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☕️ TRUMP REDUX ☙ Thursday, May 11, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

A special in-depth look at Trump's CNN Town Hall last night and what it tells us about the Narrative; goodbye MTV News, we won't miss you; and Where in the World is Jamie Foxx (part 97).

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Thursday! And what a week it’s been. Today’s roundup focuses on Trump’s surprisingly-great performance at the CNN Town Hall last night, and most importantly, what it means for the Narrative; some quick updates: MTV News joins other woke media outlets in history’s rainbow-colored dumpster; and Jamie Foxx languishes in the hospital as corporate media is baffled about his condition.


📈 Trump appeared on a CNN “Voter Town Hall” last night and did the impossible: gave liberals something even more horrifying to consider than the idea of Tucker moving to Twitter. Anguished liberals wept over CNN’s downfall, and angrily accused the reliably woke network of literally spitting in Democracy’s face.

Libs were even madder at CNN than they were at President Trump:

Rolling Stone was so triggered that nearly every one of its reporters scribbled jeremiads of outrage following the town hall — long after working hours and before they went to bed late last night — presumably to inform Rolling Stone’s midnight readers or maybe just to get it out of their systems:

I could go on, and on, and on. It was a LOT, it was lefty outrage multiplied by virtue-signaling with an exponent of shock and surprise. Let’s just say American leftists were more rattled than Carmen Miranda’s favorite maracas.

Earlier this week, when someone asked Trump WHY he was going on CNN, he said producers made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. I think part of what Trump got from CNN was the right to pick the crowd. The town hall crowd laughed at Trump’s jokes, applauded his strong points, and cheered him on as he pushed back against snide interviewer Kaitlan Collins, who acted more like an annoyed debater or maybe a small, neatly-dressed, starving hyena.

And Trump was a well-fed honey badger.

President Trump never conceded an inch of ground. When Collins asked him to deny that the 2020 elections were stolen, Trump instead called them “rigged” and said “I think that, when you look at that result and when you look at what happened during that election, unless you’re a very stupid person, you see what happens.”

Among other things, Trump promised to pardon “many” of the persecuted J6 protestors, and said he’d end the Ukraine war on Day One, within twenty-four hours. When Collins pressed Trump, thinking she’d finally boxed him in, he completely flummoxed the hapless reporter with an undeniably correct, unassailably moral answer:

Collins: “Do you want Ukraine to win this war?”

Trump: “I don’t think in terms of winning and losing, I think in terms of getting it settled, so we stop killing all these people and breaking down this country. I want everybody to stop DYING…. Russians and Ukrainians. I want them to stop dying. And I’ll have that done in 24 hours.”

In perhaps the night’s best line, as is his great strength, Trump plainly and simply summarized what we are all thinking:

Trump: “Our country is being destroyed by stupid people.”

CNN had scheduled 90 minutes for the total show, allowing 75 minutes for the “interview” but frantically cut the show at only 70 minutes — five minutes early. The post-debate panel included the youthful and spirited Florida Representative Byron Donalds, who turned in a strong performance, taking all comers in a six-against-one rhetorical pile-on.

Byron’s muscular performance might have earned him the vice-presidential nomination.

CNN anchors were visibly uncomfortable, showing some hilarious body language as they struggled to mentally deal with what Byron Donalds was saying, like that Trump outperformed Biden on “every single issue, name an issue, and Donald Trump did better than Joe Biden.”

Trump couldn’t have asked for a better venue. CNN’s “town hall” was a perfect setup for Trump (and then for Byron). Trump was in his element, enjoying a packed audience of supporters and an unlikeable reporter to spar with. But why would CNN air the Trump show in the first place?

The answer is, two weeks ago Joe Biden decided he didn’t want to run against Ron DeSantis. He wants to run against “MAGA Inc.”

They aren’t even making a big secret about it. The New York Times’ article on Trump’s CNN appearance featured a sub-headline that implicitly made the point that the CNN town hall actually helped democrats:

The New York Times, which in any other season would have airily ignored Trump’s debate with a CNN reporter, but last night was forced by its own political considerations to cover the appalling spectacle. Maybe it had to cover the story, but it didn’t have to contain its obvious contempt for Trump and his audience.

The Times’ reporter described the audience’s responses as “a laugh track on a sitcom,” and said the New Hampshire attendees “audibly ate up the shtick of the decades-long showman.” The reporter expressed syrupy sympathy for the outmatched hostess, calling it “tough sledding for Ms. Collins,” describing the combative interviewer as “an athlete playing an away game on hostile turf” and complained that she had to “battle the crowd and the candidate simultaneously.”

But if the crowd had boo’d Trump instead of cheering him, do you suppose the “fair and balanced” Times reporter would have expressed any sympathy for President Trump? My guess is they would have reported the story as Trump performing poorly.

