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☕️ SUPERHEROES ☙ Thursday, December 15, 2022 ☙ C&C NEWS

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By Jeff Childers


Good morning and Happy Thursday, C&C! Your roundup today includes: Trump invokes superhero imagery and teases another major announcement; Biden drives Egypt and Saudi to join up with America’s enemies; more celebrity and royal SADS deaths; Australia leads the world in the war against SADS; no bail for Sam Bankman-Fried; Sam Bankman-Fried’s planned testimony to Congress leaked; and Twitter made more terrific progress on unraveling misinformation bans.


🔥 The day after Governor DeSantis’ incredible scientific roundtable Tuesday, and his multiple revolutionary announcements, President Trump released a teaser ad yesterday about a “major announcement” he plans to make today (Thursday). The new Trump campaign appears to be named “America Needs a Superhero,” and features Trump tearing open his white dress shirt to reveal a tight red super-hero suit.

Benny Johnson @bennyjohnson

🚨 BREAKING: Trump teases “Special Announcement” tomorrow, says “America needs a Superhero”


4:39 PM ∙ Dec 14, 20229,215Likes2,172Retweets

The new campaign tagline is unfortunate, inasmuch as I’ve often cautioned against the “Superhero fallacy,” which is the notion that we can rely on one magical person to save us. That ain’t happening. We’re going to have to save ourselves.

It is undeniable that the vaccine issue is a weapon DeSantis could use against Trump, if DeSantis runs for president. Some Trump fans are already understandably suspicious about DeSantis’ intentions for the Grand Jury and the new Health Committee. But, respectfully, I think that misses the point and is a dangerous distraction.

There’s plenty of evidence that DeSantis’ intentions are genuine. Just track his entire trajectory and evolution as a freedom-fighting governor. Tuesday’s roundtable was consistent with everything DeSantis has done since the day he broke with the federal narrative, opened the beaches and ended Florida’s lockdowns, all amidst corporate media’s hysterical condemnation.

But EVEN IF DeSantis were even PARTLY motivated by presidential politics, it doesn’t matter. It would actually be a benefit to the covid accountability movement. The friction, if there is any, between Trump and DeSantis over vaccines will only promote the medical autonomy movement further and faster than it could ever have happened otherwise.

I hope DeSantis stays in Florida. We need him. I believe the Governor can be more effective here than he could be in D.C., where he’d be opposed by the Deep State at every turn. That’s my current position. But if DeSantis were to run, then the healthiest thing would be for there to be a full and fair primary and for conservatives and MAGA folks to continue working together and not fight with each other.

Quoting the Bible, someone important once said, “a house divided against itself cannot stand,” and our enemies know that full well. They hated Lincoln, too. They’d like nothing better than to create a civil war in the conservative movement. There’s no reason we have to play into their hands. We should remind people about that quote every single day for the next two years.

And we should defend and assist the new Health Committee, the new Grand Jury, and the Governor.

Anyway, the last time Trump teased a “major announcement” it was just to declare his candidacy for 2024. I’ll let you know tomorrow whether today’s announcement moves the political needle, or stabs anyone in the eye.

🔥 While Joe Biden was busily planning his drag shows to decorate his hastily-assembled and deceptively-named “marriage equality Act,” and lighting up the White House in neo-pagan rainbow colors, Egypt and Saudi Arabia joined the BRICS world currency alliance.

BRICS stands for the original five member countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Its intends to create a world reserve standard currency to replace the dollar. Before you scoff too quickly, note that the proposed new world currency would be backed by GOLD, which might even tempt a lot of Americans, that is, if we would be allowed to purchase the new notes.

Joe Biden might be able to do pushups (or not), and he can mangle a speech with the best of them, but every single move he’s made in the White House has assisted the BRICS movement, one way or another. It’s almost like he’s doing it on purpose, because if it were accidental, you’e think he would screw up in a way that helped America every once in a while.

Okay, who cares about Egypt. But the Saudis, well, that’s a different story.

Last Friday, Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman met with China’s president Xi. CNN ran a story on the meeting headlined, “Saudi Arabia and China Will Align on Everything From Security to Oil, but Agree Not to Interfere on Domestic Issues.” Like everyone else, CNN also noticed that the Saudis were a lot happier to see president Xi than they were to see former vice-president Biden a couple months ago:

Xi’s warm welcome stood in stark contrast to the frigid atmosphere surrounding US President Joe Biden’s visit to the kingdom earlier in the year.

The U.S. is dependant on Saudi Arabia for oil, thanks to one of Joe Biden’s earliest executive orders, which reversed America’s oil independence achieved under President Trump. Biden has been selling off the strategic petroleum reserve, refilled by President Trump, as fast as he can. At some point, we’ll either have to stop to save the oil for a real emergency, or we’ll just run out.

