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☕️ UNWELL VISIT ☙ Friday, November 10, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Friday! Your week-wrapping roundup includes: judge upholds Florida cross-dressing sports ban; local news station runs terrifying vaccine death story; Tennessee Senator subpoenas Epstein flight logs; small Michigan town recalls their entire board; SADS Brazilian fitness influencer; another SADS Brazilian fitness influencer; those two join another Brazilian fitness influencer and one from New Zealand; a Florida jury takes care of Maya and punishes awful hospital giant Johns Hopkins; more panic from CDC over surging vaccine exemption rates; and a comical jab advisory from Canada.


🪖 I venture forth on my men’s group annual trip this afternoon, so C&C will be closed until Tuesday morning. (One of the guys has a work emergency and we’ll be traveling early Monday, so a post is unlikely). I will miss my C&C family, but you guys will do fine without me. You’ll probably enjoy the break. Just don’t enjoy it too much.

🪖 ERRATA: The Lees, mentioned in yesterday’s story about the “high-end” brothels in D.C. and chíc Massachusetts, are Korean nationals, not Chinese. Apologies for the error (fog of war).


👨‍⚖️ Fox News ran an auspicious story yesterday, headlined “Federal judge sides with DeSantis on transgender athletes, upholds ban on biological males on female teams.


It’s a terrific win, upholding Florida’s new law requiring sports teams to be segregated by biological sex, but it was actually a double victory. Federal Judge Roy Altman (a Trump appointee) had stayed his case waiting for the Eleventh Circuit Court in Atlanta to rule on the appeal of a related Jacksonville case, which featured sex-segregated bathrooms instead of sports teams.

In the Eleventh Circuit bathroom case, a three-judge panel held that sex-segregated bathroom rules did not violate federal law, because Title IX’s reference to “sex” does not encompass “gender identity.”  Sex is sex. Mental thoughts about sex are something else.

The bathroom holding was a giant victory for common sense, a significant legal precedent, and a Rosetta Stone for Judge Altman’s sports case.

In light of the ‘sex is sex’ ruling, Judge Altman un-stayed his case, and issued his own ruling upholding Florida’s new ban against cross-dressing players joining the other sex’s team. For some reason, this phenomenon almost always involves boys trying to get on the girls’ team. It’s weird how you almost never hear about girls trying to join the boys’ sports teams. It’s almost like there’s something inherent or intrinsic in biological … oh, never mind. I digress.

Judge Altman gave the plaintiffs a November 21st deadline to try to amend their complaint to show either (a) how “Title IX prohibits Florida from treating (plaintiff), a biological male, differently than biological females,” or (b) how the law subjects the plaintiff to “discriminatory animus.”

The plaintiff’s lawyers and the grotesque, government-funded non-profits pushing gender ideology are assessing their options. Given the Eleventh’s Circuit’s ‘sex is sex’ bathroom ruling, an appeal seems fruitless. And since Judge Altman flatly described the plaintiff as a ‘biological male,’ he doesn’t seem especially receptive to all the emotional manipulation. So amendment looks pretty futile, too.

💉 I told you the narrative tide was turning! Here comes exhibit number 732. Local News12 New York ran a story this week that shocked me both because of what happened as well as because they ran the story at all. Here is the unbelievable headline: “Orange County 15-month-old dies 2 days after ‘well-visit’ vaccinations.” The story included text, a video segment on the story, and it unironically reprinted in full (with a live link) the reporter’s ‘anti-vaxx’ tweet about the infant’s tragic death:

image 2.png

If you’re a twitterer, please give Ms. Gomez’s tweet a like and a grateful, restrained comment, and maybe a re-tweet. It’s important to encourage local reporters like Ms. Gomez to cover these cases, instead of helping the medical-industrial complex bury them in a shallow grave behind Anthony Fauci’s offices.

On October 17th, Katherine Palombi took her “perfectly healthy” daughter Melody to her pediatrician’s office, the Herbert Kania Pediatric Group in Warwick — News15 actually named the practice —  for Melody’s 15-month well-visit. The pediatrician gave Melody three vaccine injections: varicella, DTaP and Hib. Two days later, without any warning that anything was wrong, Melody suddenly and unexpectedly stopped breathing and her tiny baby heart attacked her.

EMS and then St. Anthony’s hospital medical staff provided emergency care but nothing helped. And listen to this: News12 asked the hospital for the baby’s records. The records showed Melody had liver failure, kidney failure, and cardiac arrest. All at once. With no warning. Two days after a well-visit where the pediatrician found nothing wrong.

