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☕️ VAPORIZED ☙ Thursday, May 18, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

J&J jabs buried under the chicken coop; tons of mysteries: wildfires, vanishing explosives, & invisible fire-starters; Times's controversial pot op-ed; Kari Lake election trial supercharges; and more.

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By Jeff Childers


Happy Thursday, C&C, and good morning! Your roundup today includes: CDC vaporizes the J&J jab, this time for good; Canadian wildfire season mysteriously 10x normal; thirty tons of explosives mysteriously fall off a train; more industrial plants mysteriously ignite for no reason; New York Times publishes controversial conservative op-ed critiquing marijuana laws; Kari Lake election lawsuit gains some muscular legs; Ukrainian man on the street video shreds narrative; and Elon Musk’s dad shows he is one of us.


💉 It’s all over except for the cremation. The CDC quietly issued a stealthy alert last week that directed the country’s medical staff to destroy all remaining inventory of the Johnson & Johnson 1-shot covid jab, with prejudice, noting that the very last manufacturing batch expired May 7th, and Johnson isn’t making any more.

The J&J jab had already been discontinued, since the U.S. government didn’t own it, I mean since nine gullible people agreed to take the safe and effective vaccine and then died horribly from thrombocytopenia, right before the CDC stopped counting how many people died from the shots.

The CDC’s advisory did not explain why they deleted the privately-developed vaccine. It didn’t warn anyone about anything, actually, and didn’t even TRY to explain why the DoD’s mRNA shots are better than the privately developed 1-shot brand. Thanks, geniuses. We’ll come up with our our answers then, don’t trouble yourselves to spin up some more propaganda.

Anyway, one down, two to go.

🚀 There’s breaking news from the Fifth-Generation Proxy War, or the Climate War, depending on your preferred narrative.

— Canada’s annual wildfire season is burning brightly. So brightly that it’s TEN TIMES normal — 100 fires instead of the average 10 — which seems sort of like a lot, and raises a few questions. But don’t strain your cerebrum, because the official narrative says it’s climate change, provoked by a 3/100-degree annual increase in normal temperatures. So.

Or … it could be one single saboteur with a pocket propane torch and a car. Which makes more sense to you?

It’s probably climate change.

Note: this has nothing to do with it, but woke forestry allows uncontrolled forest growth in worship of Earth Mother Gaia. Uncleared forest growth creates tons of dry tinder. Dry tinder is easily ignited into uncontrollable, large-scale fires. On the other hand, normal, pre-woke forestry procedures regularly cleared underbrush and created lots of fire breaks, for just in case. The West’s adversaries certainly know our woke forestry practices create opportunities for a lone firebug to have a flammable field day.

I’m not saying anything; I’m just saying.

In case you were wondering, I’m not the only one smelling a firefly. For just one example of many, a Canadian twitterer suspects climate activists:

If it’s not the climate, it’s the climate activites. Well, it could be climate activists. Or it could be an enraged Russian, who’s upset that his trillion-dollar pipeline “mysteriously” blew up.

— Next, KQED ran a story Tuesday headlined, “California Officials Investigating Loss of 30-Ton Shipment of Explosive Chemicals.” Loss is one way to put it. They lost it. It’s “lost,” probably wandering around somewhere, asking for directions.

The gist was that a few pounds, well, 60,000 pounds of pelletized ammonium nitrate, a common fertilizer compound that also happens to be a highly-effective explosive precursor, mysteriously disappeared in transit between the Wyoming and California stations.

Experts are baffled. It could be climate change though.

The rail carrier that owned the now-empty train said the trip took two weeks and made several stops. So. But there’s no way it could have been stolen. According to the carrier’s spokesman, “The railcar was sealed when it left the Cheyenne facility, and the seals were still intact when it arrived in Saltdale.”

It was a magic trick, a locked-berth mystery.

