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☕️ UNPREPARED ☙ Saturday, October 7, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it is Saturday. I couldn’t sleep and woke up to huge breaking news. The post this morning is a little shorter and less polished so I could get it out early. You’re going to start hearing all about this story anyway, and so today’s post will brief you in on everything that happened overnight.


🚀 War in Israel has begun. On the 50th anniversary of the country’s 1973 war, southern Israel is in dangerous disarray this morning after the most effective Hamas sneak attack against Israel in decades. We aren’t even sure what’s happening, but the political blame-game has already begun:

image 2.png

Around 4am this morning, the Times of Israel’s live feed was reporting six official dead and up to 100 wounded in a massive coordinated combination attack, where Hamas both fired over 5,000 mortars and also sent terrorist teams from Gaza across the border into south Israel by land, sea, and air — even paragliding in, if you can believe that. Israel civilians are currently on lockdown, hiding in their safe rooms and staying in their homes.

Israel has called up 200,000 reservists.

Videos show soldiers as well as Israeli civilians and their children being abducted as hostages. Credible online reports suggest the number of dead, wounded, and captured is much higher than the official reports, including dozens of Israeli soldiers who were caught unprepared. Telegram channels are reporting several Israeli settlements have been captured. The videos and pictures from the ground are horrifying and I advise caution on what you look at today.

Netanyahu says the attacks are larger than just terrorism; the country has declared a state of war.

image 21.png

The attack comes in the context of $6B in assets that the Biden Administration recently released to Iran, and new that Israel and Saudi Arabia are on the brink of a major peace deal. Commenters are already speculating that the violence is intended to derail the Saudi peace deal.

Based just on what we know so far, there probably has not been as large or coordinated an attack on Israel since the 60’s and 70’s. Until now, Israel’s intelligence services have been extremely effective at detecting, predicting, and preventing any large, coordinated attack like this one. In 2002, Israel went to war with Yassar Arafat after only two of its soldiers were killed. Israel has already begun a counteroffensive and several Palestinian buildings where Hamas were believed to be located have already been destroyed.

image 3.png

Hamas fighters appear to be moving at will through some Israeli settlements. CLIP: Israeli resident videos Hamas tactical truck in street (0:27).

Militants posted videos of at least one destroyed Israeli tank:

image 22.png

“Terrorists infiltrated into Israeli territory in a number of different locations,” the Israeli military stated early this morning. Israel’s top police chief said in a video statement there were twenty-one active conflicts across the southern part of the country. Social media videos showed Palestinians cheering as trucks returned to Gaza carrying bodies of Israeli soldiers.

In addition to many soldiers, Hamas captured at least one top Israeli commander:

image 23.png

It seems highly unlikely that commander Aloni’s capture was an accident, which in turn suggests that the action was extremely well-planned with significant intelligence. It also seems unlikely that regional terrorist groups could have accomplished all this without help from a nation-state.

So the big question right now is: how far will this spread? Will other groups be encouraged to join? Anecdotal reports suggest there is a risk of a larger area of effect:

image 4.png

Israeli News 12 reported that an unnamed Israeli minister warned that this might be a distraction before a full-scale war with Lebanon and Syria to the north. Obviously, in the fog or war, there are more hot takes than actual news.

Local Israelis report being mustered up for civilian duty:

image 5.png

It’s a good thing Israelis are allowed to bear arms.

People are already speculating about how the attack — which is not finished yet — will affect public opinion toward Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Ominously, Netanyahu is under immense political pressure to show a muscular response that will discourage the country’s enemies from further mischief and ensure countries like Iran aren’t tempted to take advantage of the chaos.

As of 7:30am Eastern Time, none of the many conflict areas are yet under control. Bellicose rhetoric is streaming from some parts of Israel’s angry army:

image 26.png

The good news is that, so far, there is no sign that Israel intends to blame or attack anyone besides Hamas. Both Turkey and Saudi Arabia have officially called for the fighting to end. I think the issue is not whether the Israelis have the moral high ground. The issue is whether the controversy will spark another regional war. It seems likely that the conflict must get worse before it can get better.

