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☕️ THE MIND KILLER ☙ Thursday, April 27, 2023 ☙ C&C NEWS 🦠

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning, C&C, it’s Thursday! And a slightly-different Thursday, where we will take a pause from the regular roundup and shore up some folks against their temptations to feel anxious about current events.


🔥 I’ve noticed from the comments this week that some of the news, especially the Proxy War news, has been making some folks a little anxious. They’re peering around nervously, to see whether a hypersonic missile or Pandemic 2.0 or Klaus Schwab in drag is bearing down on them any second.

It’s totally understandable, induced by a combination of fear of the unknown and lack of control. But if you step back just a little, you’ll see neither of those things is a valid reason to be anxious.

In 2020, we were all taken by surprise, not only by the virus but by the swift implosion of representative government. They got it over on us using fear. The government and the media rightfully deserve most of the blame, but some, maybe a lot, was self-inflicted. While the Captain Bligh-like government officers were above deck ordering everyone around and forcing people into essential and non-essential lifeboats, some crew members were down in the bottom of the ship frantically trying to dig through the hull to find a way out.

I don’t think I ever wrote about this, certainly not at the time, but in late summer of ’21, as mandates were peaking, I attended by private plane an invitation-only, no-electronics-allowed meeting in the middle of nowhere for a classified briefing. Two career ex-CIA field agents, who at that time were somewhat distracted managing assets during Afghanistan’s evacuation, soberly informed the group that SARS-CoV-2 was a Chinese engineered bioweapon.

They showed us a portfolio of documents including translated studies of various Chinese journal articles describing trigger viruses as bioweapons, complicated biological patents, Chinese military and intelligence org charts mapping out the military supervision of the Wuhan lab, and similar suggestive documents. Then they dropped the germ bomb on us: covid was engineered to be mild but highly-infectious, and designed to immediately become 100% fatal, within minutes, when the person is exposed to another trigger virus.

It was a simple and elegant theory. The Chinese could take out an entire carrier group, they explained, through airborne sprays. Only one crew member needed to be infected by the trigger virus, and within hours the entire carrier group would be a floating cemetery. Even worse, they claimed the vaccines were precursors, allowing for permanent susceptibility and timed deployment of the trigger.

The presentation was very persuasive and, needless to say, it was extremely alarming, if not completely dispiriting. But, as a lawyer, I remained skeptical: I know how easy it is to build a case for a particular narrative, especially when the case is unopposed. Later, the agents were discredited (for other reasons) and nothing like what they’d described ever happened.

We’ve all heard similar terrifying theories. Almost none of them have panned out.

For example, although many smart folks on our side predicted massive casualties from the jabs, Ethical Skeptic currently calculates the Injection Fatality Rate at 0.25%. That is much higher than Covid’s infection fatality rate, and doesn’t count injured or disabled people, and it doesn’t account for drops in the fertility rate, and it is a wildly unacceptable figure, but it’s still a far cry from apocalyptic estimates like a 30% Injection Fatality Rate.

But meanwhile, diagnosed anxiety disorders are off the charts. As Frank Herbert would say, fear is the mind-killer.

Beyond the problems with covid and the jabs, we are living amidst a technological revolution. Robots, artificial intelligence, 5G, the internet, drones, genetic tinkering, and TikTok dance routines are all transforming society in real time in unpredictable ways comparable to the disruptive social and economic effects created by automobiles, airplanes, digital computers, nuclear power, and microwaveable hot pockets. There is no possible way to predict how it will all shake out — you can’t, don’t even try — and it’s trivially simple to imagine human mass-extinction events.

Just like every other technological revolution in history.

During the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, France and Belgian workers, convinced the mechanization of their jobs would end their worlds as they knew them, would throw their wooden shoes, or “sabots,” into the machinery to disrupt the production line. This coined the term “sabotage,” which later came to refer to any deliberate effort to disrupt or obstruct something.

For every single scary thing to fret about in the news, there’s an equal and opposite way to optimistically look at the exact same thing as progress. I’ll give you a few examples, but don’t ding me for omitting something, I can’t possibly do them all justice and keep today’s post to a manageable size.

🔥 Yesterday I reported that the BRICS countries are Hoovering up gold so they can successfully replace the dollar. That seems frighteningly realistic. But it seems realistic because it highlights the dollar’s weakness: that we went OFF the gold standard in the first place. And THAT problem won’t be fixed by any digital currency. Only making the dollar more secure will fix it; to save the dollar, the U.S. must finally deal with its debt and spending problems.

Or put another way: the prospect of a BRICS gold-based replacement currency is complicating, if not completely confounding, the insane plans to deploy completely-fluid digital dollars. The BRICS gold-backed notes will be the reverse opposite of floating digital currency.