You might recall that ammonium nitrate was the primary ingredient in the Oklahoma City bombing. Rail officials, sounding a little TOO hopeful, are now speculating that maybe the there was a slow leak in the bottom of the container car, and all that ammonium nitrate progressively dribbled out along the way, so no harm done. That’s what they’re trying to prove right now.

Maybe it was a slow leak that nobody noticed. Or, maybe we’ll see that ammonium nitrate again sometime in a dramatic reveal.

— This morning, exhausted firefighters in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, enjoyed a few hours’ break before they were deployed to fight their SECOND large industrial warehouse fire in a row. In other words, two industrial fires in two days in one small town.

It must be that pesky 3/100-degree increase in the climate again.

These aren’t even the only industrial fires this week. Plus, mysteriously, these days the fires are always completely devastating fires that burn the gigantic buildings to the ground.

Folks say it happens all the time, so who knows.

But I think we could settle the debate in about five minutes if the big insurers disclosed their claims data. Just a suggestion.

🔥 The New York Times published a triggering op-ed yesterday by conservative writer Ross Douthat headlined, “Legalizing Marijuana Is a Big Mistake.” The opinion piece, which Douthat presumably penned whilst stone-cold sober, cited several new negative studies:

  • A new paper from the Journal of Health Economics finding that “legal medical marijuana, particularly when available through retail dispensaries, is associated with higher opioid mortality,” suggesting the natural pain killer did not have any effect on reducing opioid dependency, as advocates had claimed.
  • A new paper strengthening the existing link between heavy pot use and the onset of schizophrenia in some young men.
  • A new study showing daily or near-daily marijuana use is up dramatically since legalization, with around 1‌‌6 million Americans (out of 50 million users) now suffering from what ‌‌is termed marijuana use disorder.

Together, the three studies strongly suggest that legalization is not, as many advocates originally claimed, absolutely 100% harm-free. The debate now needs to how much harm is justified, acceptable, or tolerated compared to the benefits, given that blue states (and some red ones) are sprinting toward making the drug a freely-available recreational intoxicant.

Douthat acknowledged supporters’ best argument, what he labeled the “high libertarian ideal” that adults should be allowed to use whatever drugs they want, and the government should keep its nosy bureaucrats out of it. It’s difficult to argue with that position, and Douthat doesn’t really try. I would add to the libertarian arguments that the government is currently scraping the bottom of trustworthiness to act in loco parentis to anyone.

It can barely run itself.

But still, it seems undeniable that unlimited access to the drug has created some possibly significant social effects, and not good ones. Just ask Denver natives. I suspect that everyone excepts the most hardcore marijuana advocates would concede that rules intended to restrict abuse are not being enforced, or not working somehow, and are weakening the country in many ways, which seems like exactly what we do NOT need as the Proxy War continues to escalate into whatever it plans to become.

I realize that, like discriminating gourmands of fine THC gummies, opinions amongst the C&C team will vary. Let’s show the internet what a civil discussion looks like. How can marijuana access be provided to those who legitimately need it, while also protecting society from the downstream effects of recreational abuse?

I’ll start with this. Why don’t we increase penalties and minimum sentencing for public intoxication?

🔥 Kari Lake’s lawsuit against Maricopa County’s supervisor of elections had a pretty good day at trial yesterday. Lake’s lawyers argued that the SOE’s log files showed they didn’t even TRY to fulfill legally-required signature matching.

First Kari’s lawyers explained that, in order to actually verify a signature, the election workers should’ve scrolled down on the computer screen in order to compare the two signatures together. One of the signatures can’t be seen unless you scroll. But the amount of time workers actually took to do approve each signature suggests they couldn’t possibly have scrolled, and thus, couldn’t possibly have compared the signatures together.