Joe Biden is still sleeping.

But we are awake and praying for all the civilians on both sides, and that cooler heads will quickly prevail.

💉 In other Israel news, 7-Israel ran a story last week horrifyingly headlined, Child dies after nearly drowning on Yom Kippur Eve. The sub-headline explained: “8-year-old boy passes away days after suffering cardiac arrest and nearly drowning in a bathtub.” A very particular boy: he’s a covid celebrity.

Who knows what Yonatan might have done with his life if public health experts hadn’t failed him so badly? Now, he’s been ACTUALLY erased, not just called by the wrong pronoun.

Eight-year-old Yonatan (Jonathan) Erlichman had a fatal heart attack while he was taking a bath. He might have drowned if his cardiac arrest hadn’t killed him. That’s where we are now, eight year olds having heart attacks while taking a bath. Yonatan got immediate help, crisis care arrived within minutes, and Yonatan then spent three difficult days clinging to life in the hospital — but they still couldn’t save him.

Not only that. Yonatan was surrounded by doctors. Kid doctors. His father is a pediatrician and a hospital doctor. His grandfather is a former director of pediatrics. One assumes Yonatan got the best medical care any child could get. But wait, there’s more.

When he was five, Yonatan was a child actor who starred in early covid propaganda videos along with an overall-wearing puppet. The puppet said he was scared about covid. So Yonatan told the puppet to talk to his dad, a doctor.

image 7.png

CLIP: Friendly covid puppet explains lockdowns to Yonatan (0:53; Hebrew).

In a subsequent piece, Yonatan’s father explained covid protocols to the socially-distanced puppet in kid-friendly terms. He told the puppet how important 14-day quarantines are, the “necessity” of quarantining people who contacted an infected person — even if they won’t lock themselves down — and that the puppet must not use the bathroom for several hours after mama goes.

image 8.png

Ominously, although the video predated the jab rollout by several months, Yonatan’s father told the puppet all about vaccines. “No one likes injections,” Dr. Erlichman told the red-headed puppet, “but sometimes there no choice, right?”

Well. There’s no choice about the injections whenever deranged public health experts get anywhere near the levers of power.

Finally and predictably, Dr. Erlichman applied guilt manipulation to the poor puppet, explaining that “everything we’re doing is for” grandma and grandpa, and “this creates a good feeling in the heart, that you’re able to help, right?”

That’s some pretty tragic irony right there.

After the jabs rolled out, Yonatan’s pediatrician grandfather encouraged viewers to get jabbed in a news interview, insisting he was sure the shots were totally safe and effective: “I’m sure it’s not dangerous, according to all the research that was done, all the approvals it received … there were no side effects other than a drop of local pain in the injection site.“

image 9.png

In other words, the older Dr. Erlichman believed the public health experts.

Yonatan’s medical family described how the boy died, but has not said whether or not they gave him the jabs. But there was no choice, and Yonatan was doing everything he could for grandma and his pro-jab grandpa, and it made a good feeling in his heart. Well. You know what I mean.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the grieving family at this unimaginably difficult time. Hopefully they’ll figure out what caused Yonatan’s death so they can have closure and help prevent this from happening to other young children.

💉 Simple Flying ran a story yesterday headlined, “Honolulu Airport Closed Over Medical Emergency.” The sub-headline explained, “An air traffic controller suffered an unspecified health incident.” Of course it was unspecified.

image 11.png

On Wednesday, the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL) in Honolulu briefly shut down due to a mysterious unidentified “medical emergency” in the air traffic control tower. The grounding lasted almost an hour, delaying around 70 flights.

They aren’t saying exactly what happened or to whom, because secrecy. But reports did say “fellow ATC controllers” gave emergency care to the incapacitated individual before EMS arrived, suggesting the victim of the “medical emergency” was also a controller.

