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☕️ THE MIRAGE OF JUSTICE ☙ Friday, January 13, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning C&C, it is Friday the Thirteenth! I got some pushback yesterday in the comments, and it’s a teachable moment, so I have drafted an essay on the ethics of joking about dead people.

Then, we finish up with a roundup of breaking news: sudden and unexpected SADS celebrity deaths; anti-vaxx doctor makes corporate media; breaking news on the Biden document problem; and a new UFO report comes out.


🪖 Yesterday, a handful of well-meaning commenters lightly scolded me for humorously reporting supermodel Tatjana’s turbo cancer. They suggested, gently and courteously, that I was being disrespectful, abusing Tatjana’s surviving relatives and said I wasn’t being a good Christian.

They felt like I wasn’t even trying that hard.

Over the last three years, we’ve seen our share of hate mail as well as controlled opposition in the comments. Back in the early pandemic, during psyop “phase one,” the Public Health Team forced hapless doctors to venture out into social media — the LAST PLACE they wanted to go — to encourage everyone to “trust the science.” Some doctors found their way to C&C, where they’d curtly comment about my lack of understanding of their complicated areas of science.

They were hopelessly outmatched and eventually gave up. So next, they tried to cancel us with the algorithms, and you know the rest. Which brings us to the present critics.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not calling yesterday’s critics psyops, or controlled opposition, or suggesting their motives were anything but pure. I assume they love C&C, and only want the blog to succeed in its mission of being a lighthouse of hope in an ocean of vast, dark forces of fear and despair.

So, after attempting a couple quick replies, I stopped, and gave their feedback a lot of thought. This is my thoughtful response.

🔥 Right at the very beginning, I remember being tempted to panic. It was the early videos of ordinary-looking Chinese people suddenly going rigid and keeling over in the street, then being swarmed by scurrying officials in space suits. It looked JUST LIKE on of the pandemic movies. I agonized about where I could send Michelle and the kids to keep them safe.

But the more I watched those video clips, the more I began to doubt. I couldn’t shake a growing conviction that the ‘victims’ looked a whole lot like they were jamming their hands out, right at the last second, to break their fall. That’s when I got skeptical, and then when corporate media started its death counters and relentless apocalypse narrative I couldn’t stand it anymore and started writing on Facebook.

(Later, I got even more skeptical when, after having no vaccine at all for cancer after 100 years of research, no vaccine for HIV after 40 years of intense study, and no vaccine or anything for the common cold, then after a “novel” virus mysteriously appears, suddenly FOUR different pharmaceutical companies dramatically ‘invent’ a 100% safe and effective vaccine, all within twelve months? I smelled a rat. A rat in a business suit that worked for a government agency.)

All I ever wanted from the blog was to offer a few folks a different way to look at the pandemic, maybe a better way. I didn’t mean to cause trouble. I knew it was risky. Right from post number one, some people didn’t like me “downplaying the pandemic.”

Some people didn’t like it a LOT.

One thing has always been crystal clear to me. Our enemies — whoever they are — want us to be in a permanent, sustained state of anxiety and depression, if not outright terror. It is a core part of their strategy. And one funny coincidence — among a lengthy list of ‘coincidences’ — was that for the last six years I’d been teaching a bible study class and one of my favorite topics was the dual sins of worry and fear.

That’s right. The Bible teaches that worrying and being fearful are sinful.

🔥 The best-read article I’ve ever written was addressed to priests and pastors, titled “What the Church Needs to Know about Covid-19 and What to Do About It.” It has over a million views. Among other things, I suggested pastors shouldn’t be pushing masks and vaccines or closing their churches. Even though I only cited ‘authorized’ sources like the New York Times and peer-reviewed studies, and only cited rock-solid mainstream theology, that essay got me summarily booted off two platforms (Medium and Patreon).

Canceled! Which told me I was over the target, so it encouraged me to work even harder.

