com/Dr_Littell?utm_campaign=Dr_Littell.

And then have a wonderful weekend! I’ll see you guys back here on Monday to kick off the week with an extra-caffeinated roundup to make up for today’s shortened version.

Join C&C in moving the needle and changing minds. I could use your help getting the truth out and spreading optimism and hope, if you can: https://www.coffeeandcovid.com/p/-learn-how-to-get-involved-

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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