In the ever-shifting boundaries of the narrative war, the term “medical emergency” has lately surfaced as Establishment Media’s preferred euphemism. It’s a dead giveaway. For example, here are a few more headlines from just the last several days:

On Thursday, WCPO-9 Cincinnati, a driving medical emergency (woman, 50’s):

image 12.png

On Friday, Vermont’s WCAX-3, a hiking medical emergency (no info):

image 13.png

On Thursday, WSAZ-3 West Virginia, a fast food medical emergency (no info):

image 14.png

On Thursday, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, a driving medical emergency (“Police do not believe alcohol or drugs were a factor”):

image 15.png

On Wednesday, Reuters, a Brisbane soccer medical emergency (no info):

image 16.png

On Friday, Virginia Fire Chief, a veteran and fire chief “sudden” fatal medical emergency at work:

image 17.png

On Friday, MSN News, Dick Butkus, 80, died AT HOME from a sudden, unexpected, mysterious medical emergency:

image 18.png

On September 18th, ESPN, a college football player medical emergency (no info because privacy):

image 19.png

Yesterday, UK Daily Record, an airline passenger medical emergency (no info):

image 20.png

I could go on. There’s lots more, all recent headlines, so many it would have taken too long to count them. Because the term “medical emergency” says nothing, they’ll say there’s no evidence these tragedies are linked to the jabs.

There’s no evidence, because they’re not going to give us any evidence. So take that, conspiracy theorists.

💉 On Thursday, during an interview with Del Bigtree, Florida’s Surgeon General and Harvard trained doctor Joseph Ladapo, MD, PhD, clarified that Florida does not recommend the jabs for anyone, even 65+. “It’s not a product,” Ladapo explained, that “based on its safety, that anyone should take.”

image 24.png

CLIP: Joe Ladapo says Florida does not recommend jabs for ANYONE (0:47).

🔥 The UK Telegraph ran a story about a new study yesterday, headlined “Trans women (i.e., men) taking hormones ‘up to 95 per cent more likely to suffer heart disease’.” The sub-headline added, “Study found all transgender people taking gender-affirming hormones are at ‘significantly increased risk’ from deadly conditions.”

image 10.png

The new study was published in the European Journal of Endocrinology, where scientists are still allowed to question the tenets of trans faith, unlike here in the United States.

The researchers looked at the health records of 2,671 transgender people from Denmark over a five-year period. Their average ages were 22 for trans men and 26 for women respectively. They compared the incidence of cardiovascular disease with a control group of 26,700 people.

The study revealed that all transgender people — regardless of the sex they were born with or the gender they were transitioning to — were at “significantly increased risk” from deadly conditions like heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and high blood fat and cholesterol levels. Trans women (i.e., men) taking estrogen were 93% more likely to have cardiovascular disease than biological men, and 73% more likely than biological women. Trans men (i.e., women) taking testosterone were 63% more likely to have some form of heart disease than biological women, and more than twice as likely than biological men.

It’s so weird! Public health experts assured everybody that taking an opposite-sex hormone would magically transform people’s genders, and cross-sex hormones were totally 100% safe, effective, and reversible. So how can this study be? After all, public health experts are never wrong.

Or at least, they never admit they were wrong.

🔥 CNN ran a story yesterday headlined, “New York appeals court halts the process of breaking up Trump’s businesses but rejects stopping the trial.

image 25.png

Trump’s lawyers had a partial win yesterday, when the New York Appellate Court stayed Judge Engoran’s order cancelling all Trump’s New York businesses licenses in the state. The general rationale was that those businesses are separate legal entities and were not represented in the trial and had no chance to argue for themselves.

The appellate court predictably declined to stay the entire trial, which will continue, but the judge’s earlier order is on hold until after the trial and pending further appeal.

🔥 There have been many Klaus Schwab send-ups, but this video is pretty funny, reminding us of all those 1980’s compilation albums.  I hope it gives you a smile.


CLIP: Greatest Schwabs Vol. 15 (3:38).

Have a great weekend, don’t worry about anything, and I’ll be back on Monday when we will know a LOT more about what’s going on in the Middle East. C&C will roundup everything you need to know. So feel free to pretend there’s another FEMA alert, keep your electronics off, and enjoy your weekend.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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