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☕️ VICES ☙ Monday, May 15, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

How hospitals killed covid patients; Jamie Foxx better but still baffling; Twitter CEO news confounds; Soros buying Vice Media; thoughts about Danny Penny; woke Netflix series goes broke; and more.

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning C&C! It’s Monday, and I have a terrific roundup for you today: Recent study provides evidence how hospitals killed so many covid patients; Twitter’s new CEO looks a little more complex than people first thought; Soros moves to buy failing empire of Vice for pennies on the dollar; Jamie Foxx is out of the hospital but we still have no idea what happened to him; the many wonderful implications of the Danny Penny fundraiser; DeSantis signs commonsense medical freedom laws and some people don’t like it; Governor DeSantis calls covid experts dummies in Iowa while campaigning/not campaigning for president; another woke Netflix series bites the ratings dust; and an important lesson for young people about nature.


💉 We’ve known what happened for a long time, but not conclusively HOW. The Journal of Clinical Investigation quietly published a shocking study last month. It was titled, “Machine Learning Links Unresolving Secondary Pneumonia to Mortality in Patients With Severe Pneumonia, Including COVID-19.”

That bland-sounding headline conceals some pretty incriminating evidence.

The researchers used AI tools to help them crunch a vast amount of data related to about 550 deceased covid patients, looking at things like time from initial infection until various treatments and other symptoms and ultimate death. In this way, they could rule out death from the covid cytokine storm, for example, because the cytokine storm occurs at a predictable interval from the initial infection.

For example, if a patient dies weeks after the time when a cytokine storm normally happens, that strongly suggests the death was caused by something else. The AI uncovered the fact that hospital-acquired infections — expressed as pneumonia — were more likely to kill people than covid.

An MSN article reporting on the study observed:

So while COVID-19 may have put these patients in the hospital, it was actually an infection brought on by the use of a mechanical ventilator that was more likely to be the cause of death[.]

The chart below, from the study, jaw-droppingly shows that a majority of covid patients got at least one case of Ventilator-Acquired Pneumonia (VAP):

“We’re so sorry you’re struggling with that covid virus. How about we shove this unsanitary, bacteria-laden tube down your throat and leave right it there, just over your lungs, till we see what happens? Hmm?”

As if that weren’t bad enough, at least half of the patients who got Ventilator-Acquired Pneumonia later died, if not from the first infection, then from the next, or the next.

So, the hospitals could see that people were catching pneumonia from the vents, but just kept on letting it happen. Until the person either died or got discharged. Flip a coin.

In other words, the researchers essentially said that it was the hospitals — and not covid — that people should have been more afraid of:

“Our data suggested that the mortality related to the virus itself is relatively low, but other things that happen during the ICU stay, like secondary bacterial pneumonia, offset that.”

The problem with covid wasn’t its mortality. It was that the infections, especially in vulnerable people, lasted a long time. And the longer someone stayed in the hospital, the more likely it was they’d become a statistic:

“The relatively long length of stay among patients with COVID-19 is primarily due to prolonged respiratory failure, placing them at higher risk of [Ventilator-Acquired Pneumonia].”

The study, while carefully neutral in its language, and despite assiduously avoiding pointing the finger of blame at anybody, obviously highlighted the dreadful cost we paid for hospitalizing covid patients. Instead of sending people home with safe and effective treatments like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, as third-world countries were forced to do, so that patients could recover in sanitary conditions, the U.S. jammed everyone right onto a dirty, disgusting ventilator without any real treatment. (I’m not counting remdesivir, which only increased iatrogenic mortality in covid patients.)

This study explains the mechanism of how the United States had the highest covid mortality of any country. Despite all our “wealth” and our massive hospital infrastructure system. Or maybe because of it.

Never forget that the majority of people put on ventilators was for PATIENT CONTROL and not for any beneficial treatment.

Link to study.

🔥 Over the weekend, the story about Twitter’s new WEF-connected CEO continued developing or, more accurately, maturing. As the fog of hot takes slowly wafted away, diligent independent researchers uncovered more information about new boss Linda Yaccarino, information that made the picture look a little less one-sided.

For example, in 2018, Adweek ran a story headlined, “Trump Names NBCU’s Linda Yaccarino to the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition.”

Somehow the loud Yaccarino critics completely missed that fact last week.

The left’s discovery that Yaccarino had been a hated Trump appointee (!) led to even closer scrutiny, which also revealed she’d “liked” some posts supporting January 6th defendants. That fueled leftwing concerns, if not hysterical paranoia, precisely mirroring the distrust and angst over Yaccarino that had last week blossomed on the rightwing side of social media’s political aisle.

Meanwhile, anti-Yaccarino conservatives uncovered videos the CEO had posted, where she goofily demonstrated hand-washing (but at least without a mask on).

So the developing story now is Twitter’s newest CEO is either a left-wing pod puppet with Klaus Schwab yanking the strings, or else she’s a right-wing, MAGA Inc., conspiracy-theorizing insurrectionist who hates gay people:

So it looks like Elon Musk has done it again, embarrassing both over-reactive sides of the political spectrum. Last week, either Elon or Yaccarino could have played the Trump appointment card, to defuse all the initial rightwing hate. But they didn’t, they played it cool, letting the market sort things out, and letting conservatives muddy the waters so much her politics are now totally inscrutable.