My “What the Church Needs to Know” article was pretty blunt. Among other things, I said I was SICK AND TIRED of hearing covid policy pushed from the pulpit. And worse, I was horrified hearing pastors call covid deaths in their churches “tragedies.” I called it heretical. Christians don’t view death as ‘a tragedy,’ especially when it’s one of our own brothers or sisters. “I have fought the good fight,” said the Apostle Paul, facing his impending martyrdom; “I have finished the race.”

Paul taught that “to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Gain, not tragedy. From a theological perspective, my article was inarguably right. Christians believe GOD is in control. Not covid. Not Fauci. Not Klaus. And God’s choices are, by definition, not tragic. He works all things together for good, for those who are called according to His purposes.

Most Christians who read the article were encouraged, or even electrified, and scads of them rapid-printed the whole thing for their pastors. But a minority — say, ten percent — were outraged. They felt like I was being WAY too hard on pastors. They felt like I was unfairly calling pastors ‘cowards,’ because I had reminded them that Revelation teaches that cowards will be the very first ones God heaves into the burning lake of fire.

And the critics felt like I was being disrespectful to the dead people’s relatives, when I reminding readers that we actually believe to die is GAIN, and it’s not tragedy. Critics allowed maybe I was right but thought I was minimizing what the survivors were going through. And they felt like I went way too far when I said it was “heretical” to label a 90-year-old parishioner’s death as “tragic.”

To these critics, my own brothers and sisters in Christ, even though I only cited facts and inarguable theology, I was doing it in a way that they felt was not very Christian. I was being a bad example! Instead, they argued, I should use loving persuasion to bring the pastors around, gradually, over time, instead of “shaming them.” They cited the golden rule (the same rule atheists were using right then to guilt believers into accepting masks and jabs).

In other words, the critics didn’t like my article. They thought it was disrespectful and un-Christian.

Well, I disagreed with the critics. I thought respectfully correcting brothers before they make big mistakes WAS Christian. I lovingly responded that the critics could benefit from spending less time in the World and more time in the Word, and offered to coordinate a respectful theological debate about it anytime, anywhere. Nobody ever took me up on that.

I also offered to represent any church that was facing government sanctions for staying open, free of charge, but nobody took me up on that one, either.

🔥 Secular morality also demands we don’t succumb to fear. Imagine families during the Civil War, or World War II. There are many, many examples of large families that sent several kids off to war. These families didn’t collapse in despair when one of the kids were killed. They couldn’t afford to. They rallied around the rest.

We now find ourselves, plumb-spang, amidst World War III. It’s a different type of war, to be sure, but we’re plunged deep in the bouillabaisse, and no mistake. (World Wars I and II were also different than anything history had ever seen. Different weapons, different tactics, different battlefields. Same as now.)

Here’s the thing: we cannot afford to lose our souls when people die, which WILL keep happening. One of our enemies’ main tactics is psychological fear and despair. And for ourselves and our children, we MUST defeat them.

Faith is the personal antidote to fear. The public antidote to fear, for those without faith or whose faith isn’t strong enough yet, is humor. And humor helps even the faithful resist the temptation to fear.

Humor is my main weapon against the joyless, grey criminals waging war on us.

🔥 When yesterday I made gentle fun of Justin Bieber’s crocheted outfit, it was exactly what I would do if we were hanging out together. I would not treat him as an invalid and talk about his tragic face paralysis. I would treat him like a regular guy, and give him a hard time: “hey man, that’s a nice wrap! How’d you get it away from your grandmother?”

Most of you will agree THAT is the best way to love Justin. Not gush about his horrible vaccine injury and how much I feel sorry for him.

But some of you will feel like ribbing Justin would be un-Christian. We’ll have to agree to disagree. The Spirit calls us in different ways.

I do my best to walk the line between lightening up all these appalling death and injury reports, while never being deliberately disrespectful. I choose my stories and words very carefully. But I’m not perfect. And I face insanely-short deadlines. I would ask for grace if a joke comes across as disrespectful; it was not on purpose.