An autopsy is pending, but come on.

The article got even more interesting. News12 asked the pediatrician, Herbert Kania Pediatric, for a comment. Of course they had no comment. If I were their lawyer, I’d have told them not to comment too: a lawsuit seems likely. From the Herbert Kania Pediatric Group’s perspective, this kind of news and bad publicity could destroy the practice.

We have come a long way to the point where news outlets feel empowered to report about vaccine injuries. Once the floodgate opens, it will become impossible to contain the flood of outrage and cries for justice. I think we are about to discover that the pandemic has cracked the rotten vaccine walnut wide open.

🔥 Yesterday, outstanding Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tn.) announced an amendment that will issue a flurry of congressional subpoenas on prominent issues like Justice Sotomayor (relating to sources used in the justice’s recently-published book), and maybe most electrifying, a subpoena to Jeffrey Epstein’s estate for the Pedo Express flight logs.

image 3.png

CLIP: Marsha Blackburn reads off long list of feather-ruffling congressional subpoenas (4:15).

Senator Marshburn has thrown down the gardening glove. It will take some delicate political maneuvering to defeat the Senator’s amendment or squash the Epstein subpoena using some other procedural mechanism. The game is afoot.

🔥 Yesterday I allowed myself a little rant about the Superman Fallacy and the importance of ‘local, local, local,’ and reader response was strong. On my way to the gym last evening, an enthusiastic C&C fan stopped me, thanked me for the post, and let me know she’s running for her first local office. Perfect.

And then this UK Daily Mail headline popped up in the feed: “Michigan township Green Charter votes out its entire local government over China-linked EV battery maker Gotion’s plan to build a factory there.

Boom: voters recalled every single township board member.

It’s a curious story. The five small-town board members who all got the boot by recall were all republicans, and their small county is solidly-red. They were replaced with five conservatives who ran as ‘NPA’ (non-party affiliated). Boiling down the issue, the replaced board members upset locals by fast-tracking a Joe Biden-approved, Chinese communist-party-affiliated, mega-corporate, environmentally-disastrous electric battery plant.

Residents complained that the booted board refused to listen to the public’s comments and concerns about the plant. Resident Corri Riebow, who had no previous political experience, ran for town clerk in the recall, and defeated the incumbent, Janet Clark. “We just plan on making it as difficult as possible for them to continue their process,” Corri said about the proposed battery plant. “They don’t even have a site planned, they don’t have permits yet, so we’re not their friend,” she added, ominously.

I don’t know the backstory about how local Green Charter republicans organized their successful recall coup. But it had to have taken some work. The story is a perfect example of exactly what I described yesterday. It’s easier to accomplish things like this in a small red town like Green Charter, but the same principles of locality apply in Chicago and Philadelphia.

Local, local, local!

💉 Brazilian fitness influencer Luana Andrade, 29, died suddenly and unexpectedly this week from four heart attacks in a row. It’s totally normal. Happens all the time.

image 5.png

The day after Luana had a routine lipo procedure on her knee in Sao Paulo, Brazil, she started feeling unwell. And then the healthy fitness influencer began having one heart attack after another. Hospital tests showed a ‘massive thrombosis’ and she was pronounced dead in the hospital around 5:30am local time on Tuesday. Her cause of death was recorded as a pulmonary embolism.

Blood clots.

Luana wasn’t the only one.

💉  Brazilian model, fashion designer, and Instagram influencer Vanessa Mancini, 41, died this week after having a ‘massive heart attack’ at HOME.

image 6.png

Vanessa, 41, was doing some Christmas decorating with her parents in her Manaus condo on Monday morning, when she suddenly and unexpectedly collapsed in the bathroom. By the time emergency services arrived, Vanessa had no vital signs.

A statement from Vanessa’s family later confirmed the influencer had passed away at home “from a massive heart attack.” Never made it to the hospital.

Vanessa must have sensed something was wrong. The otherwise healthy, active influencer and world traveler went to a cardiologist in July. She even posted a video of herself on Instagram wearing a ‘holter monitor’ which records cardiac electrical activity and helps identify irregularities. In other words, Vanessa was under a cardiologist’s care and had been monitored for six months — but they still couldn’t predict or stop what happened.

It’s been a difficult Fall for Brazilian fitness influencers.

