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☕️ TRUMPED UP ☙ Saturday, March 18, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Trump breaks more traditions by preparing for an arrest, so now we can arrest them all; Kathy Hochul shoots for worst governor of all time; Biden blinks at reporter’s question; and more.

Better late than never, am I right? Apologies, and welcome to the late-filed Weekend Edition! It’s been a hectic planes, trains, and automobiles kind of day for the Childers family and I’m grateful to have gotten this out to you. Sadly, due to airplane bandwidth restrictions, lots of terrific illustrations had to be left behind on the cutting-room floor.

Your tardy roundup includes: Unanswered questions; it looks like they’re actually going to arrest President Trump on a legal theory so weak that even the New York Times doubts it makes sense; deplorable governor Kathy Hochul makes another run at becoming the second democrat to set up domestic internment camps; I am not making this up — a reporter actually asked Joe Biden about all the money; another de-transitioner sues her lying doctors; and Matt Walsh catches up with the tradwife movement.


🪖 On March 25th, I’ll be running a panel on protecting doctors from licensing attacks at the first Covid Litigation Conference in Atlanta, sponsored by Steve Kirsch. The Conference is designed to teach lawyers how to handle medical freedom litigation, which might be the most personally and professionally rewarding work any lawyer could hope for. Plus there’s an all-star lineup of some of the smartest, most accomplished legal and scientific folks around.

More details are available at: Covidlitigation.com.


🔥 File under “questions without answers:”

Where are the January 6th surveillance videos that Speaker McCarthy promised to release?

Where is John Fetterman?

Whatever happened with the Chinese war balloons?

Are we mad about the Russians jet-fueling our “Hunter-Killer” Predator drone?

I bet you guys can come up with some more good ones.

🔥 The New York Times ran a story Thursday headlined, “As a Possible Indictment Looms, Trump’s Team Plans to Attack.” Republicans attack! The sub-headline explained “If the former president faces criminal charges, his campaign plans to begin a broad offensive against Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan district attorney and a Democrat, accusing him of political bias.”

Bias? It’s kind of funny how the Times describes Trump’s defending himself as “an attack.”

The leaked rumor is Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg will soon indict President Trump, which would require Trump to be arrested, processed, mugshot, and detained until he makes bail (assuming the Court approves bail). Bragg, pictured below, will shortly become the first prosecutor in the history of the United States to file criminal charges against a former President.

District attorney Bragg is not always this zealous about prosecuting crimes. Earlier this year, the New York Post reported that “soft-on-crime Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has downgraded more than half his felony cases to misdemeanors — while also managing to lose half of the felony cases that do reach court.” Bragg’s campaign received funding from Soros-related entities, was endorsed by the New York City Democratic Socialists of America, and ran on a platform of “criminal justice reform.”


The charges against Trump relate to disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti’s claim that Trump paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 in 2016, in exchange for a non-disclosure agreement. Ironically, lawyer Avenatti has been convicted of extorting Nike, by threatening the firm to disclose harmful information unless they paid him to shut up, and separately for wire fraud and identity theft, due to pinching $300,000 from one of his own clients.

The Times failed to mention either of Avenatti’s criminal convictions.

The charges are moldy baloney. To get to a felony conviction, DA Bragg must combine a misdemeanor “falsifying business records” charge with a second crime by re-characterizing the Daniels payment as an improper donation to Trump’s campaign, exceeding state donor limits. Even the New York Times thinks it’s a long shot, as it explained in a March 9th article about the case:

Combining the criminal charge with a violation of state election law would be a novel legal theory for any criminal case, let alone one against the former president, raising the possibility that a judge or appellate court could throw it out or reduce the felony charge to a misdemeanor.

Yesterday’s Times article spends most of its word budget describing how it expects the Trump campaign to use the Banana Republic-style prosecution to his advantage, which for some reason surprised the Times’ reporters as much as if they’d heard Anthony Fauci blurt something accurate for a change.

Trump supporters are rightly outraged by the trumped-up charges and will probably be even more energized to support the former President in his election campaign than discouraged at all. The story quoted aggressive New York lawyer Joe Tacopina, who said “If they bring this case, I believe this will catapult him into the White House, because this will show how they’re weaponizing the justice system.”

Tacopina is not the only one with that sentiment:

Matt IS overestimating the intelligence of the power-hungry idiots who dreamed up this strategy. Never overestimate the intelligence of power-hungry idiots. Consider Sheila Jackson-Lee, for example. Just saying.

This morning, in a series of all-caps tweets, President Trump announced he would be arrested on Tuesday, and called for Americans to PROTEST:

Jan Jekielek @JanJekielek

Trump says he expects to be arrested next Tuesday at the behest of the Manhattan DA, calls for protests👇 https://t.co/6PA4u3vsHK


1:37 PM ∙ Mar 18, 202395Likes40Retweets

President Trump would know. It is likely that his lawyers arranged for him to turn himself in on Tuesday, which often happens after indictments. Better to control the timing and circumstances than wait for law enforcement to do it. If it does happen, expect the story to dominate corporate media and international news.