🔥 Our enemies have weaponized our traditional social reserve and courtesies about people’s private health conditions and their deaths, and have turned that commendable prudence against us. Resist! We’re in a war now. It’s different. A lot of the normal rules are modified. We cannot afford to become depressed about the relentless drumbeat of death and injury. We must stay happy and we have to keep talking about what’s happening. Happily.

After we’ve won the war, I’ll stop joking about people dying. Probably.

🔥 I have less sympathy for people who criticize the posts because I don’t have any “direct evidence” it was the jabs. That’s true, but only because our enemies are hiding the ball. They won’t give us the evidence. So we have to make our best informed guesses — because THEY made the rules. We’re only playing by THEIR rules.

And if we are occasionally wrong about guessing the cause of someone’s death, even though it otherwise fits the profile based on the most reliable information we have, then that is THEIR fault. Not ours.

They don’t get the benefit of the doubt anymore. They’ve lied too much.

🔥 Finally, it doesn’t need to be said, but I’ll say it anyway. Of course, almost all of these poor vaccine-injured folks are victims. Even the ones who acted out and pushed jabs on other people. Before they were mean to unjabbed people, they were first victimized by military psychologists, government bureaucrats, and pharmacists. I don’t blame them for succumbing to military-grade propaganda and intense social pressure, and I forgive them for their anxiety-fueled bad conduct.

But I DO mention their bad behavior, because when a person dies after calling for the unvaccinated to be locked-up, it seems to us that a modicum of justice occurred. Of course, it’s not truly justice. They didn’t deserve to die. And anyway, God doesn’t mete out justice that way. And I do not believe in ‘karma.’ But I do believe in natural consequences.

Until we get ACTUAL justice, our spirits benefit from the mirage of justice. That’s not wrong. We humans crave justice, and we need the occasional relief of seeing someone learn the hard way. We’re not ‘satisfied’ they died. We’re not celebrating it. We can simultaneously recognize their victimhood and love and support their surviving relatives, while also appreciating that their deaths are moving the ball closer to real justice and the end of the war.

Ironically, I have some new baffling tragedies to report today. Let’s get started.


💉 Singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Presley, 54, the King of Rock and Roll’s daughter, was rushed to the hospital yesterday afternoon after her heart suddenly and unexpectedly attacked her. According to reports, she was found unresponsive AT HOME. She never woke up and died in the night.

I think it was probably natural gas exposure that killed Lisa Marie. Those gas stoves are 1,000 times worse than the horrors of climate change. At least, they are this week.

💉 TikTok star Taylor Brice LeJeune, 33, well-known by his handle “Waffler69”, died yesterday after a sudden and unexpected “presumed heart attack.” Over the years, Taylor gathered nearly 2 million followers on TikTok, by posting videos of himself testing unlikely foods, things like octopus spaghetti, spicy coffee, and giant fruit loops.

Taylor croaked at the pinnacle of his social media success, just like THAT. It was probably something he ate. Haha, just kidding. You would’ve THOUGHT it would be something he ate. But, oddly, it was his heart, which attacked him AT HOME.

Social media users are sad and are missing the cheerful and ebullient food taster, who uploaded his last meal on Wednesday.

Digital Champion @DigitalChampYT

I can’t believe Waffler69 on TikTok passed away. 😞 Dude made some of the funniest “let’s taste this” videos. RIP to a legend.4:51 PM ∙ Jan 12, 202374Likes4Retweets

No information is available about what killed Taylor, except we know for SURE the one thing it WASN’T. Don’t make me say it.

💉 The BBC ran a straight news piece yesterday including an interview with Dr. Aseem Malhotra, the mild, well-spoken British cardiologist who flipped to being a vaccine denier earlier this year. During the 7-minute segment, the state media giant actually allowed Dr. Malhotra to say, “In my opinion, the likely cause of his death was two doses of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine.”

Holy forbidden language, Batman.