Kari’s lawyer explained it to the Court:

What that log data shows, your honor, is that over 274,000 ballots were approved at less than 3 seconds each. That includes one signature verifier who approved 100% of the 36,900 signatures that he verified at less than 3 seconds a signature. Maricopa’s log file data shows that 11 of these signature verification workers approved 170,000 signatures at a rate of between 0 and 2.99 seconds with a 99.97% approval rating. That’s not signature review, your Honor. Simply flashing a signature on the screen, clicking a button, and moving on, is not signature review.

This is a powerful argument. It’s powerful because it’s a simple, straightforward concept that anyone can grasp, and not some highly-technical legal argument about arcane elections procedures, ballot dimensions, or ballot rejection algorithms. Lake’s point relies entirely on hard data — “proof” — and doesn’t require anyone to speculate about what “might” have happened in the middle of the night while the cameras were off.

Arizona’s supervisor at the time of the counting, or non-counting, who was a competing gubernatorial candidate, plainly didn’t make the elections workers verify signatures as required by law. It’s that simple. The numbers don’t lie. Now Maricopa will have to argue there simply wasn’t enough time to comply with the statute, even though they had weeks and weeks to count ballots, and even though they never complained about being unable to perform signature matching AT THE TIME.

Which makes the “not enough time” excuse a post-hoc justification rather than evidence.

🚀 A striking independent video made the rounds yesterday. It was one of those amateur “woman on the street” interview sorts of things. You know, like where a guy in Times Square asks poorly-educated young people to do simple math, say how many states there are, name three countries, or tell time from an image of an old-fangled three-handed circular clock.

But this version was recently filmed in Kiev, Ukraine, and instead of New Yorkers, the interviewer asked everyday Ukrainians: “what are YOU doing for the war?”

The answers — admittedly, the answers that were selected for the clip — were disappointing. That is, they were disappointing if you believe the official narrative that Ukrainians are all-in hyper-patriotic for the war. The ones in the clip seemed less all-in, sort of all-not-in. One strapping young of military age explained he does nothing, really, because right now he’s focusing on HIS life.

Another enlightened-looking Ukrainian gentleman said he practices MEDITATION to help the war. He admitted that he meditated before the war, too, but still. Everything counts!

Also, Kiev looks pretty peaceful for a city that is too dangerous for its own president to hang around in. Kievians seem to be doing pretty well WITHOUT Zelensky, in fact.

Kiev looks like a nice place to visit.

I wonder: besides infesting the comments section (just kidding!), what are our C&C proxy war supporters doing for the war?

🔥 I couldn’t track down where this next video came from either, but it sure seems like Elon Musk’s father, Errol, made some pretty thoughtful statements about the state of the world in several video clips making the rounds.

Here’s a 1 minute clip, take a look or read the transcript below:

In the clip, Errol Musk said:

We are being brainwashed to be told that Ukraine is good and Russia is bad. And yet they have found multiple bioweapons laboratories run by the United States in Ukraine. Ukraine is led by a stand-up comedian who became president, which is extremely odd to me. I wish him good luck, but it is extremely odd to me.
Then I would say, if you look at Biden himself, he’s obviously not running the United States. The United States, it seems to me, is being run by a bunch of misfits who are getting revenge for being treated as misfits over the years. That’s what it appears to be to me: It’s being run by a bunch of misfits who are getting revenge for being treated as misfits over the years in the United States.

If you like that and want to hear a little more, there’s a longer clip (about 5 minutes), in which Errol Musk discusses the jabs, Bill Gates, depopulation, Luc Montagnier, and other topics of great interest:

My first reaction after hearing Errol speak was that he must be reading C&C. Haha, just kidding. Mostly. Errol: if you’re reading, drop a comment! Anyway, if he’s not, he obviously should be; he sounds pretty smart.

Next, I love Errol’s misfit theory! It might not explain absolutely everything, but it’s simple, elegant, and matches a lot of the facts. Occam’s Razor, anyone?

And that’s a wrap. Have a tremendous Thursday! I’ll be back here tomorrow with even more Coffee & Covid, rainforest blend. Or something.

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The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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