It sure is convenient timing for a government that needs yet another distraction.

Anyway, I don’t think there will be much public protesting, especially not after the whole January 6th train wreck. This one feels sort of bigger than protests somehow.

Finally, I see Trump’s arrest — if it happens — as a blessing in disguise. I mean, if they can arrest a former president on trumped-up charges, we should be able to arrest people too. I they arrest President Trump, then WE should arrest Fauci, Pelosi, Collins, Baric, Clinton (both of them), Obama, Biden, and the whole merry band of thieves.

🔥 New York is rapidly competing with California to become Hell on Earth. It’s practically sprinting there. Earlier this week, Brownstone ran an article headlined, “Governor Hochul Files Appeal in Quarantine Camp Lawsuit.”

On Monday, after waiting months, and just hours before the final deadline expired, New York Attorney General Letitia James filed an appeal trying to overturn a successful July 2022 lawsuit that struck down New York Governor Hochul’s unconstitutional “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures” regulation. The winning lawsuit was filed and argued by courageous small-firm lawyer Bobbie Anne Flower Cox:

Cafecito Break @cafecitobreak

#BreakingNews Governor Hochul Files Appeal in Quarantine Camp Lawsuit – Hear from the Attorney who took her to court. Stay tuned. The NY drama continues. Please #share #repost Activate the #bochinche hotline @UnitingNYS @teacher_choice @CHdefenseNY @koziswellness @Attorney_Cox


3:06 AM ∙ Mar 15, 202329Likes28Retweets

Where, oh where, has the ACLU gone? Where, oh where could it be? Is it with Little Bo-Peep’s lost sheep? Did it see a spider and run away with Miss Muffet? For that matter, where are any of the myriad of so-called “civil rights” groups whose mission statements glowingly boast of standing up for the disabled, and who all live off government grants and taxpayer largesse?

Why must small-firm, solo attorney Cox carry this burden, when there are all these well-heeled, well-staffed institutional guarantors of freedom? Suddenly, when we need them the most, they are all missing in action, AWOL. Not one of them appeared in the case. Every single one of these well-funded civil rights law firms are loathsome shirkers and deserters, deserving scorn and ridicule from all right-thinking citizens. Shame on them.

The New York Department of Health’s “emergency regulation” lets the agency arbitrarily pick citizens to lock up or lock down, with no proof needed that the citizen was ever even exposed to (let alone actually sick with) a long laundry list of communicable diseases. They only need to SUSPECT the citizen has the disease. The regulation would lock citizens down in their homes or forcibly remove them to a state quarantine facility, with no avenue of appeal for release.

You’d be stuck there until THEY decide you can leave.

On February 19, 1942, arguably the most liberal democrat President in history, Franklin D. Roosevelt, signed anti-democratic Executive Order 9066, which made racism the official policy of the United States government, by authorizing the forced removal of “resident enemy aliens” from any parts of the West vaguely designated by the government as “military areas.” Japanese immigrants and their descendants, regardless of American citizenship status or length of residence, were systematically “evacuated” to government prison camps.

Hundreds or thousands of American citizens lost jobs, businesses, homes, and property, all in service to democrat party fear-mongering and politics.

Now the democrats are doing it again. New York’s arguably most liberal democrat Governor in history is attempting to do the EXACT SAME THING, except that instead of citizens with “Japanese ancestry,” Hochul’s anti-democratic health regulation would apply to people the State government deems “unclean,” regardless of whether there is any actual evidence (much less proof) that an “unclean citizen” was even sick.

The courts are not necessarily reliable safeguards of Americans’ Constitutional liberties. In the shameful case of Korematsu v. United States, the Supreme Court — having been frighted into compliance by FDR’s court-packing threat — upheld FDR’s reprehensible Executive Order 9066, by characterizing the despicable order as an “emergency” wartime necessity. The Court explained that the collective need to protect against espionage and sabotage by Japanese Americans on the West Coast outweighed the individual rights of Japanese Americans.

Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson penned an eloquent — and prophetic — dissent in Korematsu:

“The principle then lies about like a loaded weapon, ready for the hand of any authority that can bring forward a plausible claim of an urgent need. Every repetition imbeds that principle more deeply in our law and thinking and expands it to new purposes. All who observe the work of courts are familiar with what Judge Cardozo described as ‘the tendency of a principle to expand itself to the limit of its logic.’ A military commander may overstep the bounds of constitutionality, and it is an incident. But if we review and approve, that passing incident becomes the doctrine of the Constitution. There it has a generative power of its own, and all that it creates will be in its own image. Nothing better illustrates the folly of this invention than the manner in which it has been hurried through this Court with such impetuosity and in the absence of any adequate expression of views.”

Korematsu has never been overruled. But it has been widely criticized — mostly by hypocritical democrats, who created, cheered-on, and enforced the interment order.

Executive orders and agency regulations — like New York’s “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures” — are inherently anti-democratic, because they are ordered by bureaucrats and not debated or approved by citizens’ elected lawmakers. As American writer and poet Charles Bukowski quipped, the difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don’t have to waste your time voting.