Dr Aseem Malhotra @DrAseemMalhotra

BREAKING BBC News: Cardiologist says likely contributory factor to excess cardiovascular deaths is covid mRNA vaccine and roll out should be suspended pending an inquiry. We did it. We broke mainstream broadcast media 🔥🔥🔥


9:56 AM ∙ Jan 13, 202351,998Likes22,393Retweets

As Dr. Malhotra noted in his tweet, this may be the very first time an anti-vaccine doctor has been allowed to opine about jab side effects on any major media platform without being immediately slandered as a quack or fringe scientist. Think about that.

🔥 There have been a LOT of developments in the Biden document scandal case. U.S. Attorney General Grandma Garland is uncharacteristically moving at the speed of science. Earlier this week, he assigned a Trump-appointed US Attorney in Chicago to review the recovered Biden documents. Yesterday, Garland appointed a special prosecutor, Robert Hur, to investigate Biden’s improper retention of classified documents.

Hur was previously the Trump-appointed US Attorney for Maryland. On the other hand, he was also counsel to disgraced deep-state FBI Director Chris Wray. So. Facially, you could say Garland is trying to be even-handed, and pick investigators neither political party can effectively criticize.

Then yesterday, nearly convincing me that we ARE living in a rebooting simulation, media announced finding ANOTHER location where Biden was conveniently caching classified documents. This time it was in his GARAGE. Where he keeps his Corvette.

Susie Q @WitherowSue

@RNCResearch @ScottforFlorida


10:04 PM ∙ Jan 12, 2023

At least Biden didn’t mark them down and sell them off in a garage sale.

Now, I hardly know what to say about this next exchange, but watch Biden fumble through a written statement about the classified documents after being confronted by Fox News’ Peter Doocy at one of Biden’s ultra-rare press conferences. Biden can’t even read a full paragraph. Every one of my kids is a better reader.

Benny Johnson @bennyjohnson

DOOCY: “Classified materials next to your Corvette?! What were you thinking?” BIDEN: “My Corvette’s in a locked garage so it’s not like it’s sitting on the street.” DOOCY: “So the material was in a locked garage?” BIDEN: “Yes— as well as my Corvette.”


4:07 PM ∙ Jan 12, 202322,544Likes5,586Retweets

Man. That was painful to watch.

I don’t know about you, but this whole thing is starting to seem very off to me. For one thing, I am shocked that Merrick Garland is responding so quickly when he has so many other options.

I can’t help thinking about the fact that we are now in the “safe harbor” period for Joe to step down. Before the first of this month, if Kamala had taken over, her time in the White House would’ve counted as a full term, giving her only one more electable term. But now, Kamala could serve the next two years, then EIGHT more years after that.

And if Biden resigned because of his classified documents problem, then what would that say about what Trump “should” do? Or, Lord help us, what if the Democrats participated in impeaching Biden?

Makes you think, doesn’t it? Who knows, but it’s going to be a wild ride.

I TOLD YOU to buckle up for this year. Here we go!

🛸 The Office of the Director of National Intelligence released its second official report on unidentified flying objects yesterday. It says that, since March 2021, it has received 247 new reports, mostly from military sources. Of those, it concluded 195 were probably balloons, drones, or “clutter.” But the rest remain unidentified.

Disclose.tv @disclosetv

JUST IN – ODNI assessed 247 new UFO reports in 2022. dni.gov/files/ODNI/doc…


5:46 PM ∙ Jan 12, 2023


The report curiously admitted the remaining unidentified flying objects “appear to have demonstrated unusual flight characteristics or performance capabilities, and require further analysis.” So UFO conspiracy theorists AREN’T crazy, because even the government can’t figure out what’s going on.

I’m not complaining, but for some reason, UFO conspiracy theorists get a government agency investigating and reporting on their theories. But people who question vaccine ‘science’ get treated like flat earthers. They get canceled and censored. Weird, huh?

Have a fabulous Friday! I’ll see you back here tomorrow for the Weekend Edition.

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Published with author’s permission.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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