That neutrality will be a great help as Yaccarino works to bring advertisers back to Twitter and build a content-neutral streaming platform.

So, let this be another lesson for us. Once again, the hot takes prove to be, if not misguided, significantly incomplete, showing it’s usually better to wait for all the evidence to comes in before leaping to an extreme position on these developing stories.

📉 The Wall Street Journal ran a story yesterday headlined, “Vice Media to Sell Itself as It Files for Bankruptcy.” The sub-headline explained, “Soros fund, Fortress among lender group that bid roughly $225 million for former digital news darling.”

Setting Soros aside for a moment, this bankruptcy sale strategy is how companies are washed clean of their old debt. It works because the bankruptcy court can authorize a “free and clear” sale of ALL the company’s assets. To the extent creditors are owed money, their claims re-attach to any proceeds from the asset sale, which then remain in the bankruptcy case to later be divided up by creditors, if there’s anything left.

Meanwhile the assets go their own way and the company is back in business under new management.

It looks like that’s what’s happening here. So, absent a better offer, George Soros will snap up the aptly-named Vice Media at pennies on the dollar. Of course, that still tallies to about $225 million, a pretty penny, but for some reason, George Soros is willing to pay a quarter billion to save the scurrilous media empire. I wonder why.

Consider some of the headlines appearing this morning on the flagship Vice-dot-com (I am not making these up):

— “I Went to a BDSM Convention With My Ex”

— “How to Cope with a Break-Up Without Just Getting Wasted All the Time”

— “Drunk People Tell Us the Pettiest Thing They’ve Ever Done”

— “Queer Sports”

These headlines are relatively tame for Vice. Maybe the site is trying to keep things uncontroversial for the sale. It’s definitely not always this tame. For instance, one 2015 headline advertises, “The Little Death: Living and Loving as a Necrophiliac.” (Curiously, many of the photos attached to these most disgusting articles appear to have been wiped. For some reason.)

The point is, Vice lives up to its name. I’ll let you speculate why George Soros wants to spend $225 million to keep the money-losing empire of Vice online.

🔥 On Friday, Jamie Foxx’s daughter posted that the A-lister was out of the hospital and doing well.

We still have no idea what happened. Nor have we seen or heard from Mr. Foxx, who apparently can play pickleball but can’t tweet or Instagram.

Folks have suggested that some people are over-reacting by attributing mysterious health incidents to the jabs. Maybe there’s another reason the Foxx family wants to keep things private. Like, maybe it was an embarrassing sex thing, who knows? That kind of thing happens in Hollywood all the time, or so I’m told. Celebrities really need to learn to pace themselves.

We are grateful that Mr. Foxx appears to be doing well, whatever bad decision got him into this mess.

🔥 After multiplier for subway hero Danny Penny was multiplied, over the weekend it multiplied again, soaring to nearly $2 million so far, which guarantees Danny will get a complete defense, one usually unavailable to most folks who can’t afford specialist lawyers, experts, jury trial consultants, practice trials, and appellate lawyers involved from day one. Not to mention that Danny can now also afford a civil lawyer and all the other support for that case, to defend the lawsuit Jordan Neely’s relatives already have in the works.

By the way, Jordan Neely supporters, and his family, argue that the late ex-con drug addict never actually touched anybody before Danny put him in the tragically fatal headlock. That is misdirection. The crime of “assault” arises when you put someone in legitimate fear for their life or safety, such as by pointing a gun at them or telling someone you’re going to beat them up. Assault carries the same punishments as battery (when contact occurs), and the two crimes are considered equivalents for a reason.

At minimum, the undisputed facts show Jordan Neely was assaulting everyone on the subway car.

Over the weekend, I thought a lot about Danny Penny’s fundraiser. The unbelievable response to his plight, and the outpouring of gratitude from tens of thousands of total strangers has deep meaning, meaning far beyond dollars and cents. It says something about all of us, something good, a flash of spirit and hope and a glimpse into a deep well of untapped resistance that our adversaries probably thought had long since been dispirited and squashed.

Danny Penny’s case might just be the point where the tide began to turn. That might sound melodramatic, but it’s true. This doesn’t feel like just another viral story.

Think about this: I don’t believe that either Governor DeSantis or Scott Adams has ever encouraged their followers to donate to a specific fundraiser before, not once. Multipliers like the ones we’ve been doing for two years remain unique. It’s not an accident.

There are reasons why politicians and influencers do not encourage people to donate their money to the latest cause celebré. It might be risky. If you direct folks to donate to somebody, and that person later turns out to be a stinker, a fraud, or a crook, some folks might blame YOU, or your enemies could use the momentary fundraising relationship against you somehow.

The fact DeSantis and Scott Adams were willing to crawl out on the limb with us is new, it’s different, and I believe it is significant.

So, what is it? What makes Danny’s case special? Well, for one thing, he wisely stayed out of the limelight, so the media can’t publicly vivisect him, reporting stuff about Danny for people to dislike.