At that point, the rubber will tear into the road, but now the Saudis are aligned with all the countries we’re sanctioning. We might lose a retread.

Biden transformed Saudia Arabia, historically a U.S. ally, into an enemy when he promised during the campaigns he would make the Gulf state a “pariah” nation, and cooperated — until very recently — in efforts to prosecute bin Salman for murder.

“Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f— things up,” president Obama said once.

Biden has also inflamed both other proto-superpowers, Russia and China. Biden and our useless State Department have gotten the U.S. into a senseless proxy war with Russia, which among other things got Putin’s best friend’s daughter murdered by terrorists, and has disrupted the entire world with ineffective sanctions. Then Biden inflamed the Chinese by sending Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan and in June started heavily sanctioning China for human rights abuses.

The Saudis have now just joined the biggest anti-American economic alliance, that was created and is run by our two largest enemies, both of which we are now fighting with, all because Joe Biden’s entire foreign policy playbook consists of a single page titled, “punch them in the face.”

But the Saudi’s didn’t only join BRICS. They also joined the SCO, which is sort of Russia and China’s budding alternative to NATO. And the Saudis also signed a $30 billion oil deal with China. In other words, oil-rich Saudi Arabia just went all-in with Russia and China.

Even before Friday’s announcement, most financial analysts described the prospect of Saudi jointing BRICS as “momentous,” “game changing,” and speculated that it could end the dollar’s hegemony.

Thanks, Joe!

💉 On Tuesday, the Grim Reaper tackled healthy UCF football player Jake Hescock, aged 25, who died suddenly and unexpected of natural causes while jogging. He started the jog totally fine, and then keeled over, stone dead. He suffered a totally natural and non-noteworthy cardiac arrest, for no reason at all, but you know, these things happen.

Sometimes they happen over and over and over again, right after people take a bunch of totally unrelated shots of a brand-new drug under an emergency use authorization. A drug known to have cardiac side effects. But which had nothing whatsoever to do with Jake’s heart attack, and that’s that.

💉 Yesterday, Princess Bajrakitiyabha of Thailand, 44, suddenly and unexpectedly suffered a totally natural and completely unremarkable heart attack, also in the middle of a jog. CPR has not been successful and, according to a UK Mirror report, the previously-healthy Princess is not going to make it. She was vaccinated, but it was definitely NOT the brand-new shots. You can’t prove it. There’s no evidence.

Reporter MacGregor Marshall tweeted, “Royal sources say the prognosis for the princess is very grim and it’s very unlikely she will ever recover. But she could potentially be kept artificially alive via ECMO for weeks or even months while the regime figures out what to do.”

Safe and effective. Effective at SOMETHING.

💉 Leslie Land, 41, long-time publicist at UK’s public broadcaster Channel 4, died suddenly and unexpectedly at home earlier last Friday. In a statement, Channel 4 issued a statement saying, “Everyone at Channel 4 is saddened by the news that our long-standing colleague and friend Leslie Land passed away last Friday.”

She died unexpectedly “at home,” never made it to the hospital, with no cause of death. But if science is right about anything, we know for SURE her death was totally natural and it was definitely NOT the safe and effective shots. Don’t be silly.

💉 In totally unrelated news, Melbourne, Australia has taken the lead in the war against SADS, by installing defibrillator machines on street corners and outside people’s homes. For no reason. Just safety.

Holy Troller @IscoPar5

Australia 🇦🇺 Melbourne has started installing Defibrillators outside homes, every home is within 400 metres of a Defibrillator making sure every resident has easy access.. to help with the “Increase in Sudden Cardiac Arrests” 👀


1:59 AM ∙ Dec 14, 2022

And in South Australia, they just passed a new law requiring defibrillators to be installed in most public and many private buildings. You can’t be too safe these days.

Restart A Heart @RestartHeartDay

We are pleased to see the Automated External Defibrillator (Public Access) Bill passed in SA Parliament on 30th Nov ’22. South Australia has now become the first Australian State or Territory to pass laws that mandate the installation of AEDs in certain buildings.


10:40 PM ∙ Dec 1, 202213Likes4Retweets

It’s getting to the point where folks might want to carry a defibrillator around with them.

Damned climate change!

🔥 Sam Bankman-Fried, notorious founder of collapsed crypto exchange FTX, was scheduled to testify Tuesday before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services. But late Monday afternoon, he was arrested in the Bahamas, at the request of the U.S. government.

On Tuesday, Newsmax ran a story headlined, “FTX Founder Denied Bail in the Bahamas.” Whoops!

Bahamas Chief Magistrate JoyAnn Ferguson-Pratt denied bushy-headed Sam Bankman-Fried’s petition to be released on bail, citing a “great” risk of flight — you don’t say — and ordered the former FTX CEO to be holed up with the Caribbean nation’s department of corrections until February 8th.