💉 Back on September 1st, I reported fitness Influencer Larissa Borges, 33, who died of a double cardiac arrest. Double, quadruple, what’s the difference? It’s quite common, you know.

image 7.png

And more recently on October 22nd, C&C reported the tragic sudden death of New Zealand fitness Influencer and bodybuilder Raechelle Chase, 44, who was said to have ‘inspired millions’, and was a single mother of five.

image 8.png

Despite assurances in all the original articles, there’s still been no word from the coroner about the cause of Raechelle’s sudden and unexpected death, and there never will be.

🔥 Florida Politics ran another encouraging legal story yesterday headlined, “Jury decides to ‘Take Care of Maya’ with verdict holding All Children’s liable after abuse claims.

image 9.png

Yesterday, in a case partly prosecuted by an excellent Florida attorney who’d helped me with pandemic freedom cases, a jury found Johns Hopkins hospital — which kidnapped so many during covid — guilty of child abuse, battery, false imprisonment, and wrongful death. The jury awarded Maya Kowalski and her father $211 million in damages plus $50 million in punitive damages.

It still isn’t enough money.

In case you never heard of the story, despite the recent Netflix documentary, the disastrous tale began after Maya’s parents complained about the treatment ten-year-old Maya was receiving at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. The hospital retaliated by calling DCF on the parents. The situation escalated and Maya was taken away from her parents, despite needing significant medical care at the time.

Things got worse. A bad court decision found that Maya’s mother potentially abused her daughter via Münchausen Syndrome by Proxy, and Maya was not allowed to live with her mother.

Since she was the obstacle, in order to get her daughter back home and out of the state system, her mother committed suicide.

The arrogant buffoons who run Johns Hopkins keep saying the hospital did nothing wrong, even though everyone else can see it. The jury should’ve awarded the hospital’s net worth to the Kowalskis, so that Johns Hopkins, which disgracefully revealed itself to be a dangerous CDC puppet during the pandemic, could desist from further plaguing we the living, instead passing forever into history’s black book of shame.

But $261 million is a good start.

🔥 Oh no! In more bad news for the medical-industrial complex, yesterday NBC ran a story headlined, “CDC reports highest childhood vaccine exemption rate ever in the U.S.” The sub-headline explained, “Forty states saw rises in parents citing religious or other personal concerns for not vaccinating their young children.”

image 10.png

On Thursday, the CDC’s alarmed whitecoats reported the profit-shredding statistic that vaccine sales have slipped to all-time lows! In other words, the number of exemptions from routine childhood vaccines have reached an all-time high.

image 11.png

Go Idaho! A five percent exemption rate might not seem like much, but the trend is what’s alarming the CDC’s drug sales department. Three years ago, only two states had an exemption rate over 5%. And the medical machine’s problem seems to be bigger than just childhood vaccines.

There’s a developing image problem for the whole medical system.

“There is a rising distrust in the health care system,” said Dr. Amna Husain, a North Carolina private practice pediatrician and American Academy of Pediatrics spokesperson. Dr. Husain explained that vaccine exemptions “have unfortunately trended upward” along with a rising distrust in the health care system writ large.

How could this have happened?

NBC dutifully trotted out its merchants of fear. “We really have to have our guard up,” said Dr. Julie Morita, executive vice president of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and former head of the Chicago Department of Public Health. “We’ve forgotten how bad these diseases actually are.”

Have we forgotten? Or have we been brainwashed into believing the diseases are worse than they really are in order to sell unnecessary, unsafe, and ineffective medical treatments?

Just how bad are the diseases? NBC darkly described a recent “measles outbreak,” making it sound like a horror movie about aerosolized Ebola or something. But in the end, only about 80 kids tested positive for measles, and nobody died (although 36 terrified parents hauled their hapless kids to the treatment centers for hydration after some diarrhea).

Like the damages award in Maya’s case, the five percent jab exemption rate is a good start, but it’s only a start.

💉 Finally, to help start your weekend off right, for your Friday amusement, enjoy this comical public service announcement from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Remember ladies, he’s single again!:

image 12.png

CLIP: No evidence Justin Trudeau got his shots (0:12).

The “booster advisory” clip shows a slack-jawed, chuckling, lightly tattooed man sitting in a chair and getting his shoulders wiped with prep pads. That’s it. For the life of me, I can’t understand why they would so obviously cut away —twice— deliberately not showing the injections, which were the whole point of the message.

Maybe the Prime Minister cried when he got the real shots, and they had to film it over again, once he was feeling better and had his lollipop. What are your thoughts?

Have a fabulous Friday! Enjoy your weekend, catch up on your unread C&C’s (or the comments sections) till Tuesday morning when I’ll return to the C&C control room. See you then.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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