But, with Danny’s personality out of the picture, I think what it really shows is: our American society is not, in fact, suicidal. We want to live. We aren’t giving up. We do intend to forcefully eject the satanic termites who’ve hollowed out our government and our educational institutions and send them swarming back to China or Venezuela or the Gates of Hell, we don’t really care which.

Danny’s developing story is already incredibly encouraging, not just for what it says about Danny, but also for what it says about US.

🔥 Lefty outlet Axios ran a story Friday headlined, “DeSantis Signs ‘Medical Freedom’ Laws.” Yes — Axios put “medical freedom” in scare quotes.

On Thursday, Governor DeSantis signed several bills related to medical freedom, creating the strongest patient and covid laws anywhere in the country. What was also fascinating was how Axios framed its “medical freedom” narrative: as a 2024 campaign political issue.

This means that Axios agrees with us, that medical freedom — responding to the pandemic’s overreach — is now a popular political issue. In fact, Axios even admitted, “Republican strategists have said messages like DeSantis’ will resonate beyond the conservative base into a general election, to suburban voters still angry over responses like school closings.”

See that? Axios agrees the medical freedom issue “resonates BEYOND the conservative base.” Beyond. Far beyond. It’s a unicorn, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a hot political issue with cross-party appeal … that democrats can’t access because they tripled-down on mandates and lockdowns.

Haha, Axios was appalled that DeSantis called the holy vaccines “mRNA jabs:”

The potential 2024 presidential contender, has made medical freedom a key issue, casting aspersions on tools aimed at stopping COVID, such as dubbing the vaccines “mRNA jabs.”

“A lot of people were harmed by what the federal government did and a lot of states did,” DeSantis said during an event in Destin, Florida on Thursday, the Pensacola News Journal wrote. “Today there are still physicians out there trying to jab babies with mRNA shots.”

And double-haha, Axios couldn’t bring itself to claim the vaccines STOP covid, it just said the jabs were “aimed at stopping covid,” which isn’t even close. Aimed at, but missed.

According to Axios, Florida’s newly-enacted laws offer many protections. The laws:

— block businesses and government entities from requiring covid vaccination, testing, or mask-wearing, to gain entry or access services,

— protect alternative medical treatments,

— block all “gain-of-function” research, and

— create religious conscience protections so healthcare workers may decline to provide controversial services like abortion, sterilization or assisted suicide.

In a response to what must have been a snarky email from Axios seeking comment, DeSantis’s spokesman explained, “The public health establishment botched the COVID response and any distrust of them by the public is self-generated.” Haha.

For a counterpoint, Axios quoted bowtied-wonder Peter Hotez, whose profane response could not be quoted in this family-oriented blog. So.

Remember, for some time we’ve predicted the response to covid would become a top political issue. That appears to be happening. This is critically important, because ACCOUNTABILITY will draft behind the debate.

And accountability is what we’re really after. We’re coming!

🔥 The DeSantis campaign re-designed a mashup of democrats threatening unjabbed people, and it’s so well done, I’m linking this next video clip, even though yesterday I reported the original version of the video:

I was browsing the campaign’s feed yesterday, because DeSantis happened to be in Iowa over the weekend, he’s just visiting, no reason in particular. I mean, he was in stealth campaign mode since he hasn’t actually declared yet.

Anyway, in this next clip, DeSantis criticizes the so-called covid experts, explaining, “The elites were WRONG about almost everything regarding COVID… Some people are trying to rewrite history… Fauci-ism was wrong. Fauci-ism was destructive. And we can never let anything like that happen to this country ever again.”

Personally, I can’t hear enough of this kind of talk. Keep it coming!

🔥 Netflix’s super-woke, re-imagined, expensive, dramatic documentary series “Cleopatra” is not doing well with either audiences OR critics:


It’s not just that the woke documentary filmmakers flipped Cleopatra’s race, black-washing her and erasing her identity, which aggravated some people because the show is billed as a documentary, but worse, they also turned Cleopatra into an indescribably implausible warrior queen, some kind of action heroine that kicked butt all over Egypt.

Maybe they gave her testosterone injections?

For context, here’s a snip from one of the ultra-rare 5-star reviews, which accidentally tells the whole story of why you should NOT watch the show:

Well, alrighty then. Netflix has spoken. Never mind all those teachers and history books. This is what you can look forward to, if you venture into Netflix’s feverish ideological imagination: you will learn that the Roman Empire was totally incompetent.

Netflix may not have much time left. You know where these companies go after they get woke.

🔥 Finally, National Geographic often helps kids learn that nature is beautiful, especially when nature appears in over-produced documentaries. But nature is not actually the Utopian ideal that loony, Gaia-worshipping leftist seem to think.

Enjoy this clip of some kids learning that nature is, well, Nature:

It reminded me of some old saying about nature, something to do with claws and teeth and red stuff. Sure, that big white bird wasn’t very nice, a little racist actually, but in his defense, he was REALLY hungry.

Have a marvelous Monday and I’ll see you all back here tomorrow for a fresh, hot Tuesday roundup.

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