Sam, 30, protested the decision, telling Chief Magistrate Ferguson-Pratt that he couldn’t go to jail, mostly because he is vegan, and also because he’s ‘depressed.’ His Stanford law professor mother, Barbara, laughed when prosecutors described Sam as a ‘fugitive’. Sam also denied that he’d ever done anything wrong, and told the court he was planning to tell Congress that he could repay all of the people who have lost money ‘tomorrow’ if his assets are unfrozen, despite previously filing for bankruptcy.

Sam will be visiting with a nice facility known as Fox Hill, the Bahamas’ only prison. The UK Daily Mail described the jail as being well-known for overcrowding and unsanitary conditions, even describing it as a “third world hellhole.”

But politicians breathed a sigh of relief at Bankman-Fried’s timely arrest on Monday, which helpfully prevented him from testifying before Congress on Tuesday. The SEC’s criminal complaint, also filed the day before his scheduled testimony also helpfully gives Sam a new Miranda defense against any self-incriminating testimony — a defense which didn’t exist before the complaint had been filed.

It’s surprising how aggressively DOJ prosecutors moved to stop Sam from making any self-incriminating statements in his sworn Congressional testimony, which would have been admissible and likely extremely useful to prosecutors at trial, had they just waited one more day. Normally, prosecutors LOVE letting criminal defendants talk.

Not this time. Shut up, Sam!

During the Congressional hearing, which proceeded without the benefit of Sam’s testimony, the court-appointed Chapter 11 restructuring officer testified that the multi-billion-dollar company was using QUICKBOOKS to keep track of its finances.

Genevieve Roch-Decter, CFA @GRDecter

FTX used Quickbooks for accounting 🚩


4:20 PM ∙ Dec 13, 202210,255Likes1,523Retweets

I didn’t know that the data entry forms in Quickbooks even had room for numeric entries in the billions. It’s laughable, of course. But note that Quickbooks is well-known for allowing users to change entries without any audit trail.


🔥 Forbes ran a story Tuesday headlined, “Exclusive Transcript: The Full Testimony Bankman-Fried Planned To Give To Congress.” Somehow Forbes “obtained” a personal copy of the testimony Sam planned to give and ran the 18-page Opus verbatim on Forbes’ website. Weird.

It begins, ironically, or maybe characteristically, with an undignified f-bomb:

I would like to start by formally stating under oath: I f****d up. I know that it doesn’t mean much to say that I’m sorry. And so I’m dedicating as much of myself as I can to do the right thing by customers.
When all is said and done, I’ll judge myself primarily by one metric: whether I have eventually been able to make customers whole. If I fail our customers in this regard, I have failed myself.

He’s delusional. Sam claimed he just wanted to help people:

As a believer in the Effective Altruism movement, my primary goal has never been personal enrichment; I’m motivated by a commitment to help bring happiness and alleviate suffering for others. My personal charitable donations, which started in 2014 when I was working on Wall Street, vastly outstrip what’s left in my bank account.

He claimed $100K was left in his bank account. So, it’s not really saying much to claim he charitably donated (gaining tax exemptions) more than that.

Sam also denied, obliquely, that there was any funny business with the Ukraine connection or, presumably, the DNC:

Any theory that I conspired with the Government of Ukraine to do anything other than what I stated I was doing—creating pathways for contributions to Ukrainians and to their defense—is not just false, but deeply offensive. Any theories that a US political party was further involved in such a conspiracy are themselves categorically false and offensive.

Oh, it’s offensive all right.

In his carefully written testimony, Sam claimed that he was falsely-accused of hard partying, explaining that “our parties were mostly dinner and board games.” Uh huh.

The totally-unqualified, mysteriously-financed, drug-addled former CEO, who often bragged about playing idiotic cellphone games during important business meetings, did not precisely blame himself for the collapse of FTX. He MOSTLY blamed: a competitor who failed to buy FTX at the last minute, his bankruptcy attorneys, the court-appointed restructuring officer, FTX’s general counsel, and bugs in FTX’s software and accounting system that failed to show him the growing risks on his “dashboard.”

“My periodic assessments of the riskiness of our positions were often based on the dashboard’s numbers,” Sam explained helpfully.

Danged software bugs.

Remarkably, Sam claimed in his statement that FTX “has been and remains solvent,” and could pay back all his customers “tomorrow,” except that his bankruptcy lawyers were conspiring to steal it all for themselves in attorney’s fees. Greedy lawyers!

Sam’s opinions about FTX’s solvency are, as we say, “at variance with the facts.”

It’s nice that Sam got to publish his written statement, not under oath, and didn’t have to answer any questions about it.

🔥 This week, Twitter reinstated the accounts of Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone, who had both been banned for “promoting covid misinformation.”

Welcome back, docs!

Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you all back here tomorrow another mug of pumpkin-spiced Coffee & Covid.

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