🔥 Or, you might be understandably vexed by news of all these grotesque secret biolabs, but the counterpoint is: they’re not new. They’re just being exposed. It’s a long-standing problem that was decades in the making. Because of the exposure, the architects of doom can’t keep using them. Sooner or later, it is going to be illegal to build any more of these facilities in insecure, politically-unstable third-world countries.

Fixing the illegal labs problem would never have happened without their exposure, just like we wouldn’t be fighting CRT and grooming in schools if the pandemic hadn’t exposed what was really going on in the classrooms.

The discussion has already started. Just today:

🔥 Maybe it’s the lack of medical freedom getting you down, or the crazy things Bill Gates is saying about another pandemic. But ask anti-vaccine activists how they feel and you’ll get a completely different answer. For decades they’ve been sidelined, laboring in unappreciated obscurity — but now, everybody is an anti-vaxxer. The anti-vaccine movement has never had so much popular support.

In fact, one of the democrats’ presidential candidates is currently getting 20% of DEMOCRAT support, and is running on an anti-vaccine platform:

Look, I’m not arguing RFK has any chance of winning the democrat nomination. The point is, a sizable minority of the public mind is changing. It doesn’t take much. They say it only takes 10% of highly-motived citizens to completely change society.

We’re well past that now!

🔥 Maybe you’re terrified by the infectious Proxy War and its baleful prospect of global thermonuclear destruction. But the truth is, despite Biden’s best efforts, that outcome is more remote than ever. Both Ukraine and the United States are “bread baskets” for the world. If either one is nuked, the world will starve and descend into anarchy and chaos, and everyone knows it.

China has no breadbasket. Russia depends on Ukraine, which is one reason that particular spot of dirt has seen so much war over the years.

Why do you think we’re in the middle of a secret, spy-vs-spy fifth-generation war? It’s because winning a nuclear war still means losing.

🔥 Maybe you subscribe to the QAnon narrative and fret about the world being run by an élite cabal of cannibalistic pedophiles, and if you do, I can’t blame you. You didn’t really think it was all going to turn around in a few months, did you? The fact is, there are lots of signs that the problem — however widespread — IS being exposed, its insectile supporters are being forced to skitter out from under their refrigerators, and many ordinary, non-QAnon people are having to grapple with the issue.

People like Elon Musk, for example:

🔥 I first noticed the media’s love affair with fear in my late 20’s. Michelle and I shared a joint love of mocking nightly news segments about the latest deadly hazard waiting to spring from the dark corners and strike us all dead. Stories like: “Formica, The Silent Killer.”

To this day, my favorite example is still a segment Michelle and I watched together in a Miami hotel room twenty years ago. The 10-minute feature included a chyron label something like “Over-Tight Bras Killing Women.” Our favorite part was the repeated clip of a half-dressed, extremely well-endowed lady struggling with all her might to close the strap of her poor, tortured brassiere, which looked like it was about to suffer a sudden and unexpected wardrobe malfunction any second.

(For the record, I found an appropriate image, but this is a family blog so I resisted the temptation to plop it in here. You’re welcome.)

And they never quit! From the New York Post, just a couple months ago:

Never minds bras and oversized bosoms, now even the AIR can kill you!

In short, fear — most recently best-exemplified by 24×7 covid death tickers — sells. And now our adversaries have figured out fear is a great way to keep us distracted and unfocused.

Fear is a choice. Choose hope! Don’t be distracted and despondent. Stay focused and hopeful. Focus on the progress, not the problems.

🔥 Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying we’re in the clear. I’m not saying we don’t have any problems. I’m not even saying things won’t get worse before they get better.

What I AM saying is: things WILL get better. Look, change is uncomfortable. The discomfort caused by BIG change is even bigger and more uncomfortable. We’re on the world’s biggest roller coaster and we are slowly pulling up to the tallest hill. Everyone knows what happens next.

But then, the nauseating ride ends, and you get off and go buy some overpriced, sugary snacks and wait in line some more.

My advice, take it or leave it, is to cut back a little on all the doomsday Youtube videos. Focus on things you CAN control, like local, local, local. Keep an eye on the narrative, because that’s the closest we get to the truth, and to be honest, NOBODY knows what’s really going on. Not even the pedophile cannibals or Klaus Schwab, but I repeat myself.

If we’re afraid, they win.

For my part, I promise to take better care to point out the optimistic elements in current events in future C&C posts. And you try not to eat the fear candy.

I’ll end with this. If it hadn’t been for that awful government-induced pandemic, you would never have found the community of all the other like-minded folks who just want to be free and let alone by the government, your new friends and your new extended family.

And you never would’ve found C&C! So.

Stay frosty. I owe you all some thoughts about Florida’s SB 252, and I have a lot to say about it. I WILL get to that soon, I promise. In the meantime, have a terrific Thursday, remain hopeful, focused, and optimistic, and I’ll be back with regularly-scheduled programming tomorrow.

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© 2022, Jeff Childers, all rights reserved

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal Florida.

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