Ultimately, the Times essentially assured its fretful readers not to worry, the CNN interview was all part of Biden campaign’s plan, even reporting that Biden’s political team was “cheering along with the Republican audience”:

In other words, whenever Trump scored a great point, Biden’s political team “cheered.”

I bet you didn’t have this on your 2023 Bingo card: the Biden campaign and the deep state appear to be actively helping Trump win the Republican nomination, having calculated that Trump is so damaged he’s the one Republican candidate that widely-despised Joe Biden can beat.

Governor DeSantis obviously will have his work cut out for him. Democrats in states with open primaries will be voting for Trump, democrats will fund anti-DeSantis ads, and democrats will pull their punches on Trump until after Trump’s secured the nomination.

Could the democrats be underestimating Trump? Does this setup remind you of anything? Isn’t this exactly what happened in 2016? In 2016, democrats picked Trump as the longest-shot candidate and then helped him win the nomination.

Somehow Trump’s convinced the democrats to help him. Again! You can’t make this stuff up.

🔥 Yesterday, the UK Spectator ran a high-browed piece by brainy Niall Ferguson, the Milbank Family Senior Fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, headlined, “Trump’s Second Act: He Can Still Win, in Spite of Everything.”

Ferguson argues that Biden is badly underestimating Trump, and made these specific arguments:

— “Lawfare” won’t kill Trump’s chances. As evidence, Ferguson pointed to “Lula,” who recently won Brazil’s presidency after serving 1.5 years in jail. (Netanyahu was another example.)

— Early frontrunners like Trump have won Republican primaries in six out of eight competitive races since 1972 (the two exceptions were Trump himself and McCain).

— Biden is less popular than Trump was at this point in their presidencies.

— No president since Calvin Coolidge has been re-elected if a recession occurred in the two years before the election. (E.g., Jimmy Carter and H.W. Bush.)

— Trump’s favorability is steadily improving. In July 2015, Trump’s net unfavorable was -39.3%. Today, it’s -16%. (Biden’s numbers are not much better at this point.)

As they say, “it’s the economy, stupid,” and Ferguson properly identified this critical issue as, perhaps, the leading issue:

Joe Biden is in serious danger of following Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush into the bin marked ‘one-term presidents’. Why? For the simple reason that no president since Calvin Coolidge a century ago has secured re-election if a recession has occurred in the two years before the nation votes. It does not need to be as severe as the Great Depression that destroyed Herbert Hoover’s presidency. A plain vanilla recession will suffice.

Ferguson allowed that a lot can change in 18 months, and as his sole counter-argument, Ferguson admitted that only one President in history has ever secured a non-consecutive second term (Grover Cleveland, 1892). Trump would be the second.

🔥 Am I imagining things, or is it true that, now that CNN has fired their gay black anchor, Don Lemon, is CNN now only staffed with old, gay white dudes?

Weird. When do you think CNN will debut their first openly trans anchor in prime time? That’s a serious question.

📉 First BuzzFeed, then Vice News, and now MTV News, which announced yesterday it is closing down for good after thirty-six years on the air. The trend suggests woke media companies are winding down operations as their advertising revenues collapse, and as viewership evaporates.

Could television’s woke woes have anything to do with the fact that TV is driving everyone interesting or intelligent onto the streaming services, like Tucker Carlson, or even Joe Rogan, for that matter? Just asking.

💉 CNN ran a ridiculous jab coverup Tuesday headlined, “Jamie Foxx’s Friends and Family Aren’t Sharing His Medical Diagnosis. Here’s Why.”

The real story is, we still don’t know WHAT happened to Jamie Foxx, WHY he is still in the hospital, nearly a month later, or WHEN he is going to get out, if ever. None of those questions have been answered.

CNN tries to cover for their pathetic failure at their one job — reporting — by citing to Jamie Foxx’s historic reluctance to talk about his romantic relationship with Katie Holmes. So this is just like that, Jamie is a private person, and doesn’t want to talk about his personal medical information, like WHEN HE’S EVER GETTING OUT OF THE HOSPITAL.

They’re missing the point, probably on purpose. The point is not whether Jamie Foxx prefers privacy. The point is whether there’s any real journalists left or whether they are now all on the government’s payroll, directly or indirectly.

The emergency is over. Jabs are no longer essential to stop the pandemic. Vaccine “hesitancy” doesn’t threaten anyone. There’s no legitimate reason — if there ever was — why corporate media won’t cover vaccine injuries. In other words, they can’t claim they are obscuring jab injuries to protect the public.

Who are they protecting now, if not the public? And why?

(And, is Jamie Foxx even still alive?)

Have a tremendous Thursday, do something good, and meet me back here tomorrow to catch up on all the breaking news.

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