I’m not saying the democrats’ “Isolation and Quarantine” regulation is all bad. I could get behind it if it were modified just a little, by replacing “unclean citizens” with “Kathy Hochul.” Put Hochul into forced quarantine! For safety! She IS a witch, after all. And since it’s an emergency and whatnot.


Anyway, we’ll do whatever’s necessary to help Attorney Cox stop the Wicked Witch of the East. Maybe a house will fall on the Governor.

🔥 What could they be trying to distract us from? Well, I’m not saying it’s Joe Biden’s grifting financial problems, but in a miracle comparable to talking donkeys and floating axe heads, a reporter actually confronted Joe Biden yesterday about the sketchy millions paid to his close family members by Chinese-connected entities. Joe was clearly unprepared for the question, listening with his mouth dangling open in stunned shock and — looking like a half-starved dog staring into the headlights — Joe just stammered some weak denials and backed away terrified.

Big Fish @BigFish3000

@dbongino @dawn_navygirl The real criminal is denying it despite there being bank records. Of course it took a foreign reporter to ask the question. https://t.co/r79mIBykVx

Big Fish @BigFish3000

Biden continues to deny crooked family dealings despite bank records proving otherwise. https://t.co/9GeHvCMpCX2:32 AM ∙ Mar 18, 20231,075Likes341Retweets

Signs of life in the media? I know, but one can hope, can’t one? Joe needs someone to translate “mene mene tekel upsharin” for him. In other words, it looks like the writing might be on the wall.

🔥 This week, lawyer Harmeet Dhillon (and friends) sent a legal demand letter to mega-hospital Kaiser Permanente and its deplorable “gender affirmation” clinic. The detailed letter alleges that Kaiser tricked 12-year-old Layla Jane into getting her breasts cut off and totally messing up her sexual development with powerful hormone and puberty-blocking drugs.

In sum, lawyer Dhillon is arguing that Layla’s doctors and surgeons minted a hellish and manipulative false dichotomy by asking Layla’s parents, “would you rather have a dead daughter or a live son?” Her incompetent doctors defrauded Layla by falsely promising that — after only a 30-minute evaluation — the radical gender surgeries and life-altering drugs would cure Layla’s gender dysphoria.

Well, they didn’t. Now 17, Layla has come to terms with her real gender and understands she’s a girl, and is even worse off than before.

It turns out that 12-year-old Layla was actually suffering from undiagnosed anxiety disorders and depression, as well as body dimorphism and self-image problems. She did not understand that the mastectomy would mean she could never breast feed her children, or that the drugs could create fertility problems later.

In other words, all Layla’s witch doctors medically misdiagnosed her anxiety disorders as being “trapped in the wrong body,” in some kind of bizarre metaphysical fantasy that people have a “gendered soul” completely disconnected from their physical, biological body.

It’s demonic voodoo. It’s modern-day witchcraft.

The demand letter was very well-drafted. For one thing, throughout the letter, the lawyers consistently referred to the medical procedures as an “imitation sex change transition.” That’s totally true, call it what it really is: FAKE gender surgery. It doesn’t really change anybody’s gender. It’s just a painful, plastic-surgery costume.

The hospital-industrial complex must be destroyed. We need to start chipping away at the problem by passing uncontroversial laws that should be completely uncontroversial, like:

1) Forbidding hospitals from directing or even influencing licensed physicians’ treatment decisions. Get the hospitals all the way out of medical decisions.

2) Enhance patients’ rights and require hospitals to provide patients with clear statements of those rights upon admission.

3) Increase hospital disclosure requirements, such as by putting patient satisfaction, malpractice rates, prices, and outcome statistics on their websites. There should be major penalties for failures to disclose or misrepresentations.

4) Reform hospitals’ medical malpractice protections by removing damages caps and lengthening limitations periods whenever hospitals fail to obtain informed consent, lie to patients, or fail to disclose ALL possible side-effects.

5) Increase damages caps and provide for disgorgement of hospital revenues whenever malpractice occurs.

I can’t believe big hospitals are dumb enough to push these gender surgeries so hard, so soon after pulling the whole covid caper on us. Something applies here about when you’re in a hole, stop digging.

🔥 Showing how far C&C readers are ahead of the curve, Daily Wire’s excellent Matt Walsh just released a podcast discussing the media’s freakout over the “trad wife” movement, which C&C covered back in your New Year’s Day edition.

Matt Walsh @MattWalshBlog

Media Panics Over ‘Dangerous’ Trad Wife Trend | Ep. 1131 podcasts.apple.com‎The Matt Walsh Show: Media Panics Over ‘Dangerous’ Trad Wife Trend on Apple Podcasts‎Show The Matt Walsh Show, Ep Media Panics Over ‘Dangerous’ Trad Wife Trend – Mar 17, 2023…8:56 PM ∙ Mar 17, 2023295Likes32Retweets

Have a superb Saturday! I’ll see you guys back on Monday morning — at the normal time! — to kick off the new week with a fresh, hot news roundup.

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The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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